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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dent Respects Obama Decision to Replace MacChrystal

LV Congressman Charlie Dent has issued this statement responding to President Obama’s decision to dump General Stanley McChrystal:

“I am extremely grateful for General McChrystal’s leadership in Afghanistan. He has led our troops through an extremely difficult and complex conflict with a spirit of determination. However, I respect the President’s decision, as Commander-in-Chief, to make a personnel change he found necessary for ensuring our success abroad. I am confident in the abilities and resolve of General Petraeus, and agree he is the best leader to assume command of our mission in Afghanistan.”


Anonymous said...

Did Obama introduce the new commander as General Betray-us?

Ivan Denisovich said...

Actually, Obama wanted to replace McChrystal with a Navy "Corpse" man but luckily Obama's advisers have IQ's in the 80's, much higher than BHO himself, and recommended a more suitable person.

Anonymous said...