Friday, October 28, 2011

Angle Supporters Under Attack

During the Debate at the Slate, I met a gentleman who told me he supports Scott Parsons for County Council because they were fellow coaches in Little League. Good for him. He knew I was there for Ron Angle, Scott's opponent, but we could still shake hands at the end of the night.

That's what Americans do. We might belong to different parties or support different candidates, but in the end, we're all on the same side.

At last night's County Council debate, each candidate shook hands with each other when it was all over, and even posed for pictures together. They may disagree, but in the end, they're all on the same side.

But there's another group that thinks it knows better than everyone else, and is bullying people with differing views. I call them the Gracedale Goons. That might strike some of you as harsh, but it's unfortunately the truth.

At last week's County Council meeting, I was attacked while filming a small group that heckles Ron Angle whenever he speaks. It makes it impossible for the rest of us in the peanut gallery to follow what is being said, but I guess that's their point.

Now, these same supporters of the man who claims he wants to restore civility, are urging people to boycott a business simply because its owner, an immigrant from Bulgaria, is a long-time Ron Angle supporter. Here's what they say.

"[I]f you ever want to take your family out for a good meal. Go anywhere except JR's Smokehouse in Wind Gap.
"There is a sign for former councilman Angle there as well as in front of the owners [sic] doublewide. I mean McMansion. He lives in a beautiful home. The owner is a immigrant success story which I applaud, however "no soup" for me after I saw the signs. I don't think he had enough oppression in his life when he lived in Europe, hence the support of the Nazi Party."


Anonymous said...

Free speech has consequences. These assholes are free to boycot the Smokehouse because the owner supports Ron. You hammered the Borderline under similar, if not identical, circumstances.

Anonymous said...

I like Angle. But any business that gets political by posting signs must be prepared for the consequences of alienating a large portion of potential customers. Mixing business and politics is just stupid business.

Anonymous said...

We'll be enjoying those wonderful backribs and excellent libations this weekend at the Smokehouse.

Hadn't planned on it, but it will definitely happen now that the loser goons are against it. I shall be encouraging my customers, employees and coworkers to do the same. Might even buy up some gift certificates to pass out as incentives next week.

The goons - What a bunch of maroons.

Oh when you look for
The Union label
Then you will find one
who is not able
who cannot make
his way alone
who cannot make
his value known
And so instead
he must resort
to raise a boycott
strike and extort

A goon is a loon who will be jobless soon.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Actually, the situation at the Borderline is much different. I ould not frequent that place bc of the bizarre behavior and threats of the owner, not bc of whom he supports.

Anonymous said...

"That's what Americans do. We might belong to different parties or support different candidates, but in the end, we're all on the same side."

John Boehner, Mitch Mcconnell
Charlie Dent and the rest of the Republican Congress must not have got that memo or read this blog.

Was it Speaker Tip Oneill that said

"all politics is local"

This is the mindset and the behavior of the entire USA
good or bad it is here to stay

The mature "YOU LIE" Party in concert with a certain TV station has encouraged these actions for the last 3 years

and it ain't gonna get better

gruntled said...

Anon 11:40 sounds quite bitter and vindictive. Certainly no better than those she bashes. Couldn't possibly be a D nor an R.....must be registered as a Goonie.

Anonymous said...

So you get that they have every right to tell people to not eat at this restaurant, right? The fact that the owner is an immigrant is totally irrelevant. Doesn't matter if you or I agree with their reasoning either. Just as I have a right to not bank at Citigroup or Bank of America and tell everyone I know they should not either, these people have the same right to tell people to not eat at the restaurant in question.

That is the other side of free speech.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Sure, they have every right to tell other people what to do, or to smear the immigrant owner. But it's another demonstration that these people have no interest in the civility they pretend to like so much. They just want to dump Angle.

Anonymous said...

Sollte dass "O'Neill" nicht sein?

Was ist los, Herr O'Hare?

B.T.W. - What did the general consensus with respect to learning how to spell correctly ever turn out to be?


Anonymous said...

I don't think it was a smear of the owner as much as his politics.
As you posted he was admired by the person who wrote that.
If he didn't mention that you surly would have in the owners defense. It pays to be proactive when posting in here.

I'm also sure Clem will enjoy a dinner at JRs'
A free dinner. Thats the way Dad does bidness....isn't it?

Anonymous said...


yes it should be O'Neill
and for my amusement
now spell Ghadafi

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anybody reading that comment can see that the owner is being insulted bc he is (1) an immigrant, (2) has a nice home and (3) supports Angle.

It's the kind of smear that is all too common from Gracedale Goons like you. You promote civility by personally attacking every person with a different viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

YOU see it O'Hare, because you are an Angle mancrush. since Ron Angle is your benefactor you defend him like a loyal poodle. That is why on this topic you have no credibility much like on Charlie Dent.

Fact is, since Ron Aangle has been repeatedly given free airtime by the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of commerce during his campaign without extending same to Mr. Parsons, a boycott of Greater Chamber members has been organized.

The only way you get the attention of some people is through their wallet.

If this man wants to support noted bigot and anti-semite Ron Angle, it is his right. Just as it is the right of others to give the real story of Mr. Angle and encourage others to boycott his business.

The tea pours both ways Mr.O'Hare.

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:26

Es ist in zahlreichen Studien nachgewiesen worden, dass 98 % der Zeit, wann jemand im Internet über Anothers Rechtschreib- oder Grammatikfehler, diese Person Beiträge, das originale Argument bereits verloren hat.

Anonymous said...

"[I]f you ever want to take your family out for a good meal. Go anywhere except JR's Smokehouse in Wind Gap.
"There is a sign for former councilman Angle there as well as in front of the owners [sic] doublewide. I mean McMansion. He lives in a beautiful home. The owner is a immigrant success story which I applaud, however "no soup" for me after I saw the signs. I don't think he had enough oppression in his life when he lived in Europe, hence the support of the Nazi Party."

Where was this stated!?!

Bernie O'Hare said...

At a hate blog run by Scott Parsons' supporters, to which I refuse to link. The owner of that establishment came to this country from Bulgaria, do he knows all about oppression. He came by ship bc he could not afford airfare. He arrived with 25 cents and immediately went to work in a pizza shop, sleeping on a cot in the kitchen. Eventually, he had enough money to start his own pizza place in the Poconos' and eventually started the Dough Boys franchise. The man puts in 16 hour days. He kept making additions to that restaurant until it is what you see today.

He left Bulgaria bc there were repercussions for people who thought for themselves. And now the Gracedale Goons are promoting a boycott against him and other businesses, simply bc he will not do what they demand under their phony "We the People" moniker.

And this is civility?

Where is Scott Parsons about these people, who disrupt public meetings, attack bloggers, make virulent accusations, and dnow urge boycotts?

Anonymous said...

Jr's = Dixie Chicks
Jr's = Lennon and Jesus
People have a right to call for boycotts of whatever they want.
Mix politics and your business and you incur the wrath of the others who don't agree with you.
BTW I drove by the place today the sign is in front and to the side of the entrance.
I continued up Broadway in Wind Gap and saw that the McRib is back for a limited time.
McDonalds didn't have a sign supporting any candidates so it is safe to say Burger King will not see an increase in business.
I also looked on the website your story originated from, I couldn't find anywhere that Parsons ever posted anything on it.
So what does he need to do?
Give Reverend Wright the boot?
You are the one who chose to perpetuate this thing. I think you owe an apology to Jr. for making a mountain out of a molehill. People frequent this site might never have known if it was not for your faux outrage.

See Jewish Anti Defamation League and NAACP comments on your candidate.

Interesting said...

The owner also owns the Scorecard Sports Bar in Wind Gap. Very nice place. I don't care who he supports, in fact I do not "agree" with who he supports, but Jimmy is a good man.

Anonymous said...

I never ate there (actually I never dine out anymore ANYWHERE as I don't trust ANY of the food handlers too many horror stories and YouTube videos).
Is the food any good?
I'm sure he is a nice guy. I don't think it said he wasn't. The fact he wants to use his diner to show his support of a candidate is brave these days.
I am a fan of a certain very successful musician. I read a quote from him stating that he doesn't do fundraisers or openly support any particular candidate. He does excercise his American freedom to vote. He said he chooses to not openly support for fear of allienating half of his audience. Like I said he is very successful and astute.

Anonymous said...

That is freedom O'Hare. You and the Stoffa/Angle government tried to bypass the people. The people fought back and won. Now all you have IS LIES..

Anonymous said...

I think Parsons shows signs of dementia and his supporters are disgusting fat animals with body crease cheese and the stench that comes from those too fat to wipe their asses. Their public behavior reinforces the animal comparison.

Any business owner who chooses to exercise his First Amendment right by posting a political sign is an unmitigated moron. An earlier post rightly cited The Dixie Chicks who whined when their repeatedly blabbed free speech resulted on ostracism and lower record sales. Speech is free. Earning business isn't.

Anonymous said...


I think you need to get your story straight. It is simply a post made by someone on another blog, not something written by another blog. BIG DIFFERENCE!! DRAMAAAAAAAA

Bernie O'Hare said...

My post is directed specifically at the supporters of the man who claims he wishes to restore civility. They are actively urging o boycott of an Angle supporter, and feel it is important to mention that he is an immigrant and owns a nice home. Nice bit of xenophobia there.

In addition, many of the anonymous commenters there are the same persons who are anonymously posting the blogs.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Drama QUEEN, to be more accurate!

Bernie O'Hare said...

And in addition to all their other slurs and lies, you can now add homophobia to the list of their attributes.

This is what is behind Scott parsons and his supporters. Thanks for making my case.

Anonymous said...

Like I said DRAMAAAAAA!!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

... followed by a homophobic slur. That is a Scott Parsons' supporter.

Anonymous said...

The people beleive Mr. Parsons, Mr. Kraft, Mr. Werner and Mr. McClure will be in a position to make the best calls for Gracedale as they have all stated their support for the Nursing Home. They continue to have our support.
May God Bless them

MBalazik said...

Business owners deserve a confidential way to speak against anti-capitalists who threaten their livelyhood and that of their employees (and potential future employees). That's why we started PACAN.

Anonymous said...

Okay Bernie, even YOU have to admit some bias in running your blog at this point. I'm a fan of your blog, but have already noticed the lack of anything majorly negative about Ron Angle on here ESP in the last year or so, despite you claiming to be truly informing people of the goings on in Northampton County.

But now, after MANY times taking down people's comment because they were nothing but insults or nastiness etc, especially when aimed toward you or Mr. Angle, I see Anon 8:28's post...which starts with a baseless, nasty, NEEDLESS attack on Scott Parsons AND his supporters. But apparently, since its about Parsons, and the second paragraph makes some kind of general point (though one already made many times in THIS posts comments alone), it is just fine for public consumption.

Worse yet, you take some Anonymous Internet poster's words and use them to justify bad-mouthing not only Parsons but ALL of his supporters, and why? Because "where is Parsons to denounce" them and/or what they say! My guess? Still at work. Not everyone has all day to sit on the Internet and watch comments get posted to a blog, even one "as big as yours" (that thought is heavily implied in the implications that your blog is something Parsons should be paying attention to during a busy election season).

So before you knock Scott Parsons, especially as a PERSON, for not taking back or denouncing things (possible) SUPPORTERS of him say, why don't you try simply REPORTING some of the NASTY things that Ron Angle says? Or any number of the nasty things he does? And I'm not even assuming he is a bad person because of those nasty things. But you ARE doing that with Parsons.

What HAPPENED to you, Bernie? I hate the "Gracedale Goons, " as you call them, as much as you do. And I know on that ONE issue, Ron Angle and I agree, while Scott Parsons and I do not. However despite it being a LARGE issue, it is not the ONLY issue, and I'd prefer someone who can conduct themselves with SOME measure of decorum. Council doesn't even really NEED people with government experience, just a person with some common sense, who is capable of using both that AND their ears, to hear their opposition.

That way they can discuss differences, instead of just "attempting to destroy" anyone who disagrees with you, or assuming everything bad happening is the result of some "conspiracy" to get rid of you. Maybe Ron Angle should take some responsibility for the bad things he's done to people; maybe if he could stop blaming others and just admit he's done some downright RUTHLESS things, I'd CONSIDER voting for him.

I mean he IS a "man of the people," right? So why can't he say he does it for the people? If they love him so much, it wont matter, and he'll be voted back in by a landslide. Or he can keep lying, outspending Parsons almost 3:1, and STILL have to worry about losing this election. Just my 2 cents, as I've been gone for awhile.

-Anonymous D

Bernie O'Hare said...

1) I have always admitted to a bias, in fact, I believe anyone claiming objectivity is creating a standard he will never be able to follow. When that happens, the writer becomes dishonest. So I make very clear that this is a pro-Angle blog. If you want more objective accounts, newspapers still try to follow that impossible ideal.

2) Though I have a pro-Angle bias, I provide much more information about angle, including the criticisms made by his detractors, than you will find anywhere else.

3) I happen to like Scott Parsons. I talked to him and he Is affable and seems like a decent guy. Yes, he is running against Ron, but he is not the enemy. He is just a person with a different view, and I respect him for running.

4) Scott has embraced the Gracedale Gooons, who are becoming increasingly erratic. He has attended at least two meet and greets they arranged for him. He has taken their money. They have surrounded him at debates.

5) since Scott's emphasis is a return to civility, why has he not spoken out against their tactics? Why has he allowed them to roll in the mud, claiming to do so in his name? Ok, he works. I get that. But by now, he must have seen some of the disgusting comments posted there. Angle is vilified in far stronger terms than he has ever used. And it is not just Ron, but those who support him as well. If Scott claims to be all about civility, how can he allow their disgusting tactics? Either he is not about civility after all, or he does not have the time?

Since you and he are friendly, I ask you to talk to him and have him condemn these tactics.

Anonymous said...

A quick response for now, more to follow later:

I like how you intelligently engaged me on many of my points, but at each turn used it to address the specific actions of Parsons or the Gracedale Goons....instead of the specific actions I mentioned taking by you or their detractors.

Again, I disagree with "the Goons" generally, and with their methods moreso, but saying that a politician taking money from someone means he agrees with and supports a cause is BS. Im not saying he doesn't support them...I'm just saying if we sat here and listed the varied contributions to politicians to use it as a gage for what they believe, most politicians would be "straddling the fence" on many important issues. Right or wrong, politics these days is usually about who has more money. And as I've mentioned, per campaign finance reports, Angle has outspent Parsons by even IF I wasn't a supporter of Parsons, id understand he is trying to stay competitive in a race where the incumbent has all the advantages, excepting of course in the moral character department (but that's just IMO).

But the best part is where you ended, most particularly how you PHRASED it...saying that, "since I'm friendly with Parsons" I should tell him to denounce the Goons. first, you try to make it look to your readers like your taking this "Parsons insider" or "drone" and "sending him back to base with a message for the master."

That's very clever, combined with the quoted phrasing which allows you, even if one is smart enough to see what you're doing, to diminish the importance or weight of my words by dismissing me. Assuming and making fact all at once some imagined connection between me and Parsons just because I bothered to speak up for him on your blog. I've MET him, but that doesn't mean he'd even remember who I was.

What I AM, actually, is an intelligent, independent minded person who calls BS when I see it, and who's also not afraid to call out hypocrisy when I see it. You say you disclose your bias and that no one can truly NOT show bias; this I agree with.

But you also ignored my question about the personal attacks you complain about your detractors (or detractors of people you support) using against you (or them)....which you have no problem with when they're directed at your enemies or political opponents.

And as for you giving more if the dirty facts on Angle than anyone else...then why did MOST media around here, big and small, mention the recent ruling in the land dispute involving Angle? And yet for days no mention of it on your site, or even in your comments? Since SOMEONE who hates Angle would likely have mentioned it in the comments of the pro-Angle article or two you did during that time.

And that was my SHORT response. More to come later.

Anonymous D

Bernie O'Hare said...

Oh I see. Because I did not write a specific post about the latest development in a land dispute between Angle and Palmer Cotturo, it necessarily follows that I'm less informative? As a matter of fact, I was in the courtroom that day, listening to the arguments, something neither paper did. But I did not write about it bc I had nothing to add to what they wrote. If I did, I would have done so.

The reality is that you will get more Angle slurs here, from his detractors, than anywhere else. And I let nearly all of them stand, no matter how idiotic they are. He's a pol.

And so is Parsons. That's why some remark calling him demented or whatever will stand as well.

And Parsons has done more than take money from the Goons. He has embraced them, has not denounced their disgusting tactics, and is stuck with them and their message of hate.