Monday, October 24, 2011

Who is Tony Simao?

Ask Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan. He knows who Tony Simao is, and recently set his smear machine to work to try and stop him. No less a luminary than Callahan's second-in-command, Joe Kelly, was caught red handed, passing along dubious information to political consultant John Blankstein. From there, it made its way to a NYC blogger, who tried to slime Simao without even talking to him.

Of course, the people who ended up looking shady were Joe Kelly, John Blankstein and NYC blogger Jon Geeting.

Why are they so intent on stopping Simao? Because he and fellow City Council candidate Tom Carroll have declared war on Bethlehem politicians. Using Youtube, they've published video indictments of the Callahan Administration. There's Open Letter to Bethlehem Politicians (1.046 hits), Open Letter - Page Two (423 hits), and Recchiuti's Big Adventure (235 hits).

There have been some complaints here and elsewhere that Simao has failed to provide answers. This is his start, and he starts by telling you a little about himself. He is Portuguese, immigrated here at age 8, was naturalized at age 16, and right after high school, went into the Marines. If you'd like more answers, watch the video.


Anonymous said...

Bernie, we don't agree on Ron Angle but I have a sincere question about John Callahan. Do you think he will run for County executive? Do you really think he would be any better at that job than he has been as Mayor?

Frankly, I think he would be a disaster and find new and imaginative ways to plunder and sell off county coffers and contracts.

Your thoughts?

Bernie O'Hare said...

He's not running. He's toast politically.

Zorn said...

as usual no specific actions stated. anyone can write a script. but then almost anything would be better than the present council.

Anonymous said...

"His responsibilities include looking at million dollar claims for mistakes so they wont go to collections" What a spin. Hope you get to talk to coworkers for the other view.

Anonymous said...

Bethlehem has a strong mayor form of government. That means that the primary role of council is to pass a budget. It seems that a plan for a council candidate should be to be an independent voice and not a rubber stamp and funded by the mayor. The plan should be to state that as a Councilman they will consider the budget, ordinances and resolutions with the questions of how does this impact the residents and for how is it going to be paid the primary focus of the debate. I find it interesting that the criticism of the opposition candidates is that they have put forward no plan. Yet, no plan has been put forward by Donchez, Wee Willy or Mikey R either. Rather, they speak in platitudes and generalities and warn that the sky is falling because as they say, "the teabaggers will destroy what we Democrats have built for you". Willy R is not telling the truth about his record and the impact of the fee increases and borrowing has had on the citizens.

Anonymous said...

You're right, the Dems have all of the right answers for the city...

Mike R. -- One concept he learned deals with mercantile tax collection. Right now, he said the city relies on businesses to self-report what they owe. But other municipalities have set up a system where they can audit businesses, ensuring the full amount owed is paid.

This is ALREADY DONE because business owners have to file a copy of their income tax return. Translation = Let's create more red tape.

To bring more revenue into the city, Recchiuti said the city should consider hiring a law firm especially to target delinquent taxpayers.

Translation = We'll hire all of his lawyer friends on the city's dime to go after people who are on a fixed income and are honnestly trying to pay their taxes even if they have fees attached. While we're at it, let's just take their homes from them, they can just go live on the streets. What a great example of the kinder, gentler Democrat ideology.

“I care deeply about the city and I want to make sure it keeps going in a direction I think is a good direction.”

He's not beholden to anyone but he thinks the city is going in the right direction. Translation = more of the same.

J.W. Reynolds -- In his time in office, the city has gone from having 150 to 157 police officers, has undergone significant redevelopment of the Steel site and Reynolds said he believes the city is going in the right direction financially after $6 million was trimmed last year from the annual budget.

All lies since he had nothing to do with either of those items. As his mailer says, "check the record".

“They’re running as fiscal conservatives, and the one guy who didn’t raise taxes isn’t as fiscally conservative as them,” Reynolds said.

One opportunistic vote does not make a fiscal conservative.

Anonymous said...

"What a spin. Hope you get to talk to coworkers for the other view."

I've tried to talk to Recchiuti's coworkers but he doesn't have any now.

Anonymous said...

The current council majority's fiscal experience includes running the whole place into the ground. Get them the hell away from the till.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is Bobby"what" Donchez, WeeWillie Reynolds, and Mikey"you can call me willie" Recchiuti' will be elected by large margins.

Bethlehem voters are a 'special" group.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Simao who attempted a write in campaign against DJ Matos in South Bethlehem?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I believe this is the same Tony.