Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Meet LC Comm'r Candidate Dennis Pearson

Dennis Pearson, LC Comm'r candidate, a person I love to pick on all the time. Dennis. where's your baseball umpire uniform [He is a PIAA umpire].

Dennis: "At home."

You're not umping any games today in this beautiful weather?

Dennis: "Nope."

And why are you rinning for Comm'r?

Dennis: "Because I feel I'm qualified to run. The position is open and I feel I have the qualifications to run, simply stated like that. I mean Herman Cain said that the job of President is, he's running for President because there is a job of President, so I'm running for County Commissioner because the job of County Commissioner.

"Serving 35 years as my neighborhood president, that certainly gave me the qualifications, and I believe it's time to try again."

Are there any meetings you don't attend in Lehigh County? You go to just about every County Comm'r meeting, just about every City Council meeting. Are there any meetings you don't attend?

You even spot tornadoes. I remember that on East Side. You were even like playing journalist for awhile there with a report about a tornado -

Dennis: "I attend a lot of - "

And you were right!

Dennis: "I attend a lot of meetings. It's something that I do as a representative of my neighborhood. I even go outside of Allentown to attend meetings because of my public interest."

Who on earth taught you how to write?

Dennis: "I give that thanks to Gordon Sharpe."

Well, you oughta' sue him for malpractice. You oughta' sue him for malpractice. Geez! So many run on sentences, whatever. Bill White makes fun of your writing. What do you say to that? You're not running to be a writer?

Dennis: "No, I think my writing is OK. Of course, I have my own style."

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