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Thursday, June 17, 2010

There Ought to Be a Laws


Anonymous said...

That is all you are going to get with Laws...all talk. The guy talks a good game, but has not put up. He was an office manager with Lehigh Co. Dems, and the organization spiraled down while he was in that position. The guy talks a good game, but his history shows he cannot follow through.

Anonymous said...

Posted verbatim to Anon 6:52's verbatim repeat of comment on LVI:

When did the Lehigh County Dems spiral down? While Joe was busy losing 5 for 5 on County Council in Northampton. Or was that his office managers responsibility? I call bullshit on that logic.

Long's record IS Walt's record.

Hold onto the failed past if you must. Apparently it's what Longoon apologists do best.