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Friday, October 30, 2020

The Albino Banshee

I'm going to tell you a scary story. It happens to be true, which makes it even scarier. 

In the early 60's, when I was in the 8th grade at St. Theresa's Elementary School. The nuns there were very scary, but I'll save my stories about them for another day. This is the story of the Albino banshee, who visited me one dark night.  

During recesses at school, a group of us formed the Ghost Hunters' Club. We would periodically go to old abandoned houses that were supposed to be haunted. We never actually went inside any of them, but would always make plans to go into them later . . . at night. 

It was around this time that we began hearing stories about the Albino Banshee. She was a terrifying witch who lived somewhere in Allentown. She had long white hair, pink eyes, sharpened teeth and very long fingernails. Her piercing shrieks could be heard at night in Allentown. Her keen, all by itself, could cause a heart attack. Word on the playground was that she had already killed several people. All she had to do was touch you with her long, thin fingernails. Not everyone believed this story, but I did.  One of the nuns admitted to me that it was true. 

At this time, I was still living with my parents, brother, sisters, a German Shepherd named Duke and several cats. Our house was a 300 year-old, stone farmhouse in Hellertown. Its three foot thick walls kept the house cool in summer and warm in winter . . . except on the third floor attic. That's where my brother and I slept at night.  

One night, after we had all turned in, I awoke to hear the third floor attic door creak open. Footsteps slowly came up the steps, accompanied by the sounds of rattling chains. I immediately assumed it was the Albino Banshee! I tried to scream, but couldn't open my mouth. Or eyes. Once whatever I heard had reached the top of the steps, I could hear it walk towards my brother. I wanted to defend him, but was paralyzed by fear. My brother was a goner. This thing did not stop with him. In a matter of moments, its steps came for me. It was suddenly very cold. I was unable to budge. Then I felt it. A banshee's fingernail traced itself right across one of my cheeks. But for some reason, I didn't die. 

Then the steps walked off and into the other room on the third floor. While still sweating with fear, I could hear that door open again. This time even more footsteps came up the steps. Although still too terrified to open my eyes, I could tell that lights were on. Just as suddenly, the lights went off and the footsteps went back down the steps. 

The next morning, when I woke up, I was happy to see my brother was still alive. I am still ashamed at my own cowardice in failing to defend him. I told him what had happened. He told me I was nutz. Then we went downstairs for breakfast. 

After sitting there for awhile, I told my mom, dad and sisters what had happened. I expected them to tell me I was nutz, too. Instead, they looked at each other, and my mom told me they had heard someone going up the steps to the third floor themselves. They decided to investigate, which explains the second set of footsteps I heard that night. Whatever had come up the steps had just vanished. 

To this day, I have no idea what really happened. But sometimes, in the dead of night, I could hear footsteps in the adjoining room that was supposed to be empty. 

I've witnessed ghosts at the law library at the courthouse during the days when you could stay after hours. I'd hear a newspaper rustling and would go to the next room and there'd be nothing. I could hear books being pulled out of shelves, but when I would check, nothing would be there. The custodians who worked at night had the same experiences, especially in Courtroom 1. 

I never felt afraid by these ghosts. But the Albino Banshee still scares the shite out of me. 

Feel free to tell your own scary stories in the comments

 Happy Halloween.

Innocent Mistakes Are Not Voter Fraud

Outside every NorCo Drop Box is a sign that warns that third party return of ballots is prohibited unless the person doing so is rendering assistance to a disabled or emergency absentee voter. This prohibition is there to prevent ballot harvesting, in which party apparatchiks collect ballots from numerous people and drop them off together. I've heard stories that this happened in a Lehigh County primary, but there's no hard proof. Unfortunately, many voters are innocently breaking the law, leading to cries of FRAUD by party bosses like NorCo GOP Chair Gloria Lee Snover.

A few weeks ago, I was speaking to a friend who told me she voted by MIB and dropped off her ballot at the courthouse. When I asked her why she did not stop and say Hi, she told me she gave her ballot to her next door neighbor because he was taking his and his wife's ballot to the courthouse. When I told her that's illegal, she was stunned. 

Just a few days ago, I saw a post by a Facebook friend who was delighted to report that her husband had just taken his and her ballot to the courthouse to drop them off. When I told her that was illegal, I was met with stony silence. No Likes. I've probably been unfriended and blocked. 

Now NorCo Republicans are snapping pictures and raising a stink when some citizen is dropping off the ballot for himself and one or two family members.  

This situation is similar to what happens during in-person voting. One spouse will sometimes drag the other behind the curtain to help explain the ballot. Technically, you are supposed to have them both sign about  18,000 forms. But as things get busy, poll workers like myself sometimes forget. In fact, sometimes it happens so fast it takes me unaware. Is this fraud? Of course not. Should a vote be invalidated because some husband dragged his wife behind the curtain to do who knows what? Of course not.

It's an innocent mistake, no different than a husband whose wife's ballot is on his "Honeydo" list. He has no idea that he just committed a capital offense.  

Lee Snover is rolling around on the floor, foaming at the mouth. But as Joe Biden might say, "Come on, man!"

This is what I call "harmless error." What's really bugging people like Snover and GOP State House candidate Scott Hough (my brother has his sign in his front yard) is they both know they are losing.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Biden Will Win NorCo With 54%

According to figures supplied by Northampton County, 84,913 voters have requested MIBs (mail-in ballots). It is expected that 80% (the county is already at 74.3%) will be returned by election day. That amounts to 67,930 votes. It is also known that about 70%, or 47,551, of these MIBs are coming from Democrats. I believe these will be votes for Biden. About 24%, or 16,303 votes, are coming from others. I'll assume that half of those, or 8,000, are Biden votes. This means Biden probably has 55,551 votes going into election day. Is this enough for Biden to win the county that Trump won by 5,461 votes on election day in 2016? Yes. 

In 2016, there was a voter turnout of 70%, or 146,381.  If turnout is 70% on November 3, that means there will be 159,120 voters. The winner needs to garner a plurality of these votes. The winner needs about 78,000 votes. So Biden needs about 22,449 voters on election day. 

Northampton County has about 102,000 registered Democrats. We know 47,551 have sent in MIBs. We know about 10,000 of the registered Democrats are inactive, meaning that there are really only about 92,000 active registered Democrats. Of that 92,000, about 44,000 declined to send in MIBs. If 70% of these Democrats show up on election day and vote Biden to mirror the 2016 turnout, that translates to an additional 30,800 votes. If my assumptions are basically right, he will get about 86,351 votes.  

This gives him a big win. 

Have I just given him my famous Kiss of Death? We shall see. 

My assumptions:

1) MIB return rate of 80% (67,930)

2) Democrats account for 70% of MIBs and vote Biden (47,551)

3) Half of Other MIBs vote for Biden (8,000)

4) November 3 turnout of 70%, (159,120)

5) 70% of active Dems who failed to send in MIBs will vote in person for Biden. (30,800)

Biden's Total - 55,551 MIBs plus 30,800 in-person = 86,351 votes.

This is 54% of the total. 

Three Local State Rep Candidates Tagged For Failure to File Expense Reports

Three LV candidates for State Representative have been tagged by the Department of State for failure to file pre-election campaign finance reports. They are the following:

Pa Legislative District 131 - Kevin Branco

Pa Legislative District 133 - Mike Schlossberg

Pa. Legislative District 138 - Tara Zrinski

All three are Democrats, and Schlossberg is an incumbent. 

On  Tara Zrinski's Facebook page, she claims to have sent her report on October 22, and has attached the postmark. The pre-election reports were due October 23. Reports mailed the day before the due date are considered sufficient, but that's no satisfaction to those who want to see who is funding a campaign. The election is just days away. 

Ironically, Zrinski claims to be the anti-corruption candidate. If she were really interested in being transparent, that report would have been filed so people could actually see it.  

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Zrinski Fails To File Pre-Election Finance Report


Tara Zrinski, who is running for State Representative, has been tagged by the Department of State for her failure to file her pre-election campaign finance report. This is a betrayal of the voters she wants to represent.  

Ironically, on her personal Facebook page, she claims her race is "barreling down the finish line to November 3rd with a clear message of anti-corruption." If she fails to let the people know who is funding her, as required by state law, she is herself corrupt. 

Grandpa Armstrong Asks You to Use Drop Off Boxes For MIBs


Lehigh County Exec Phil "Grandpa" Armstrong has three pieces of advice for you. 

First, if you have a mail-in ballot (MIB), it's a little too late now to rely on our overworked postal workers. He strongly recommends that you take your ballot to one of the drop off boxes (locations here). 

Second, if you want to help your local businesses, so so by wearing a mask, washing hands and practicing social distancing. Armstrong would hate to see these businesses shut down again just as they are finally getting back into the swing of things.

Third, if you see a first responder today, thank him or her.  

Early Voting Ends in Pa

 Early voting has now ended in Pennsylvania. Mail-in Ballots (MIBs), however, are still being returned. As of yesterday, here's how things stand.

Nationwide:  Over 71 million of 91 million ballots requested have been returned. This is 51.6% of the total number of votes cast in 2016.

Statewide: So far, 1,850,400 of 3,058,418 requested ballots have been returned. This is 30.2% of the total turnout in 2016. Democrats account for 68.9% of the votes. 

Northampton County: So far, 58,408 of 81,893 requested ballots have been returned. This is 40% of the total 2016 turnout. 

Lehigh County: So far, 41,294 of 87,641 requested ballots have been returned. This is 26% of the total 2016 turnout. 

Updated 3:15 PM: A statement just released by NorCo claims it has approved 84,913 applications, about 3,000 more than reported by Elections Project. 

If You Still Have a MIB, Return Ballot to Drop Box

If you have requested and received a mail-in ballot, but have yet to send it in, I'd suggest you use a drop box at this point. The USPS has just told a federal judge that the Constitution imposes no requirement that ballots be timely delivered, and it's right. So most elections experts recommend that you hand deliver you ballot or use the drop boxes made available. 

Northampton County Drop Box Locations:

1) Bethlehem City Hall's Plaza Entrance (10 E Church St, Bethlehem, pa. 18018) from 8 am until 4 pm, Monday through Friday.

2) Northampton County Government Center (669 Washington St, Easton, Pa. 18042) rotunda from 8:30 am until 8 pm, Monday thru Friday, and on Saturdays from 8 am until noon.

3) Northampton County's Human Services Building (2801 Emrick Blvd, Bethlehem, Pa. 18020) from 8:30 am until 7 pm, Monday through Friday.

4) Northampton County's 911 Center (100 Gracedale Avenue, Nazareth Pa 18064), from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

These locations correspond with the four county districts. Free parking is available at all four locations. Each drop box is monitored by surveillance cameras and will be emptied daily by Deputy Sheriffs who will be sworn in and will also complete daily forms to preserve the chain of custody. The ballots are delivered to the Registrar, who will secure them in a locked vault until election day, when canvassing can begin.

Lehigh County Drop Box Locations (thanks to LVCI):

• District#1
o North Whitehall Township Building
o 3256 Levans Road, Coplay, PA 18037
o 610-799-3411
o M-F 7:30AM- 4PM

• District #2
o Upper Macungie Township Building
o 8330 Schantz Road, Breinigsville, PA 18031
o 610-395-4892
o M-F 7:30AM- 4PM

• District #3
o Catasauqua Municipal Building
o 90 Bridge Street, Catasauqua, PA 18032
o 610-264-0571
o M-F 8AM- 4PM

• District #4
o County Government Center
o 17 South 7th Street, Allentown, PA 18101
o 610 782-3194
o 24/7 at the Lehigh County Voter Registration Office

• District #5
o Emmaus Borough Office
o 28 South 4th Street, Emmaus, PA 18049
o 610-965-9292
o M-F 8AM-3PM

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Can I Change My Mail-in Ballot?

Our Disinformer-in-Chief, Donald Trump, tweeted this morning that most states allow a voter to change his vote once it has been cast. That may be true in some states, but not in Pa.

NorCo Voting registrar Amy Cozze was asked whether a voter can change his mail-in ballot once it is mailed. Her answer: "Absolutely not, once the ballot has been turned in to the BOE [Board of Elections] it cannot be altered in any way or spoiled.
If you have received a mail-in ballot and have decided to vote in person, you can do that. But you must bring your ballot and the envelopes to your polling location.

Today is Last Day to Apply For Mail-in Ballot

Today is the last day you can apply for a mail-in ballot (MIB). Your application must be received by elections officials no later than 5 PM. To be on the safe side, you can apply in person at the county elections office or fill out and send an application online with this link.  

If you fail to make the cutoff for a MIB or dislike that method, you can vote at your precinct on election day. 

As of yesterday, over 87 million voters have requested MIBs nationwide, and 64 million (including 21 million early voters) have been returned. This is already 46.4% of the 2016 turnout. 

In Pennsylvania, over 3 million ballots have been requested, with 1.7 million returned. Nearly 70% of the ballots returned are from Democrats.

In Lehigh County, 36,567 of 86,160 requested ballots have been returned. In NorCo, 54,784 of 81,306 requested ballots have been returned.

Lehigh has rejected none of these ballots. NorCo has rejected just two. Statewide, 311 ballots have been rejected. Presumably, these rejections are the result of a voter's failure to properly endorse a voter's declaration. Counties have been directed to reject all naked ballots (ballots that the voter places inside a secrecy envelope), but are unable to make that determination until the envelopes are opened on election day. 

Zrinski Unhinged!

Tara Zrinski is a NorCo Council member who would like a State Representative in a fairly conservative district. If she were able to come across as level headed and motivated by common sense, she might succeed. She's acting instead like a lunatic. I've seen numerous angry flashes from her time on Council, especially when reminded she needs to use her mike. But even I was unprepared for this unhinged display outside the Bethlehem Post Office in August.

Below is my translation of her rant as she paced back and forth armed with a bullhorn, a Zrinski T-Shirt, jean shorts and a mass of dangling keys.

"[Unintelligible] is saving our election. He's saving our election ... he's saving our democracy and that is what is at stake... Make no mistake. ... That is on the line ... We know Republicans and Donald Trump [crouches for some reason] want to sabotage this election. We know that they are scared ... And why do they know that we know they are scared?  [stamps her foot] ...  We are coming. We are going to take their seats. Nowwww. [crouches again].And November 3. So you need to vote by mail, and if you do vote by mail, use the post office, use it early,and if you can, walk it in. ... Do you hear me? [shouting and pointing]  ...  Walk it in. In Northampton County, we will have ... a drop box ... in the rotunda ... of the courthouse ... it will be made available and you will not have to be screened or temperature checked before you go through ... Amy Cozze [Voter Registrar] has assured me that we will have 100,000 voter by mail ballots printed up and ready to go at the end of September. ... So we are ready to go ... How about you? ... Make your plan now to vote and get out there and help our [unintelligible] ... There are postcards to run, postcards to mail, ballots to get into the hands of people [this would be illegal from her], we need calls made ... we need to w-w-w-[voice gets shaky]-in. ... Why? Because our democracy IS At Stake [pointing]. So what are we gonna' do? [fist in air and one foot stomps] Vote! What are we gonna' do? [fist in air and other foot stomps]"

I certainly agree our democracy is at stake. In fact, I'm so concerned that for the first time in decades, I voted STRAIGHT Democrat. I voted for Wild over Scheller because Scheller refused to distance herself from Trump. I voted for Shapiro, whom I consider an opportunistic phony, because he stands against Trump. I voted for Kate Brennan as State Rep against Joe Emriick, which was easy for me because I know she'd be much better. But I refuse to vote cRaZytown, and that is Zrinski. 

Monday, October 26, 2020

Updated: Trump to Bring Superspreader to LV

(Originally published 10/25 1:01 PM) Well, NorCo GOP boss Lee Snover's wish has finally been granted by Donald Trump's Presidential campaign. His next superspreader will be in Northampton County on Monday at 11 am. If you want tickets, and you're nutz, if you do, you must first release his campaign from any liability in the event you contract the disease he says is in the rear view mirror. 

Here's what his application for tickets warns:

"By registering for this event, you understand and expressly acknowledge that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. In attending the event, you and any guests voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19, and waive, release, and discharge Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.; the Republican National Committee; the host venue; or any of their affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, or volunteers from any and all liability under any theory, whether in negligence or otherwise, for any illness or injury."

Coronavirus deaths in the US, as of today, are now at 225,000

7:50 PM Update: Hanover Tp and Colonial Regional Police ask you to "[p]lease avoid the area as there will be a heavy police presence with periodic road closures along the Schoenersville and Airport Road corridors." There will be delaysd between 8 am and 2 pm. Executive Lamont McClure asks yo to wear a mask. "Our numbers are on the rise, and we don't need a superspreader event right now."

8:10 PM Update: Register to attend here and save two Republican lives. I got two tickets.

11:15 AM Update: Am covering this event from the safety of C-SPAN. The crowd is not observing CDC guidelines concerning social distance and, for the most part, is unmasked as Macho Man is playing in the background. President has arrived. and I now notice masks near him.

11:25 AM: "Thank you very much, Allentown." Still referring to Biden as "Sleepy Joe," Trump immediately attacks Biden's energy plan as a "death sentence" for Pa, arguing that Biden wants to shut down the country. 

11:28 AM: Trump claims that Gov. Tom Wolf tried to "shut us out," and complains the press won't cover "Biden scandal," as crowd shouts, "Lock him up!" "[Y]our governor made it almost impossible for us to find any site” ... “And I’ll remember it, Tom. I’m going to remember it, Tom. ‘Hello, Mr. President, this is Gov. Wolf, I need help, I need help.’ You know what? These people are bad.”

11:34 AM: Trump begins reciting poll results showing he is actually ahead in the polls.  He claims Rasmussen puts him ahead nationally, but you won't hear this from the news outlets because they are "fake" and "corrupt." 

11:35 AM: "We're watching you Governor, very closely."

11:42 AM: He begins playing clips of Biden praising a "rising China" as well as tapes of Biden saying, "no more fracking" and Harris saying "no more fracking on public land."

11:49 AM: He will protect the Second Amendment and guard our borders as crowd chants, "Build that wall!" He claims he built 400 miles. "Walls and wheels will never be obsolete. Promises to bring record job prosperity and "safe" vaccines. "Normal life, that's what we want." 

11:54 AM: He mocks Harris laugh, asking "Is there something wrong with her?". Repeatedly refers to Biden as "Sleepy Joe."  

11:56 AM: "We win Pennsylvania, we win the whole thing!"

11:57 AM: "A choice between a Trump boom and a Biden lockdown."

11:59 AM: Complains a judge has refused to allow poll watchers, which is false. 

12:03 PM: "The only thing you can do in Pa. is protest. You can't go to church. ... But if you want to protest and burn the hell out of your city ... ."

12:06 PM: Claims there will be 100 million vaccines by year end, with priority to seniors.

12:11 PM: "I am saving the suburbs." He says suburban woman don't want "projects" next to them.

12:15 PM: "Joe Biden, as you know is a corrupt politician." Notes son Hunter was getting $183k per month, got $3.5 million from the wife of Moscow's Mayor, $1.5 million from China and was shooting for another $10 million. - (The only one of these allegations that is proven is that Hunter Biden was getting paid $183k per month to work at an energy company despite having no qualifications.) 

12:21 PM: Gives a shout out to congressional candidate Lisa Scheller and the "incredible Truckers for Trump."

12:31 PM: Reading off teleprompter, with occasional asides, as he attempts to wrap things up. Crowd chanting, "God bless Trump!"

12:35 PM: Predicts a "great red wave," noting the size of his rallies. "There's never been that before." Refers to Obama as "Barack Hussein Obama." Calls press "the enemy of the people." 

Finishes at 12:40 with goofy YMCA dance,

NorCo Dedicates Its First Ever Forensic Center

Administrator Charles Dertinger,
with his ubiquitous bowtie

On Friday, Northampton County dedicated its first ever forensic center. At a price tag of $11 million, it was finished on time and under budget notwithstanding the pandemic. This is thanks to Administrator Charles Dertinger, who was a construction manager in the private sector. This might be another first for NorCo. Dertinger said the County only lost five days as a result of Governor Tom Wolf's construction shutdown. 

The ribbon cutting took place at a brief ceremony attended by numerous county officials, including President Judge Michael J Koury, Jr,, and Judges Stephen Baratta and Abe Kassis. Upper Nazareth Township Supervisors were also present. Coroner Zach Lysek, who has lobbied for a forensic center for decades, was thrilled by the new facility. 

For many years, Lysek operated out of a cramped office at Louise Moore Park, The new facility, located next to the 911 Center, includes the following features:

* Family reception and private meeting rooms.

* Two autopsy rooms with a viewing area for law enforcement and medical school students.

* Digital forensic lab.

* Offices for Coroner's staff.

* Five-bay garage with receiving and storage area. 

* Solar panels.

* Capacity for future expansion. 

* Secure lockers to preserve chain of custody for evidence and personal effects.

Following speeches and the obligatory ribbon cutting, the doors were thrown open for a tour. 

Having listened to Lysek explain a few times just what he and his staff do, I was a bit hesitant to walk in there. Lysek kept giving me a knowing smile, which made me wonder whether I'd be walking out. To make matters worse, I tripped on a step in the viewing room and went down as hard as an Eagles running back. After that, a forensic pathologist began following me. 

Someone suggested I lie down on the table you see above, but I passed.

For reasons that elude me, numerous people insisted on photographing me next to this sign. (Yes, I still cut my own hair.)

This is not just a storage room, but it's refrigerated as well.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

GOP Attacks At Biden Senility Backfire?

From Politico: "Much of the blame is being directed at [Brad] Parscale, who was ousted as campaign manager in July amid mounting questions over his stewardship of the reelection effort. Campaign aides say Parscale miscalculated by raising questions about Biden’s mental acuity, which hurt the president among seniors."

Blogger's Note: The latest Muhlenberg College poll shows Biden with a 59-39 edge among Pennsylvanians aged 65 or more. 

NorCo Dems Dominate MIBs

From Northampton County: As of October 20th, the  Northampton County Elections Office has approved 79,161 mail-in ballot applications for the General Election on November 3rd. Staff have mailed 78,424 ballots out to applicants and have already received 47,323 ballots back.

Mail-in and Absentee Applications as of 10/20
Total = 79,161
·                       Dem: 47,910
·                       Rep: 19,674
·                       Other: 11,577
Total Returned as of 10/20 = 47,323
·                       Returned Dem = 31,833
·                       Returned Rep =     9,874
·                       Returned Other =  5,616

The Elections Office reminds voters to carefully follow the instructions included with their ballot. Only use blue or black ink and the voter must sign and date the back of the return envelope before sending it in. “Naked” ballots—those which have not been enclosed in the inner secrecy envelope—will not be counted. Mail-in ballots may also be declared void if the ballot or secrecy envelope includes any text, marks or symbols “which reveals the identity of the elector, the elector’s political affiliation or the elector’s candidate preference.”

The return envelopes for mail-in ballots include postage. Voters do not need to add a stamp. Ballots may also be dropped off at the Elections Office at 669 Washington Street Easton, PA 18042 or deposited in one of the County’s four secure ballot drop-off boxes.

·        Rotunda of the Government Center – 669 Washington Street, Easton, PA 18042
o  Monday – Friday from 8:30AM – 8:00PM and Saturday from 8:00AM – 12:00PM

·        Human Services Building – 2801 Emrick Blvd. Bethlehem, PA 18020
o  Monday – Friday from 8:30AM – 7:00PM

·        Northampton County 911 Center – 100 Gracedale Ave. Nazareth, PA 18064
o  Monday – Friday from 8:30AM – 4:30PM

·        Bethlehem City Hall – 10 E. Church Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018
o  Monday – Friday from 8:00AM – 4:00PM

Voters have until October 27 to apply for a mail-in or absentee ballot. Voters who have applied for a mail-in ballot, but have decided they would prefer to vote at the polls, must bring both their ballot and the return envelope with them. The Judge of Elections will spoil the ballot and allow them to cast their vote on the machine.

Voters who applied for a mail-in ballot, but do not have the ballot and the return envelope, will only be allowed to cast a provisional ballot at the polls.

Voters may send an application for a mail-in ballot to the Election’s Office (https://www.northamptoncounty.org/CTYADMN/ELECTNS/Documents/Mail%20In%20Ballot%20Application.pdf) or apply on-line at: https://www.votespa.com

Blogger's Note: As of October 24, 57,415,468 MIBs have been returned to elections officials nationwide. This is 41.7% of the total votes cast in 2016. There are 86 MIBs requested. 

Pennsylvanians have returned 1,461,135 of 2,944,187 MIBs. This includes 31,242 of 84,139 MIBs in Lehigh County, and 52,827 of 80,219 MIBs in NorCo.

The 52,827 votes cast in NorCo is 36% of the voter turnout in 2016. In Lehigh, voters have already matched 19% of total voter turnout in 2016. The reason for the difference in returns between Lehigh and NorCo is that Lehigh's ballots went out about a week after NorCo.

Though requests for MIBs stop on Oct 27, you can continue to vote in person at your local elections office up until 8 pm on Election Day (Nov. 3). 

Friday, October 23, 2020

Australian Broadcasting Wants to Talk to You!

The Australian Broadcasting Corp. is coming to Northampton County to cover the Presidential election. They'll be at this Sunday's Trump flag rally and are interested in what voters on both sides think.  They are particularly interested in what first time voters think, as well as those who have changed their minds from the way they voted in 2016.

If either of these situations apply to you, please give Chloe Ross a call (202-329-7085) or email her at ross.chloe@abc.net.au  .

Trump and Biden Both Effective in Final Debate

President Donald Trump and former VP Joe Biden both delivered strong performances at last night's final debate, at Belmont University, in advance of the November 3 election. Trump was much more disciplined. Biden finally seemed relaxed enough to avoid stumbling over talking points and use his own words. Both candidates delivered effective blows. My guess is that most of you will give the win to whomever you supported. I'd give the win to Kristen Welker, who did an excellent job as moderator. I'd also say it was a win for America. We came away informed. 

At the first debate between President Donald Trump and VP Joe Biden, Trump's family refused to wear masks. Melania came in wearing one, but took it if as soon as she was seated. She and other Trumps refused masks when offered. It was a lot different at last night's final debate, in which guests were told masks were mandatory. Refusal to keep a mask on would mean the person would be ejected. So last night, the entire audience was finally masked, as it should have been the first time.

Trump was over-reaching on the supposed corruption. Biden was pretty clear when he said that "I have not taken a penny from any foreign source in my life." Moreover, Biden was speaking to the American people while Trump just addressed his base. 

"This guy is a dog whistle as big as a fog horn," Biden said of Trump's antics. 

I thought Trump showed no empathy when speaking of the pandemic, but Biden also blundered when he said he wants to phase out fossil fuels in a few short years.  

Biden has been portrayed as someone in the throes of dementia, but he was sharp and responsive. He occasionally stumbled over words, not because of mental deficiency, but because he has a stutter.

Trump was effective in pointing out that Biden has had 47 years to do the things he's wanted to do. He was idiotic when he likened himself to Abraham Lincoln.  

Both candidates appeared mostly Presidential.