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Monday, June 21, 2010

Angle's Farmer Attire Draws Derision From Morning Call

I'm a slob. One reason for that is because I'm also a yoyo. My weight goes up dramatically when I don't exercise. Now I own two very nice suits, but they're thin man clothing. So until I drop a few tons, about the nicest clothing you'll see on me is a polo shirt. My usual attire is raggedy jeans and ancient T-shirts.

Ron Angle is pretty much a slob, too. He claims the only person in Northampton County who dresses worse than me, is him. He's probably right, too. But at least he has an excuse.

He works his ass off. You're just as likely to see the Northampton County Bulldog in bib overalls as in a fancy three-piece suit. He may be a savvy businessman who actually understands swaptions and derivatives as well as any financial advisor employed in the Lehigh Valley, but he starts every day feeding his cows. He's also always painting something. You're just as likely to find him atop some roof as in a board room.

So on Friday morning, while in the middle of cutting hay, he was told he had thirty minutes to get from his Upper Mount Bethel farm to the Courthouse on a matter being heard by, of all people, the very senior judge he had just called senile.

Senior Judge Franciosa is presiding over a real estate dispute between Angle and Dr. Palmer Cotturo, a Bangor dentist who wants to develop a golf course in the Sate Belt. Dr. Cotturo is actually Angle's campaign treasurer and they remain close friends, but he's been unable to put together the financing for three large tracts Angle previously agreed to sell to him, and wants more time. He's already been granted one six month extension.

Angle was under the misimpression this was a mtter for the lawyers, but zipped on down to the Courthouse as soon as he learned he was needed, apologizing to Senior Judge Franciosa for being dressed like a farmer. Franciosa understood, but Morning Call reporter Riley Yates decided to make a big deal out of Angle's drab attire. The headline smirks, "Dressed for Success."

I'd like to know how many successful farmers wear three piece suits to cut hay. I'd like to know how a farmer's clothing has become an object of derision.

Riley Yates' regular beat is the Courts. So is he saying that litigants who dress like farmers should expect to lose? What does that say about our system? Is he saying Angle should dress more respectfully? Then why is it that Yates himself wears no tie or jacket to cover the courts? Is that "dressed for success"?

Or is this just a way to give Angle another shot?


Sanctifying Grace said...

Working in the barber shop for years, you hear many stories. Who knows if they are true.

But the same story also was always repeated by different people. Doesn't make it true. But it could officially qualify for a local legend.

It was about Old Man Seiple, the farmer. He went to purchase two brand new Cadillacs. He was dressed like a farmer, which he was. No one would wait on him. Finally after some time and not being waited on, he stormed out of the show room. He went to the Lincoln dealership and purchased two new Lincolns in a matter of an hour. Paid for in cold cash!

He had them driven over to the Cadillac dealership and parked them out front. All the while, chewing tobacco and spitting on their sidewalk.

Unbelievably, he used to drive those cars through the fields. Mud and all.

Don't ever, ever judge a book by its cover. Or I would be still in Easton, selling potatoes. Not that there is anything wrong with selling potatoes. My family made an honest living off of it for years...

Peace, ~~Alex+

Chris Casey said...

"The book by its cover" remark is a good one.
"Dressed for success?"
How many times has the devil shown up for court like he or she has just stepped out of a Tailor's or dress shop?
Madoff and Milken come to mind, as does Ted Bundy.

I am bothered more by the sensationalistic, derogatory approach that continues to creep in to the Mainstream media coverage.

Angle's attire was not news, mocking him was just mean. Wasn't there any real news to cover that day? I don't think this case was news.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, RA has become the news. He has injected himself into the headlines by being a controversial, even polarizing figure. There is usually no middle ground for persons like him and it shows, even in situations like this. It probably would not be made a big deal, had it been anyone else, but this "farmer" reaps what he sows.


Anonymous said...

Shows how out of touch Angle is to the overwhelming majority of residents in the valley.

Bernie O'Hare said...

VOR, Your inability to use reason, when it comes to Amgle, is showing. Let's distill your argument.

1) Angle is a divisive and polarizing figure.

2) It is therefore OK to slam him for things you'd never find fault with if it were someone else.

Now you also claim Angle injected himself into this story. How did he do that? He was at his farm, and expected to stay there.

A MC reporter slamns him for not being dressed up even though the reporter himself never sports a tie before entering a courtroom, which I consider far more insulting to the digity of the court.

Like Casey says, his attire was not news. Bt if it is, then Yates should comment on his own attire. He could argue that he's wearing no T-shirt so he's OK. I'd answer that, in the eyes of many people, not wearing a tie and jacket is just as inslting as wearing a T-shirt.

Anonymous said...

Any rational person who is COUTY COUNCL PRESIDENT would take 20 minutes to shower and put decent clothing on before going to a courtroom. No suit is needed. Just a modicum of respect and maturity.

Anonymous said...

I'd answer that, in the eyes of many people, not wearing a tie and jacket is just as inslting as wearing a T-shirt.

An epic stretch.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Any rational person who is COUTY COUNCL PRESIDENT would take 20 minutes to shower and put decent clothing on before going to a courtroom. No suit is needed. Just a modicum of respect and maturity."

Really? His farm is in Upper Mount Bethel, and he was given 30 minutes to appear in Court. Had he taken 20 minutes to shower and put on decent clothing, the Court would be waiting just for him for about 30 minutes. Is that how you show a modicum of respect and maturity?

No, this is a slam at Angle bc he is Angle.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 9:21, When I first started practicing law, I saw that spectators chided for not having a tie. It's no stretch at all.

If there is some dress code for court and Yates wants to claim Angle is in violation, he should note how he is attired as well. And he has more than 30 minutes notice.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he had NO idea there were any proceedings that day of which he may be asked to appear. None. Just out of the blue, that pesky judge demanded his presence.

Anonymous said...

it really wasn't news worthy.... there are far to many important things happening around the world to write about...... must have been a really slow news day!!!

Anonymous said...


My point is that even if this seems illogical to you, Mr. Angle has caused this himself. Two wrongs never make a right, but human nature is what it is. Pepople have strong feelings about this guy and this is evident with your strong, if misguided attempt to defend him, no matter what. That's your right, but all I am saying is that no one should be shocked when the guy who throws noisy parties gets in trouble with his neighbors. Even the press gets on that bandwagon.


Bernie O'Hare said...

"Yes, he had NO idea there were any proceedings "

Angle was well aware there was a proceeding that day, but believed and was told it was just going to be an argument among lawyers. If he thought he was needed, he would have been there, and in a suit.

Bernie O'Hare said...


In this case, those neighbors happen to be the MSM, whose reporters are supposed to be unbiased and objective.

You claim Angle brought this on himself. How did he do that, by being born? He was called into court with no time to get ready. How the hell is that bringing something on himself?

If you're saying his bombastic behavior affects even the press and that they are unfair in their treatment as a result, I agree. But that's an indication of bias by them, not that Angle himself is at fault.

It was a mean-spirited article, meant to demean someone.

Anonymous said...

Why not take some photos of Yates so we can judge how this big mouth

Anonymous said...

The fact that the Call even printed Yates' garbage, shows how desperate the paper is to tear Angle apart everytime they can.

Anonymous said...

So you mean if I show up at court in older clothes, the best I can afford, I'm not assured a fair trial?

Anonymous said...

The problem is the Call is losing so many readers, it's desperate to catch any attention and Angle is news. The paper has fired its copywriters, its factcheckers, and more.
Example. In today's Call, there's a story about AARP and a photo of a man working at the senior citizen center in Allentown. The reporter writes in the article, the man is a "paid volunteer". Maybe someone here can explain how one becomes a paid volunteer?

Anonymous said...

For the record, I mostly agree with Bernie here, the MC story is total crap. However, one thing I want to ask...

"A MC reporter slamns him for not being dressed up even though the reporter himself never sports a tie before entering a courtroom, which I consider far more insulting to the digity of the court."

Bernie, if you feel that the reporter not wearing a tie is such an insult to the court, how can you defend Ron for calling Franciosca senile and incompetent? Or insulting McFadden even though she wasn't directly involved with the case? Aren't these far bigger insults to the court than the absence of a tie?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 10:43,

I do not think Yates insults the court by declining to wear a tie. But if he considers appearances so important that he writes a story about it, then what is he saying about himself? That's my point.

As far as Ron's comments about Judges Franciosa and McFadden, they were way out of line. I and many others have told him that. He is by no means without fault. Those are bigger insults.

Anonymous said...

I do not think Yates insults the court by declining to wear a tie. But if he considers appearances so important that he writes a story about it, then what is he saying about himself? That's my point.

Yates insults himself by writing such trash. The fact that he even considered this "news".
Are we to believe there are not any serious stories out there? No Bethlehem family struggling to make ends meet? No Bethlehem physician trying to help the less fortunate receive good medical care? No Bethlehem volunteers who day in/day out give of their talents and often meager resources to the benefit of others?

Yawn said...

There is no story here. Just Bernie using Angle to stir up his blog. Angle said he was sorry. End of story.

Bernie using this as a headline on his blog makes him no better than MC for having this as a "story."

Nothing to note here lets move on to the next story Bernie will blow way out of proportion in order to cause controversy on his blog.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't his soiled shirt that puts people off, it's his soiled soul.

Anonymous said...


If you really believe that that The Morning Call (and the MSM) are sensationalizing the news, you could have used a better example than this story about your BFF.

For example, on June 10, 2010 the Morning Call ran a story entitled "Police: Woman's infant suffered from 'extreme malnutrition'" on page B4 with a 5x8 picture of the accused mother.


Now I am not saying she is innocent, but we do have a system based on innocent until proven guilty. The article and it's placment has inevitably led many to assume she is guilty, as was likely the intention. If she is innocent she will still be guilty in the minds of many and the article will be burried deep in the paper if even reported.

In your 10:00am comment you state that "reporters are supposed to be unbiased and objective." I agree. And the above referenced story is a more aggregious abuse by the press than what someone wears in court.

To me you picked the wrong battle with this post.

Anonymous said...

Bernie said "...No, this is a slam at Angle bc he is Angle."

Thanks Bernie. That's exactly what I said. And Ron Angle made Ron Angle who, what he is today.


Anonymous said...

Bernie, you've likely put more eyes on the story than its original version, printed in a publication with few readers left.

The court should be respectful of citizens' right and requirement to be employed at any variety of pursuits. Respect for the court is a reflection of respect from the court. Lately, between stories of gold bricking judges and salary-padded tipstaffs, the court is doing very little to command respect from citizens.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 1:43,

This post is not about sensationalizing the news. It is about media bias. I am turned off when reporters look down their noses at the subjects they write about. It is certainly this attitude that led to many of the problems faced by newspapers today.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"That's exactly what I said. And Ron Angle made Ron Angle who, what he is today"

And this condemnatory attuitude is precisely why you can't refer to yourself as "Voice of Reason" when commenting about Angle. You basically condemn this guy for being born. There is more than a hint of elitism in all the venom hurled at him.

Anonymous said...


Keep in mind that rags like the MC barely have reporting staffs remaining and most of their talent left long ago - or was shown the door amid any number of downsizings. Their down to ribs and dick and the ilk of their reporters is proof.

Anonymous said...

The MC has used crazy headlines for years to catch attention. They print all kinds of wild and silly stories. This was no different.

Yates was not looking down his nose at honest working people, he was lambasting a man who has made a life out of getting noticed.

Please Ohare, enough with the outrage. Oh the carnage! oh the pathos! You have viciously attacked many pols with insulting banners and pictures over the years. Both you and the papers have stuck it to just about everyone in politics except Bob Freeman.

You sound like some outraged chick mad that her boyfriend was dissed.

Angle regularly shows up at meetings sucking an old cigar and dressing like a cartoon version of a farmer. I have known many honest hardworking farmers over the years, Ron Angle is no honest hardworking farmer. He has some outbuildings and some animals he bought with money gleaned from widows houses foreclosures and you know it.

The man is only concerned with getting his face and name in the paper. You and your little coffee klatch are just angry this was a funny story calling Angle on his bullshit. He dresses like this on purpose and his entire story is nonsense.

This man has cried wolf so many times no sane person believes him anymore.


Bernie O'Hare said...

"Tim" is the 3 AM troll, the same person who regularly attacks Stoffa and Angle anonymously, and mostly bc he is one of the hacks who can no longer find dishonest work in NC.

Angle, with all his flaws, is infinitely preferable to anonymous cowards like "Tim", who just would love another public sector job that enslaves the rest of us.

It's no surprise he would justify a condescending slam at Angle's courtroom attire.

Anonymous said...

The Call Strikes Again! While they have time for petty reporting, guess they can't get much else straight!

MCall lack of copy editors shows again.

"Jarrouj perused Martinez"

–verb (used with object), -rused, -rus·ing.

1. to read through with thoroughness or care: to peruse a report. 2. to read. 3. to survey or examine in detail. I think the word the journalist should use is pursued.

Anonymous said...

Well Bernie whether its "Tim" or "Troll" or just someone speaking their mind, they know Ron Angle pretty well.

The case could be made that Ron is making a fuss over this Judge Francioso ruling and John Morganelli, to get ready for the real fight. That fight will be when a judge decides that the "Will" Angle presented is a fraud and the District Attorney does his job and prosecutes Angle.

The one over-riding truth is that in the case of Ron Angle, all the wounds are self-inflicted.

Anonymous said...

Riley Yates is that wannabe Ernie Pyle who worked for the Daily Intelligencer in Bucks County; a paper, Yates "fine journalism" not withstanding, only suitable for housebreaking puppies. Nice to see that he moved up to the MC; a paper my great aunt from Easton uses to line her bird cage.

Anonymous said...

I believe it was yet one more way of showing disrespect to the Judge and Northampton Co. Court System. This guy is as calculated as anyone I have ever seen. Nothing wrong with bibbed overalls or farming but don't make this guy out to be the salt of the earth. That is an insult to all people who farm the land and work hard doing it.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Actually, I believe this is one more way to show disrespect to Ron Angle, whose only sin on Friday was to be cutting hay.

Because he is actually succeeding on Council and is making county government leaner and meaner, the anons are making a push to marginalize him as some kind of nut. While he is a bad ass, he's our bad ass.

Democratic hacks and Republican bluebloods are scared to death of him bc he threatens them with silly things like accountability. And elitists go after him bc they are unable to comprehend that a high school grad from the slate belt might actually be brighter than them.

Yawn said...

"Democratic hacks and Republican bluebloods are scared to death of him bc he threatens them with silly things like accountability."

That would be true if he would hold himself accountable. All he has done is waste taxpayer money and court resources with lawsuits, forgery, and to fight a law he knows he violated.

Now that sounds like a lack of accountability to me.

As I said before, there is no story here. Angle said he was sorry to the Judge, end of story.

Bernie only uses the Angle topic to keep his blog going, when Angle dies down or gets put in jail he will move on to another meaningless "hot button" topic or person.

Bernie O'Hare said...

And here you are, four days after this story posted, and at 10:442 PM, to "yawn."

You sound a little worried.

Yawn said...

Worried about what exactly?

Bernie O'Hare said...

You're worried that your attempt to marginalize him have failed. And they have. That's why you're here, four days after this article was published, simultaneously slamming Angle while pretending this bores you.

Anonymous said...

Other than higher taxes what has Angle actually accomplished. Subjective praise by you, while objectively he has accomplished nothing.

He is less a hardworking bulldog than an annoying self-promoting basset hound keeping everyone up all night with his meaningless howling.

He has marginalized himself by becoming the clown of the Lehigh Valley.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The clown of the LV v. an anonymous coward who posts at 3 AM