Saturday, October 29, 2011

Norco Council (Nazareth): Matt Connolly v. Lamont McClure

"County government requires active representation by those elected to serve. My opponent has an indefensible attendance record. One Committee meeting in four years. Being Chairman of the Legal and Judicial Committee, but not ever holding a meeting. You have to be there to make a difference.

"I will be there, and with great enthusiasm. I may not know all of the inner workings of the County now, but I will learn and bring my best experience and objective judgment. I want to be a legislator, not a politician.

"Government has to be reeled in and limited. We spend the tax money taken from the residents. We must do it responsibly. Debacles like the swaption, which will end up throwing away $24 million of taxpayers' money, will never get my vote.

"If I was a Committee Chairman, I would hold meetings and I would attend those of others.

"I will always work to allow private citizens and businesses to thrive, making Northampton County an attractive place for residents and a sound place to start a business or as a place for business to relocate.

"There's a reason why the LV Association of Realtors did something they have never done before to an incumbent that they helped elect. For the first time ever, they have pulled their support from Lamont McClure and switched it to me, the challenger. They, like me, realize that home values are directly tied to the solvency of families and the County as a whole. I support keeping homes affordable, with low taxes and efficient government. Obviously, they don't believe that Mr. McClure feels the same way. Then again, maybe they just wanted to help elect someone who cares enough to show up."

"I'm glad Mr. Connolly spent so much time talking about me. I like hearing stuff about myself. With that being said, the fact of the matter is I have only ever wanted to be on County Council. It's the only thing I've ever run for. I actually started striving towards serving on County Council in 2001, and throughout the years, I'm very, very pleased to let you hear tonight about some of my accomplishments.

"I was the author of the Gaming Board Ordinance that created the Northampton County Gaming Authority. This Authority is allowed to contiguous municipalities for the casino in Bethlehem, to receive monies to ameliorate any of the negative effects that they've experienced from the casino.

"I was the author of the referendum language to make the Controller of Northampton County full time. I was pleased that that language passed, and starting in 2012, we will have a full time County Controller for the first time under home rule. I'm very pleased to have done that.

"Going forward, my primary mission will be to fight to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Gracedale. It is of paramount importance that Gracedale stay in County hands, and that will be my overriding ambtion."


Anonymous said...

Bravo Lamont. You have dine more good in the time you have been there than those who show up for everything.

Given their track record, I wish they would miss more meetings, it would be great for the county.

Anonymous said...

Is it true. Something about a late breaking news story about nude pictures of a local politician like Stoffa or someone sounding like that on a nude gay porn site.

Did anyone hear about this, is it true?

Anonymous said...

The Gaming Authority is a joke. He takes credit for that. The time that authority wastes and costs is crazy!! Hand out the money and be done with it like most other places in the State do.

Anonymous said...

Lamont is really stretching. Everyone knows he's very lazy. He's had that reputation since he was a kid.

Fairy godmother said...

anon 2:51

see tne ET this morn. were the pics taken in JC's riverport condo?

Anonymous said...

Choices are:
1. Guy who doesn't show up for work
2. Guy who doesn't pay his taxes

With choices like this, no wonder the country is in the shape that it is.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a rule set by the LWV stating no video cameras during the event?

Tisk, Tisk, Tisk, Ohair.

Anonymous said...

McClure..."The only thing I ever wanted to do is serve on County Government."

Really?? First of all...interesting life goal.

Lamont, that means that you actually have to show up. That is so disingenuous. If that is the case, then you haven't achieved your goal. You were elected, but you don't serve even though you say that you know everything.

Anonymous said...

Lamount Mc Clure is a layed back gentlemen, not lazy. If he were lazy he would not be able to handle his full time job for a very reputable law firm. As for him not attending all the meetings
he is on top of the thing's going on in the county in spite of it.
And as for people that live in glass houses they should not throw stones.

Anonymous said...

I believe Lamont does attend most council meetings. Maybe they should change the time of the comittee meetings so the members of council that have real jobs can attend. At least he pays his taxes. The republicans are really reaching with Connolly and Salvenson. Bad checks unpaided bills, and unpaided taxes makes you wonder.

Anonymous said...

That is the kind of people that they want to run the county.
They don't have to do thing's that other people have to do like pay taxes or pay money owed to other people, they get away with it.

Bernie O'Hare said...

McClure chairs the Legal Judicial Committee, and he sets the time they meet. They have not met in the last 3 years.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Wasn't there a rule set by the LWV stating no video cameras during the event?"

No, there was no such "rule," and I would have refused it if there was because this is a debate at the people's building. I have filmed debates there before. The purpose is to make my readers aware. Does that frighten you?

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Lamount Mc Clure is a layed back gentlemen, not lazy. If he were lazy he would not be able to handle his full time job for a very reputable law firm. As for him not attending all the meetings
he is on top of the thing's going on in the county in spite of it.
And as for people that live in glass houses they should not throw stones.

This comment comes from Mary ANN Schmoyer, one of the most virulent Gracedale Goons. Of all of them, she is actually the worst. She engages in catcalls and shouts during public meetings, whenever Angle speaks. She did it in front of 40 boy scouts. She was cursing at that time as well. Two weeks ago, when I tried to film her in action again, one of her fellow Goons went after me during a public meeting. All views that differ from theirs must be silenced.

She would naturally speak up for Lamont bc, on the only issue that matters to her, he's on the right page.

McClure is an asbestos lawyer working in a firm of asbestos lawyers that is batting a zero on jury trials on Northampton County.

I might add Schmoyer herself is a litigant in some asbestos cases. I've seen her name indexed at the courthouse. Is she represented by McClure's firm?

McClure's attendance record is fair game.

Anonymous said...

Earlier post is correct. Lamont is well known to be a lazy sloth. He's been a skater forever. His reputation as a no-show extends beyond no showing up for his council duties. He's Mr. M.I.A.

Anonymous said...

At least two or three municipalities in Lehigh County have had revenue drop by more than $500K a year. That does not even consider the impact on the County and School Districts.

Didn't the Sands appeal its assessment the first year it was open? Didn't two big box stores in Hanover Twps appeal the first year they were open?

Transitioning the burden from large corporations onto fixed income families and the elderly is a troublesome situation. That is exactly what has been going on with appeals.

To say you saved the taxpayer money by not pursuing a reassessment is tunnel vision if greater adverse effect occurs on the local level (municipalities/school districts). Ganny gets a property tax hike, big box stores get an overall tax cut.

Just watch and see what will happen at the 33 Interchange.

Anonymous said...

Anon 742. The entire gaming legislation is a Joke. Throw it out and follow Corbetts lead...75% local, 25% to Harrisburg so more communities can benefit.

Anonymous said...

Mr. O'Hare hates Mary Ann and the other Gracedale Guardians because they stood up to the Angle/Stoffa lies and tyranny. She is a nice lady and doesn't do any of the nonsense O'Hare claims. Thanks to her and others like her the elderly sick at Gracedale are safe today and not out in the snow because Angle and Stoffa wanted their thirty pieces of silver. Of which O'Hare would get a commission for all his efforts to help dump Gracedale.

Remember this comes from Mr. O'Hare. This is a man who crashed a Save Gracedale meeting and gave the finger to a small boy suffering from cancer.

He won't post about that will he. He like his benefactors are bad news. He is angry because soon his free run over the Courthouse and the employees ordered by Stoffa and Angle will be over.

For an accurate unedited account of county business go to Saving Private Gracedale"

God Bless you all

Bernie O'Hare said...

You wouldn't know God if he sat next to you and kissed you. These are goons and thugs who were filmed being vulgar in front of boy scouts, who were filmed launching an attack in the middle of a public meeting and who started getting physical with me after a Business Matters taping. These are the same morons who carted Gracedale residents in wheelchairs to Council meetings and who now claim they "saved" them from being out in the snow. These are the same liars who told voters that the County was going to close Gracedale and dump all the residents out in the street, when the County's real desire was to make things better.

I can have rational discussiin with people who believe the County has an obligation to keep Gracedale, but not these thugs. And now, they pretend they want to restore civility?

That's nonsense from phonies who are being used as puppets by public sector unions.

Anonymous said...

"For an accurate unedited account of county business go to Saving Private Gracedale"

God Bless you all"

Hide your Boy Scouts! The creepy Rev is here! God smites those who extort in his name. The Rev. is a phony who'll burn in hell (after being fed dog food and strangled by some half-retarded union puke during a prolonged stay at Disgracedale).

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:49 aka brenda aka Angle, you have confused The good Reverend whose deeds outweigh his words like a certain county council Reverend. it was Ron Angle who fed a poor old man old food while trapped in one of his "apartments" not the good Rev.

It is easy to be confused. Reading the bullshit on this hate blog anyone can make that mistake.

May God Bless and Keep you as you would keep others.

Please pray that Mr. O'Hare doesn't give the middle finger to anymore children suffering from cancer.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, for your information, the residents requested to go to the courthouse that day. they went to resident's right meeting and stated they have the right to know what is going on with their home. You forget one thing, they are old and ill, not stupid. Some of them even have computers at their bedsides. They can read, they can watch the news too! I believe you think they are nothing but bed ridden old people! Be careful what you may write, they are watching you!
signed just an employee at gracedale no one special!

Anonymous said...

McClure championed the FT Controller status so Tinky Winky would more official time to goldbrick and shakedown non-union shops.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mary, Residents who did not even know what day of the week it was were carted to Council meetings, and at County expense, so that unions could play the sympathy card. I spoke to a few. All along, they've been misled and needlessly scared by people whose main goal is preserving their union benefits.

Anonymous said...

You are one angry and bitter old drunk O'Hare.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Actually, you are an anonymous coward who hates the fact that I expose assholes like you for what you are.