Friday, October 14, 2011

Chrin Landfill Expansion Dispute Goes to Commonwealth Court

Late last month, Judge Emil Giordano dismissed two lawsuits aimed at stopping the Chrin landfill expansion in Williams Township. Yesterday, Bethlehem Attorney Don Miles, who represents the Committee to Save Williams Township, appealed that ruling to Commonwealth Court. Miles insists that public notice of the expansion was inadequate, and that the agreement to rezone was illegal.


Anonymous said...

maybe we can dump our trash in their backyard. That landfill was there when it was an unlined dump, and now it is a state of the art landfill and I believe it is even off of the superfund list. It provides a lot of tax dollars to our residents keeping Wms. Twsp. taxes very low.

The people living in the golf course development should know that their land was slated for a landfill as well.

Chrin is as good a neighbor as you can get and he was here long before the naysayers. Didn't they do their due diligence when they bought their house?

Zorn said...

the committee should be sued for stupidity. they are the ones lame enough to build on top of a landfill. the only people who are getting anything out of this are the sheister lawyers who are laughing their way to the bank