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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pam Varkony Regular Op-Ed Columnist at Daily Caller

My black Irish sister, Pam Varkony, used to write a great column at The Morning Call. But she, like so many other talented writers, became the victims of a struggling newspaper industry. Now, we're all struggling. We are losing jobs and homes, but there are fewer journalists to tell us what really is happening.

Well, here's some good news. Pam Varkony has landed on her feet as an an op-ed columnist with The Daily Caller, a widely read national news site catering to Republicans. Her first piece, The Woman Effect, appeared yesterday.

Congrats, Pam!


Anonymous said...

I wish I liked her more. I don't.

Pamela Varkony said...


Thanks for the mention. I really appreciate it.

I'm looking forward to being back in the columnist saddle again.

And anon 9:52, not everyone was meant to be our friend. I regret you fall in to that category.

Anonymous said...

Good for Pam. Bad for journalism that we have to send credible op-ed people to partisan publications. News is all about consumption any more. Fewer and fewer are focusing on actually providing news. It's either sensationalism or partisan mouthpieces. As much as I like Pam, I'll probably never read her stuff at that website.

Pamela Varkony said...

Anon 10:47,

I couldn't agree more. The reality of freelance journalism is...
There are few if any outlets for a moderate, centrist, point of view, and I know of what I speak because I've really tried to find them.

I've been successful at other types of writing over the past year...women's issues, inspirational, leadership, but there is little interest in opinion pieces that don't stir the pot.

Unless you are a nationally known name, you have almost no chance of your work being accepted.

Our own paper is a good example: They just reinstated national columnists but did so on a partisan basis...left vs. right. It's very discouraging.

In this current climate I consider myself fortunate to have found an outlet for a column on a national news site with millions of readers.

I hope you will reconsider your ban and occasionally check in: The site may be partisan but my point of view remains the same.

Anonymous said...

Since Bernie is a "man's man", it is surprising to see him promoting a female.

Anonymous said...

I just hope to God that women do more with their talents then just having a point of view.

oh, for pete's sake said...

Good news, Anon 1:13! Your hope to God was answered, I don't know, maybe 2 million years ago. You should really meet some of these "women" people or read about them throughout history. You'd be amazed.

Women: Doing more with their talents than just having points of view since the dawn of humanity.