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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Here's a Lehigh County Fish Story

Cedarbrook Nursing Homes’ Allentown and Fountain Hill residents are gone fishin' for the next 10 days.

Cedar Creek, located near the Cedarbrook facility in South Whitehall, is stocked right now with 200 trout donated by the Cedar Creek Sportsmen Association. Youi should probably subtract 20 for the amount of fish I got today when I saw this news release.

Residents from 11 different get to fish for about an hour and a half in a catch-and-release program. If the caught fish are small enough, they're being plunked into the new county toilet fish bowls, designed by Comm'r Percy Dougherty to save water.

He's a doctor, you know.

Those unlucky fish who swallow the hook become the main event at a Fish Fry later in the month of June. Everyone involved with the annual fishing week gets invited to the Fish Fry and to try the new toilet fish bowl.

No word yet on who is supplying the keg.


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Anonymous said...

Having attended this event as a guest, it's a wonderful idea and fun for all. Some residents sit in wheelchairs, so the event planners have been sure to
provide water's edge space for all.

Anonymous said...

if there's a keg there you can be sure to find cunningham right next to it

Anonymous said...

great idea ...credit is due

BP said...

You're doin' a heck of a job, Brownie.