Monday, October 24, 2011

Bethlehem Steelers Muzzle Bulldogs

They'll meet again in the playoffs, but the Bethlehem Steelers (125-pounders) muzzled the Bethlehem Township Bulldogs 18 to 8 on Saturday in a game in which the Bulldogs were unable to get anything going. Despite an early injury, QB Thomas "the train" Murphy led his team to victory. His powerful line, led by Justin McSchmoyer, opened hole after hole, and RB Chase O'Detres sliced through them.

In addition to a powerful arm, Murphy can kick run and tackle. I think you'll be reading his name again in a few short years. Yes, his grandfather is the former Lehigh County District Judge.

North Parkland, Saucon Valley and the Steelers are undefeated in their respective divisions.

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