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Friday, June 18, 2010

Kim Beitler Steps Down as Lehigh County's GOP Vice Chair

It was nice while it lasted. Kim Beitler, elected Lehigh County's GOP chair on Tuesday night, has already stepped down. Here's her statement:

I have been serving this committee and the organization of the Lehigh County Republican Committee as Office Manager since January 2007 and I've been a volunteer for it since 2001. Last Tuesday; June 15th, unbeknownst to myself, I was nominated from the floor for the position of Vice-Chair. In my desire to serve the committee and defer to its wishes I accepted this nomination and was newly elected to the position of Vice-Chair. I wish to thank all of you for your belief in my abilities and in my leadership skills. This election was sincerely a humbling one for me.

Now, after much thought, deliberation and discussion, I have concluded I must step down from the position of Vice-Chair. My interest for this committee is to always do what is best for it; to not hinder it, to not create ill feelings, but to serve you. I realize there is a conflict of interest with my being a paid employee of this organization and an elected officer. I do not believe that this is a good situation for our organization. I will continue to serve you as office manager so nothing has changed. The many benefits of my work here is that I get to use my skill set while meeting and working with some wonderful and energetic (committee people) volunteers like yourself all while obtaining the flexibility needed to care for my mother during her illness.

So, in closing, I thank you for your support and your belief in me, I apologize for any confusion this has caused, I pray for no ill feelings from anyone and please know that I am still here to serve you as I always have. Please don't let this small issue overshadow the news of the promising new leadership of our new Chairman and all the other newly elected officers and the good work that all of us can achieve by working together for the good of this committee and our Republican Party.


Anonymous said...

Stepped down? It would appear she was pushed out!

Anonymous said...

This is the same reason Scott Ott should either resign from state committee or from his paid post as exec dir of the LCRC.
Paid employees of the GOP should not be able to also hold positions where they make decisions that could benefit themselves financially.

Anonymous said...

I've always known Kim to be a fair, honest, and trustworthy employee and volunteer of the LCRC. I only have one question, "Is there a policy in the by-laws precluding her from holding both positions?"

Bernie O'Hare said...

I cannot answer your question but share your high opinion of Kim.