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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Should Pa. Veterans Have Off on Veterans' Day?

That's what State Rep. Joe Brennan thinks, and he's introduced legislation to make it happen. "It seems appropriate to me that veterans should have the right to observe the special day that is named after them in any manner they see fit," said Joe.

Under Brennan's legislation, veterans would be excused from work on Veterans' Day. Employers could either grant these employees a paid day off or simply approve the employee's request without pay.

Locally, state Rep. Bob Freeman has already signed on as a co-sponsor.


Anonymous said...

A bad idea...who is a veteran ? If someone moved here from New Jersey last week do they qualify ? Who pays for the day off ? The Commonwealth , the employer ? Another unfunded mandate we don`t need

Anonymous said...

I know a guy who was in the Air Force. He drank and screwed for four years in Texas. So he gets a day off on the taxpayer dime. The taxpayer already paid for his school and helped with a house.

God Bless our troops in war and give them whatever they need to be safe and well back home, but come on. Enough with the vote mongering by politicians. Doing it with taxpayer money.

You want to show you care and have balls at the same time. Call for re-instating the draft and making all Americans age 18 through 25 eligible for the draft. A citizen Army like Washington first proposed. We are then all on the same playing field.

Enough with the feel good BS.

Anonymous said...

Message to Brennan and Freeman, et al:

It's not your to give.

Anonymous said...


Chris Casey said...

there's always going to be people in every job who reap the rewards from the hard work and sacrifice of others. That doesn't mean you ignore the good people who put forth the effort.
Can you think of a more dangerous job than reconning the hills in Afghanistan? Would you want to be the person trying to defuse an I.E.D., not knowing if there is a terrorist operative hiding nearby waiting to remotely detonate it?
Your veterans are, and were doing these things in foreign lands while many of you are snug as a bug in your beds dreaming sweet dreams.
Many veterans don't get sweet dreams after what they have experienced on your behalf.
Yeah, a day off to remember their service and sacrifice is probably too much too ask.

Anonymous said...

This is perhaps the dumbest idea ever. Veterans deserve honor and our respect, but this is ridiculous.

If an employer wants to give their veteran-employees a day off, let them. If a veteran-employee wants to take Veteran's Day off, they can use a vacation or sick day. No government mandate is necessary.

As a veteran myself, I'm offended by this legislation.

Our state is facing staggering deficits and unfunded mandates in the BILLIONS. How about these bone-headed legislators stop pandering for votes and get back to work on some of the real issues that we face.

Anonymous said...

Pennsylvania has a very liberal interpretation of who is a veteran.
Take the oath and serve for one day and get a medical discharge, you are a veteran.

Anonymous said...

With the logic described, everyone should get their birthday off.

This is why our government is broken. National legislators and state legislators with little to show for before an election throw out feel good legislation. Lets everyone think that they're doing something on a subject that no one will complain.

Anonymous said...

Vintage Smilin' Joe.

Still bupkis on the real problems facing the state.

Anonymous said...

Should mothers have off on mothers day? Should fathers have off on fathers day? Should people with the last name of Columbus have off on October 12th? Should Barack take off on Presidents Day?

I'm a veteran and I did my tour overseas, but this is ridiculous. I'm well adjusted, thank you. It's the rest of you, I'm worried about.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, 4:56 for your service and your common sense.

I showed this to several Vets in my family. Their collective response: WTF?!

Anonymous said...

I, for one think this is a good idea. Unlike most who have posted comments,I actually read the bill. It only applies to honorably discharged veterans. It also does not require that the employer pay the deserving veteran for the day to celebrate his or her service to our country and our freedom. It would simply allow the veteran to enjoy the day without having to burn a vacation day or lie about being ill.
As far as this costing "taxpayer dollars", most Federal, State, County and local offices are already closed on Veterans Day. This would not cost anyone anything.
For those who think this is pandering to voters, think again. Most voters are senior citizens. This bill probably would not benefit them as they are already retired. It would however be helpful to those who are now serving us in Iraq or elsewhere in the middle east. It would also help those who have done their job and returned home to our communities.
Good proposal and I applaud Brennan and the other co-sponsors.

Anonymous said...

I understand you believe in it Joe (anon9:51), but it is not that harmless. Only a bureaucrat spending other peoples money thinks like that.

Someone gets the day off. If necessary, the company must cover the slot, that may mean overtime or reworking a schedule. You see in the world of Harrisburg, you Rep's are really not necessary for anything to get done. If you take a day off or a month, no change. Other than voting for a budget, all this other stuff is pandering with other peoples money. Speaking of the budget, you guys have one job and you don't even do it well or on time.

Try to do the job you were elected to do and don't worry about vet's, that's why we have a VA.

Also in today's politically correct world if a vet really wants off on Veterans Day, most employers will say fine, if they can manage.

Enough with the pandering, the taxpayers are really disgusted with this type of nonsense and that includes real veterans.

Anonymous said...

thanks molony. Coplay