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Monday, June 14, 2010

Joint Statement Regarding Villa v. O'Hare

The following is a joint statement by both Bill Villa and me, which ends his litigation against me. Pursuant to this agreement, I will accept no comments.

"The lawsuit filed by Bill Villa against Bernie O'Hare in January 2010 has been settled. In 2008, Mr. O'Hare filed a private criminal complaint against Mr. Villa, accusing him of harassment. In 2009, a magisterial district judge found Mr. Villa guilty of that summary charge. Mr. Villa appealed that ruling, and in January 2010 the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas overturned that conviction and dismissed Mr. O'Hare's harassment case. A civil lawsuit followed, in which Mr. Villa accused Mr. O'Hare of malicious prosecution in regards to the harassment charge. That lawsuit has now been settled.

"Mr. Villa and Mr. O'Hare both regret their ungentlemanly actions that led to court proceedings over the past two years. Mr. Villa and Mr. O'Hare both regret and apologize to each other for any references, conclusions, descriptions or perceptions they have expressed, or permitted to be expressed on their blogs, in relation to the prosecution, litigation, and the underlying events that led to the legal proceedings. They have agreed to not discuss or allow future discussion of these matters or each other and their immediate family members, living or dead, on their respective blogs or on any other blog and to terminate all current or considered litigation against each other for their respective actions prior to the date of this agreement."