Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Meet LC Comm'r Candidate Tim Waitkus

Tim Waitkus, LC Comm'r candidate, Democrat and a 5k runner, am I right?

Tim: "You are correct. Aspiring. One 10-k under my belt as well."

Is that right?

Tim: "Yeah, just a couple of weeks ago."

Did you run in that race recently? It was in LC, it was for the veterans. Ashly's race. Did you run that one?

Tim: "I didn't run that one."

I woulda' beat you.

Tim: "Is that right?"

Yeah, I woulda' cleaned your clock.

Tim: "What was your time?"

It was pretty fast. I can't remember exactly. There were a couple girls I beat.

Tim: "That's good."

A couple grade school girls. I beat them.

Tim: "Hey, at the 10k I ran, it was in Northampton, it was for childhood cancer, I finished second place among men in my age category, which was also good enough for last place. There was only two of us in the category."

I see, I see.

Tim: "So it's nothing to write home about."

This is another kind of race, a race for LC Comm'r, and the competition is pretty strong. The Republicans have a heavy edge and some people are saying this is a Republican year. Why should voters choose you as opposed to the Gang of Three or even Brad Osborne?

Tim: "Sure. Well, to be honest with you, I'm not too aware of brad Osborne and his candidacy, so I really can't speak to him. But as far as the Gang of Three goes, I think that the concept of having three candidates running, who have vowed to vote in lockstep with one another on any issue, I think is more the problem of government right now, rather than the solution.

"If you look at what's going on in Washington, you have deadlock between political parties, with people unwilling on the left and the right, to really just get together and try to do what's best for the people. And I think that's what I represent.

"I have no political aspirations. I don't even like to say I'm running for political office."

What do you do in private life?

Tim: "Right now, I actually just got a new job recently. I'm a medical device sales representative, so I work primarily with hospitals in central Pa.

"I'm just a regular guy. I was born and raised in the LV, and I'm just looking to kind of give back a little bit, and be that strong voice of reason on that Board of Commissioners. I think that's really what voters are looking for right now. They're done with the partisan politics. That's why I think people will ultimately vote for me."


Anonymous said...

As a registered R, I have some hope for this guy... Looking forward to hearing more from him at the Tea Party Debate tonight..

Anonymous said...

He thinks the 3 Republican reform candidates should be criticized for committing to try and reform the governing process of the County which has now seen taxes and spending increase 100 percent in a decade. This is from a candidate who stood up at a County Commissioners meeting to say he thought the County was doing everything right and would have left lipstick on Cunninghams rear end if he was wearing any. The Democrats on the County Commission have never ever---not even once-- broken ranks to oppose the Executive on anything of fundamental importance. Talk about mindless robots! Waitkus should consider forming a cheer squad or a glee club for the Executive. Electing him is like insanity....a respeat fo the same behavior with an expectation of a different result.

Anonymous said...

Every answer he gives is right out of the Administration's play book. If elected, he would carry water for the Administration and vote in lock step with the other water carriers.

He is a joke.