Monday, October 17, 2011

LVAR Withdraws McClure Endorsement

If you look at local campaign finance reports, you'll eventually see that some candidates for local office get contributions from the Lehigh Valley Association of REALTOR® (LVAR), while others do not. But what you won't see is an incumbent who loses their endorsement, once he or she has it.

Until Lamont McClure.

Real estate mavens endorsed Lamont McClure when he ran for Northampton County Council four years ago. But in a first for Lehigh Valley politics, they've withdrawn their seal of approval in favor of his opponent, Matt Connolly.

According to LVAR CEO Ryan Conrad, before making their decision, they submit a questionnaire to each candidate and conduct an interview. "We make every effort to be fair," he explained. Locally, LVAR supports an "immediate countywide reassessment of all real property," and are opposed to increasingly frequent point of sale reassessments, which shift the tax burden away from those who can afford the legal costs of an assessment appeal to the many residential owners who can't. LVAR also supports residential rental inspection ordinances, regional rail (ugh) and affordable housing, but opposes an increase in realty transfer tax fees.

Its legislative agenda is a combination of liberal and conservative principles, but somehow McClure blew it.

Maybe it's McClure's 0% attendance record at Committee hearings last year. This year, he's attended one. He was MIA at an important budget hearing last week, too.


Anonymous said...

In life, just showing up is half the job.

We can't even get half a job out of this guy.

Anonymous said...

He never shows up for anything. It's why our kids look like the mailman.


Mrs. McClure

Anonymous said...

Wait until my twin Ken Kraft gets on county council. John Stoffa will be sweating bullets. Long Dem's Rule!!!

Anonymous said...

KK will be no worse than the evil Queen of Hearts. "Off with their...."

Anonymous said...

LVAR can support anyone they want that doesn't mean he's not a good councilmen.
He may not get to the meetings but that does not mean he doesn't know
what is going on in the county. Lamount is a great guy and will help out when ever he can .
He is a real gentelmen and a true councilman. Northampton County could use a few more like him.
Vote McClure

Anonymous said...

McClure is getting paid, right? He'd be fired anywhere else. I'm going to vote to fire him, nice, not nice, whatever.

Anonymous said...

Lamount can pick and choose what to show at or not, as long as he is on top of everything that is going on ( and he does ) he does his home work. Just because you are at every meeting and mouth off does not mean you know every thing,
even though some think they do.

Anonymous said...

You can keep saying it, but that is not the way to be a responsible public servant or employee. How many votes did he miss?? If he is not there, how much input DIDN'T he have into issues and discussions. Even more, he is not there to hear from the attending public...why? Because he just knows better and doesn't need to be bothered? Cut me a damn break. Really.

Anonymous said...

He's fired!