Sunday, October 30, 2011

Norco Council (Northern Tier): Scott Parsons v. Ron Angle

"You know what you get if you vote for me. I'm not for big government, I'm for less government. I spend a lot of hours. I know the issues.

"Some people, my opponent, for instance, says he's going to bring civility. Well, I like to bring spirited debate. Many nights, Mr. McClure and I have spirited debates. Some bights, we agree on issues. Some nights, we don't. But civility is not what makes you a good Council person, and I think we all have civility that are on there right now, quite frankly.

"The last debate, my opponent four times said that I do a good job. I think that's a great testament to the job I've done. He twice said that I certainly have the time to do the job that he doesn't. I tank him for that compliment. At one point, when he was asked a question, he said he didn't know the answer, but if the moderator would ask me, I would. And of course, they did and I gave them the answer.

"I strive every day, and I do spend a lot of hours here, and yes I know the issues and I'll debate any of you anytime, anyplace, anywhere, on this County.

"The answer to this country, the answer to this state and the answer to this County, are one and the same - we've got to stop growing government. We have to shrink government, and we have to grow the private sector. If not, we are doomed.

"I work towards those goals every day of my life. I would question my opponent, could he walk over to Bethlehem and negotiate a $5 million giveback on a TIF that was already passed and was a law? I don't think so.

"Last year, when I didn't like the budget, I produced my own budget. It passed. When he [Parsons] was asked questions about the budget at the last debate, he had no idea. You can stay after here tonight, come up here, and ask me any question you want about the budget. I'll gladly answer for you.

"Yes, I'm tough to serve with. Yes, I'm demanding, but I'm the most demanding, quite frankly, on myself, because out there in Region 4 is a lot of little old senior citizens, a lot of young people trying to buy a house and may never realize that dream. And frankly, I do give a damn about those people. I give a big damn about those people because without those people, we'll never have an America like it used to be.

"If we keep destroying middle class America, and my opponent said here earlier he's for one big government. He made a statement earlier. I'm for one little government."

"I'd like to begin by saying, thanking the LWV for having us, giving me this opportunity to speak. I will also state, by starting, that I am not a professional politician. I'm just your every day one job, one house, one mortgage creature with a vision that can serve the people of Northampton County. I sit here with humility and respect for the system that affords me the opportunity to seek elected office.

"I continually get asked about my motives for running for political office. Is it the notoriety, the fame, the power, the opportunity to be in the spotlight? Honestly, I can say it's none of these reasons. I believe the people of Northampton County deserve representation on Council from someone who has compassion, civility, respect and common courtesy. This, my good friends, is the decisive reason for me running.

"The treatment of our citizens is at the forefront of my campaign. You should not be discouraged from expressing your opinions. The voice of the struggling are important.

"I would like to change and amend the system we are currently under. We, as citizens, deserve better treatment from our elected officials. But it is up to the electorate to bring about the change. It is your government, so let the people speak. We are tired of disrespect, nonsense and demand better.

"I also would like to say that Mr. Angle does have experience. He sat here for twelve years. If you give me twelve years, as a matter of fact, I do like these chairs. I can get comfortable. If you give me twelve years of looking at this budget, if you give me a year of looking at this budget, I'll decide and discuss it with anybody.

"When he [Angle] talks about the time he has to put into it, last I checked, the Council's job is not to be out every day. The Council's job is to oversee the job done by the executive and administrative branch of the government. It's not our position to be here every day. I will be here when needed. I'll put the time in. You go ask anybody in Wind Gap, they'll tell you I'm not afraid to do a little work. Thank you."


Wondering said...

The day before Bill White blew smoke up Ron Angle's ass in what passes for a column, the two of them were spotted together at Billy's Downtown Diner in Bethlehem, having a good time. Isn't this funny? On Monday, it was Angle's sidekick, and on Friday, Angle was with White.

What was in the envelope that Angle gave you, Bill?

The unholy trio has the press in its pocket. Now The Express will endorse Angle, probably because he bought a ton of ads.

O'Hare, we all know about his hidden cache of money.

Anonymous said...

This is directed at the person who runs this blog. I am in possesion of a document forwarded to me at my request from a police department of a nation in the Caribbean. It involves someone you know. I will make this public domain on Friday the 4th of November. I am sure you are aware of its' content. If you would like to rerspond in kind as to the content please let me know in this forum.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The trolls are busy tonight.

Anon 1:10 AM,

Please tell me where my hidden cache of money is located.

Anon 1:31 AM,

I wonder why you need to wait until 11/4 to make whatever information you may or may not have public. But I don't wonder a lot.

Accusations, boycotts, innuendo.

Such civility!

Anonymous said...

I used to respect Bill White even though I have disagreed with him at times. I am saddened that he has become another mouthpiece for Ron Angle.

Angle can't give a speech without spraining his arm patting himself on the back.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Parsons can't give a speech at all. The first half of it was written for him, and he stumbled through it.

Anonymous said...

What's this about an envelope. Did Angle pay off White?
Did you see it?

Anonymous said...

Like him or not, Angle has precipitated more debate than any local office holder. Far from stifling criticism, he motivates a noisy opposition better than they could ever dream of motivating themselves.

Parsons can barely read the words placed in front of him; much less understand what they mean. His strength is maintaining Wind Gap's status as the Lehigh Valley's shimmering pearl.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:10

Are you holding the info back as a political move so the subjects camp doesn't have time to respond before election day?

Bill Rybak did that years ago and was successful. It had to do with a hidden drunk driving arrest of his challenger. Rybak came back from a sure loss on that one piece of late breaking information.
RIP Bill

Anonymous said...

I erred I meant

Anon 1:31

Also, is it Angle you have this info on?

Bernie O'Hare said...

The allegations at 1:10 and 1:31 are both false. I spoke w/ Angle and he did not even see Bill White on Thursday, except at the debate. And there is no police report from Tartola.

The comment at 1:31 seems to be an attempt at extortion or a political ploy.

Such civility.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see Tortola mentioned?
Why would it have been Tortola?
Is it Ron?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Let's see. This is a post about Angle. He visits Tartola regularly. It's an island in the Caribbean. This is, of course, an Angle smear or an attempted extortion.

Anonymous said...

Angle campaign flier. PICTURE
There he is, up to his knees in bullshit. Somehow manages hardworking man that he is to have a clean shirt.
Oh, how clever and compelling. Oh I get it, he is a man of the people.

But still manages to have Unclean hands.

6 fliers. Thousands of dollars spent. Professional campaign consultant. Frantically scurrying, trying to find a friend. Trying to find a voter.

Lets see. How many widows have to be taken advantage of to make up loss of 1.27 million dollar judgment. So many widows, so little time. When will he ever find time to serve the public.

Anonymous said...

I love the way O'Hare has to quick call Angle to get their stories straight.

It is sad that even Bill
White has sold out to Angle.

Then we have,"extortion".

Oh what a Dramamm Queen!!

Anonymous said...

Does Ron know Jack Sparrow... If you can confirm that he does he will have my vote!

Anonymous said...

To have smaller government we have to reduce or remove the mandates.We can also repeal laws that mandate services and duties. Do we want to remove dui laws? How about the human services department ? Or better still sell Gracedale and reduce the work force by one-third. Sorry...people want big government ; they just don`t want t pay for it.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Actually, you don't. You need to streamline and find greater efficiencies. What Angle is saying is really no different than what Cunningham says in LC.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Does Ron know Jack Sparrow."

That's Captain Jack.

Anonymous said...

So why doesn't "Ron" ask that the millions spent in other areas of Human Sevices that are not mandated be cut. He seems very selective about smaller governemnt.

Cut all unnecessary governemnt spending as long as it is at Gracedale.

The people are wise to the game. If Stoffa were to run again he would be lucky to get a thousand votes. Your patron is toast on election day.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, my favorite moment was Parsons waving his arms in the air and literally ending one disjointed answer with something about needing "one big government". I wasn't sure whether to chuckle or be very afraid.

bill white said...

I hate to spoil anyone's fun, but I've never set foot in Billy's Diner, with or without Ron Angle, and I wasn't even in Bethlehem Friday. Ripping my columns is fine -- Angle has done it many times over 20 years of my mockery and criticism -- but don't make stuff up about me.

Anonymous said...

Bill, you are a good guy and I for one told folks you are no friend of Ron Angle. No sane person believes you would take a bribe from Ron Angle. If you were that kind of guy, he would have offered one a long time ago.

People are just frustrated at how the press has glossed over the Gracedale scandal. There is clear and compelling evidence that Angle/Stoffa played a game with numbers and facts to push for a sale of the facility. It may not be criminal but that never stoped you guys with other Adminstrations.

People know you think John Stoffa is a saint but there is another side to him as there is to most people. Ask around, you will pick up some interesting information about Gracedale that no one wants to pursue.

Don't take the irresponsible act of one to define thousands of people who are aware of a cover up on a major scale in Northampton county that our local media for some reason does not wish to explore.

May God Bless and Keep You

Bernie O'Hare said...

Whether you agree or disagree with Bill White's coverage, there's no excuse for making up stories about him.

But I believe he's a pig kicker.

Anonymous said...

We hear you are a pig licker. Why so bitter? Didn't get the happy ending you wanted.