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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The "Civility" of Scott Parsons' Supporters

During the Debate at the Slate, Ron Angle opponent Scott Parsons stated several times that he'll restore civility to Northampton County Council, and immediately followed that up with a few personal attacks. It seems those are always OK if they are made against Angle. Now the outrageous behavior displayed by his supporters reveals that Scott Parsons may need a few lessons in civility before he can start preaching it.

At last week's County Council meeting, when a group I call the Gracedale Goons began heckling Ron Angle, I turned around to film them in action, as I've done once before. Jack Dalessandro responded by lunging at me, from two rows back, in an effort to prevent me from revealing the usual disruptive catcalls made at every Council meeting. He knocked one woman right out of her seat in the process.

Collateral damage, I guess.

Of course, I posted the video on Friday.

These are the people on Scott Parsons' side, and he considers himself "blessed."

After I posted that video, things got ugly. Since Friday, they have posted vicious comment after vicious comment on their own hate blog [I refuse to link to it], hoping to silence me by shouting me down. I have demanded removal of some real clear defamation, but they just poured it on even more.

So I find it necessary to make clear here that those disgusting comments (I will not describe them) are completely untrue, and are made maliciously. I do intend to take legal action, once I have the requisite funds. Mary Ann Schmoyer, Mario Martinez and Peg Dalessandro are three people with posting privileges, and I know at least two other people are involved in this sick not-so-anonymous venture.

Amazingly, the smears do not end there.

Yesterday, I visited LU to talk to one of Bill White's journalism classes, along with LV With Love blogger George Wacker. He's a blogger who does everything right. He's got money, babes, a cool beard and even a frickin' car, all as a result of blogging.

Me? I'm a case study in how to screw things up. I think Bill uses me to scare his students straight.

I like it.

After leaving class, I eventually checked out my iPad to learn that now, in addition to the vicious comments, there's a full-blown blog, just to say that "the nonsensical ignoramus [that would be me] has been spotted at Lehigh university just minutes ago, you think maybe he's going for and EDU or is he stalking a member of the Coalition?" In the comments that follow, I am accused of having been there to stalk someone, apparently one of them. Then another blog entry was posted, accusing me of writing those disgusting comments myself, presumably so I could play victim.

The disgusting comments still remain. In fact, more have since been added.

Bill White felt compelled to write a story himself, explaining that that I was at Lehigh to visit his class. "Sorry, guys, but he was not up to anything nefarious."

White's blog made no difference to them, even when one of his readers popped on their site to explain why I was at Lehigh. In fact, his journalistic integrity was attacked next. There's this - "The local media including Bill White would only write the press releases given them by John Stoffa." - followed by a hypocritical "God bless."

That sure sounds like the Fake Rev to me.

I'll be asking him.

Under oath.

Until then, I am reposting the Jack D'Alessandro Attack of the Gracedale Goon.

These are Scott Parsons' supporters.


Anonymous said...

End the reign of dysfunctional government by the few. Vote civility, truth and common sense. Please vote Scott Parsons for county Council.

Anonymous said...

No woman was knocked out of her seat. Are you still on the sauce?

Anonymous said...


Everybody has crazy supporters..Look at all the people who vote for Angle..We know they're crazy!

Bernie O'Hare said...

1) A woman was knocked right out of her seat, and you can even hear her yell loudly as it happens.

2) People who claim they want civility engage in the behavior that everyone can see for themselves.

3) If there is any doubt, look at their hateful and unhinged blog. These are Parsons' people.

4) Parsons mentioned how lucky he was to have these people during the debate.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Everybody has crazy supporters.."

True. But Parsons has embraced these seriously twisted people, which makes me wonder about him.

Dave said...

Guilt by association? Rude behavior is uncalled for and I'm sure it was present at times long before Scott declared his intentions to run for county council. Politics can some times make strange bed fellows and this may be an example of that axiom. The Gracedale saga is/was polarizing and emotional but it's time to act our age and exhibit some control of our emotions and lose the drama. A fair fight by the two guys in the ring. I call on my union brothers and sisters to act responsibly. Let the issues be discussed by the candidates in an unfettered climate. Please lead by example and you will accomplish much more in that manner.

Anonymous said...

I agree George,

I call on all Angle/Stoffa supporters to please stop the lies and hate. You attempted to dump Gracedale to fund a drug rehab lounge that failed, it is time to move on. It sounds like a deal is being struck to sell off county buildings real cheap so someone can make a lot of money. You still control the government with Angle and Stoffa with the rubber stamp county council, so please lets move on.

We know that Mr. Angle for years has attacked and insulted people. We know he was cited by the anti-defamation league for his anti-semitic behavior and the local NAACP for his racist behavior but lets move on.

I call on my Angle supporter friends to stop the hate and let the men compete.

A Businessman Republican named Bill

Anonymous said...

Parsons is an amiable moron who hasn't distanced himself from this garbage because he doesn't know how.

Scott has never been accused of being particularly intelligent. He's along for a ride he's largely incapable of completely understanding.

He won't be splitting the atom any time soon. In fact, he may need help with his shoe laces.

Anonymous said...

I don't seem to hear the woman scream being knocked out of her chair. What part of the video is that?

Anonymous said...

There are several authenticity problems with the footage, not least of which is the claim that the assailant is a man. The obese assailant in the footage has bigger tits than Dolly Parton. I believe it's a woman.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:54, all those qualities you lavisly heaped on Scott Parsons can easily be applied to Ron Angle.

Angle won't split any atoms either. He would steal it for himself and make you pay rent to see it but he is no intellectual.

When hacking for Ron Angle the charge of his opponent being ignorant is the best example of people living in glass houses throwing rocks.

Nice try though. With the current county council filled with intellectual lightweights anyone would fit in.

Anonymous said...

I thought the comment about Parsons was a bit harsh and felt like responding however did not know what to say.
Anon 8:41 nailed it.

Anonymous said...

That anyone in an a race with Angle is having his intelligence questioned is frightening. Angle is no Einstein. He just looks like Einstein next to the blithering imbecile and amiable dunce, Parsons.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"I don't seem to hear the woman scream being knocked out of her chair. What part of the video is that?"

7 seconds.

Anonymous said...

6:52 - more like a crazed elephant seal charging a National Geographic photographer.

Anonymous said...

He looks like Alice The Goon...

Anonymous said...

The phrase remember the Alamo galvanized Texans. The phrase Remember Gracedale has galvanized the citizens of Northampton county against Ron Angle.

Throw all the crap you want at Scott it is the O'Hare/Angle/Stoffa way. At the end of the day just as in the spring the voters will respond with

"Remember Gracedale", and those who would have dumped it for a few bucks in their pockets.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Actually, your group has tried to silence cameras that record your behavior, made threats, made vulgar and malicious accusations. You engage in the very behavior you claim to despise. You don't care one bit about civility, but want to rid Council of the one person who can see bullshit walking. That's what you hate.

Anonymous said...

I do find it it funny, given the crap you throw at people on your blog, that you would be so incensed by what others say about you on another blog. Just sayin'. It gave me a chuckle.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Brave words from an anonymous coward. You tell me I should not be concerned, but you're so concerned about what might happen to you that you won't identify yourself. If someone made the accusations that have been made at that hate blog, I suspect you'd be even more concerned.

You justify all kinds of filth from Scott Parsons' supporters, who supposedly wants to restore civility. Right.

What you really want to do is rid Council of the one person who, more than anyone, prevents tax dollars from being wasted. You want to install someone who doubled Wind Gap's taxes in 8 years. You want someone who himself said Angle is more experienced, has more time, and is a better watchdog on spending.

Why? Because he'll let you soak the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Every elected body Ron Angle has served on has raised Taxes. In fact if you check it out, word is when he is in charge of said bodies the taxes go up.

he has done nothing to hold down taxes, he just votes no to everything. His solutions are silly. He is a dangerous clown and his time mucking up Northampton county are drawing to a close. Send him to Harrisburg.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:38
Your statements are not true. I live in Northampton County and I know that last year there was no tax increase and I know Angle was the president of council at the time. Word is you should spend your time and energy on that other blog where your lies will go unchallenged.

Anonymous said...

Check out Mr.Angle's record. When on the school Board taxes went up. When on the board of Supervisors taxes went up. While a county council man taxes went up.

He is the King Tut of Taxes.

Do not fear the truth, embrace it and walk out of the darkness that is Angle

Bernie O'Hare said...

And Ang;e has consistently voted against the increases. He has often been a voice in the wilderness. Now you propose removing the one person who is right and replacing him with a person who will vote Yes to tax hikes and traipse off to Detzi's.

Anonymous said...

Angle supports the very blaoted programns that cause taxes but he is too cowardly to vote for the money to fund them. He is a fraud. His time is up. Vote truth and honesty.

Please vote Scott Parsons. Scott would never thorw widows out of homes.

Bernie O'Hare said...

All you can do is lie ... anonymously. That should help.

Anonymous said...

The biggest “bloated program that Northampton County ever saw was Reibman's $111 million bond. And I know for a fact that Angle was definitely against it. That bloated caused Northampton's taxes to go up 63% in just two years. You either don't know what you’re talking about or you are intentionally telling lies.

Anonymous said...

Is a "soundrel" a cousin of a sCoundrel?

Anonymous said...

Angle voted against the Reibman bond but has been at every ground breaking ceremony that came out of it. I want the publicity of saying no but I also want the publicity of the hospitality tent and the free press coverage.
What a guy.

Stop living in 2001, start living in the present. Vote for a man of integrity vote Scott Parsons.

The Spirit of Distrcit Four

Anonymous said...

How is calling someone a scoundrel productive, anyway?

Anonymous said...

ifin the show fitz ware it

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

Wow they let George Whacker talk about "journalism"? Well, I guess even racists need news too,eh? (George loves making boarder line racist jokes about places like Easton, and the Poconos. Just look at his "Easton Mayoral Debate post, and his late Sept. 2011 post on the Poconos for a few examples.)

LVWithLove is total shit. He claims to be "satire" but I never found the humor. THIS is the best blog for the LV, both factual and witty.