Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Barron Goes Into The Gutter In Debate at Slate

Moderator Tells Barron His Behavior "Inappropriate"

The undercard at last night's Debate as the Slate was the County Controller position being sought by long-time Hanover Township Steve Salvesen and incumbent Steve Barron. Although Barron was way ahead on substance, he ended up losing the debate when he decided, unnecessarily to go dark on Salvesen. It actually reached the point that the moderator had to step in and tell him his behavior was "inappropriate."

What's this all about?

Steve Salvesen, although retired from Ingersoll Rand, decided to own and operate two gas stations. It's tough for a little guy to compete against juggernauts like WaWa and Scheetz, and Salvesen soon found that both businesses were in trouble and sold them. As you might have guessed, there were some judgments.

Without even attempting to get Salvesen's side of the story, Jonathan Geeting took information supplied to hm by Democratic operatives and proceeded to do a hatchet job on Patch. In one of the poorest journalistic efforts I've ever seen, until he did the same thing to Simao, Geeting plastered Salvesen's financial woes on the Internet with absoltely no attempt to determine if the information was even true.

Amazingly, Patch paid him to do it, with unchecked information supplied by Democratic operatives.

Last night, Barron was ahead on substance. He's the incumbent, and knows how that office functions a little better than Salvesen. But when Salvesen mentioned Barron's "veiled threat" to T-Mobile, a nonunion company, Barron must have been irritated.

On top of that, Salvesen was ahead on style. He is urbane, well-spoken, and has a deep baritone voice that commands attention.

Now that may be unimportant to you, but the debate was a little too close for Barron. So he decided to muddy him up with the same information that had been provided to Geeting, and accused Salvesen of being unable to balance his own checkbook. But unlike what happened on Patch, this time Salvesen was allowed to answer the charges, and he did.

"I'm not sure, but I've heard rumblings that Mr. Barron is out to get me. He's done a lot of research and through that research, he's found out some personal information. I'm sure that will be in a flyer at everybody's doorstep before Election Day.

"One of the things is that I declared bankruptcy in 2000. What a blog has said is that it's a neat way to avoid paying what's due. But the blogger [Geeting] didn't say, and probably what Mr. Barron doesn't know, is that I didn't proceed with the bankruptcy. I paid all of my debts.

"When you have a business, and I don't know if Mr. Barron has ever had a private business, it sometimes gets very sticky. I owned two gas stations. Not a good time to own gas stations when all the big guys are moving in - WaWa, Scheetz, etc., etc. It was time for me to get out.

"I owed taxes to the IRS. I owed taxes to the state. They were all paid, in full.

"I owe no money to anyone, other than current taxes that are due at the end of this year.

"I'm not sure what he means by my checkbook. I don't have any bounced checks.

"That's my answer."

Unsatisfied with Salvesen's explanation, Barron proceeded to insist that Salvesen did have a bounced check to Jaspar Transmissions for $1,600. "I called Jaspar and they still say you owe them money," accused Barron.

At this point, the moderator stopped the debate.

"I'm going to interject here, Mr. Barron. ... I'm in private business also, and I know there can be a lot of reasons why bills may not be aid because of performance issues on one side or the other. ... I really don't think that was appropriate here because we don't know."

Although the moderator had just told him he was out of line, Barron offered to show his documentation to everyone after the debate.

"I have the documentation if anyone would like to look at it."

After the debate, Salvesen told me that the Jaspar check was fraudulently written by an emplyee, who then tried to cover it up by promising to make the payments. He never authorized the check, and no judgment was ever entered against him. In fact, it's a 2001 lawsuit that was never pursued. In other words, it's a bullshit charge.

Another distinguished person who Barron attempted to smear is County Executive John Stoffa. According to Barron, the Executive told him at lunch one day to stay mum on the asbestos problem because it might have an impact on the sale of Gracedale.

Unfortunately, Stoffa was not at the debate. But his first concern has always been the safety and welfare of the people who work for the County, so I find this accusation highly improbable.


Anonymous said...

No surprise here Bernie. This is what you get with a Long Dem/Callahan Clan Democrat. That is why I am so concerned with his good friend Ken Kraft getting elected. The two have already discussed their tag teaming plans on Mr. Stoffa.

Also this is just a warm up because Callahan wants to pack Northampton County government with his guys so when he becomes County Executive he can have clear sailing with his shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

I'm switching party registration to Independent. I don't want to be associated with any group that Barron belongs to. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I don't particularly like Barron, but I don't find his behavior in this instance to be over the line.

Anonymous said...

NORCO DEMOCRTAS = Chicago style Politics

Time to clean house

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Why didn't you report on the evidence and documentation Barron claimed to have? Are you only looking for the side of the story of your Republican party? You just got done accusing another blogger of not doing homework and you didn't even bother to report what Barron physically had with him.

The moderator was the one out of line, by the way. I know I would personally never vote for anyone who declared bankruptcy or who deadbeat his bills.

Anonymous said...

Salvesen comes off as more intelligent, more articulate, more experienced, more professional, more relaxed, and more confident. Barron's question drew attention to the fact that Salvesen has actually owned businesses and done things with his life whereas Barron doesn't even have Controller experience since he doesn't do anything all day but socialize with Union people. It was an error on his part. The Coke machine in the back is's too bad Salvesen didn't put change in the machine and pop a can open while he was talking.

Anonymous said...

Owning bankrupt businesses is more impressive than working a steady job for a living?

Anonymous said...

Has Barron ever had a real full time steady job? Resaearch that one.

Anonymous said...

The moderator may have been trying to be fair to Salvesen - but in doing so he was patently unfair to the people of Northampton County.

In another light, people might be asking what has Salvesen got to hide that the moderator has to try and protect him. And why would a moderator run the risk of being seen to take sides. In another light, some people might say the whole thing stinks.

Me, I think we don't need noblesse oblige from one businessman to another.

Anonymous said...

8.37 obviously don't come on your blog, Bernie, unless it's to deliver yet another desperate attack.

Is 8.37 a sad sick expletive deleted? Of course he is!

Not that it matters....

Bernie O'Hare said...

8:57, i specifically quoted Barron, and I got Salvesen's side. There never was even a judgment in that matter. The moderator stopped things when Barron insisted on pursuing a personal matter that had already been explained. The Gracedale Goons and unions weren't happy, but he did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Barron offered to show his documentation to everyone after the debate.

So did you see the documentation or not?

Anonymous said...

Barron was dissatisfied with with Salvesen's answer.

The payment to Jaspar is unsatisfied.

As you would say yourself, Bernie, get it right.

Bernie O'Hare said...

10:11 x 2 aka Gracedale Goon Dallessandro: I saw the actual file. I don't need to see Barron's nonsense bc I've seen what is on file at the courthouse. There is no judgment. Salvesen has disputed this supposed check. A lawsuit was filed in 2001 and was never pursued by Jaspar because they would lose.

Did you see the real file, the one at the courthouse?

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a legitimate issue, but I think that Steve's manner could have been better in addressing it.

I have to say that the way Salveson carried himself in response to the question make him sound like the even-tempered type of person that we'd like in public office.

It is a legitimate point to bring up in a controller's race, though.

Anonymous said...

What does 10.11 x 2 mean?

Are you trying to lump the two 10:11s together?

They're quite separate. I wrote the post about proper English usage, i.e when to use dissatisfied and when to use unsatisfied.

Anonymous said...

Was telletubby Barron wearing his man dress kilt. If so I hope he finally wore some underwear with it.

Anonymous said...

Barron's pretty awful. Everybody knows it. He always does well at looking small whenever he opens his mouth.

However, Salvesen bounces around from job to job and that's troubling. The man must have a resume four pages long of short stops, and that, more than this bankruptcy issue, is a valid question to be asked.

Anonymous said...
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AMOrlando said...


Can you provide a link to the entire debate (assuming you taped the whole thing)? I think it would be good for people to see the whole thing for themselves, if they were so inclined, to make their own judgment. Thanks for being there.

Anonymous said...

I don't need to see Barron's nonsense

So you are doing exactly what you chastise other bloggers for - not researching both sides of the story.

(Not a Gracedale Goon by the way and not responsible for the other 10:11 post.)

Anonymous said...

Last night was one sided. The moderator had no business objecting to that question. Burnie is this any different then what you and Angle did to Mr. Gilbert uncovering his bad checks and what ever so he would not get the job he was after.
What is right for one is right for all.

Anonymous said...

I just can't get past Barron's effeminate nasal lisp. And he dumped his granny on us to pay for at Gracedale. At least we know she's getting some of the shittiest care in the state. Barron's one of society's creeps who always finds a way to take, take, take. His obesity indicates a complete lack of self control that is mirrored in his brand of gutter politics. What a complete piece of political shit.

Zorn said...

you stupid uneducated norco residents deserve barron. no even smart enough to see the blantent truth. disgusting fools. press the dem lever and have a beer.

Anonymous said...

So BARRON'S grandmother is at Gracedale ? ?

Anonymous said...

Amom: 6:36
Iam afraid you are full of shit and don't know what you are talking about thru you whole comment.

Anonymous said...

O'Hare blog goes into the gutter on post about Barron going into the gutter (I missed how he was in the gutter, although I read and watched everything that was put up on this post.)

We're back to obesity ( and namecalling), lisp (and namecalling) and so on. If you're more than 10lbs overweight the Republicans don't want your vote - they'd rather insult you.

I think it is, to use a word obvioulsy co-ordinated by the local rightwingnuts, disgusting.

Now there's a seat losing story for 2012 - Dent appalled by Valley obesity.

To Carthage then I came

Disgusted disgusted disgusted disgusted

O Lord thou pluckest me out

O Lord thou pluckest


Anonymous said...

anon 12:31, the inability of Barron to have a real job before he was elected to the part-time controller position is troubling to me too. The fact that he couldn't pass a bar exam is troubling to me too. the fact that he has never been able to have a real full time job and lives off his wife's hard work, is troubling.

Gee I guess the Rep Republican and Barron have the same issue, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Fat people of any political persuasion lack self control and should push the plate away. The reference to Barron's obesity was to link his lack of self control to his inability to control being a douche bag, politically. And we are all well aware of the terrible quality of care at DisGracedale. union shits mistreat patients and demand more slop at the expense of patient care. We're going over old material here. And Barron and his family are leeches. He can afford to cut a few pizzas and pay for her care.

Anonymous said...

Barron von Footinmouth has done it again! Use baseless personal attacks against an opponent when he cannot stand on his own record of failure. Good thing there wasn't a snack machine behind the speaker's table or the Barron would have been drooling like Pavlov's dog during the debate.

Anonymous said...

If you want to get a good appraisal of Barron's performance ask the folks in the Controllers office. They think he is the biggest joke they have ever seen.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Can you provide a link to the entire debate (assuming you taped the whole thing)? I think it would be good for people to see the whole thing for themselves, if they were so inclined, to make their own judgment. Thanks for being there."

I taped segments, saved them all, and will post them.

Bernie O'Hare said...

" Burnie is this any different then what you and Angle did to Mr. Gilbert uncovering his bad checks and what ever so he would not get the job he was after."

First, Angle had no role in the Bruce Gilbert matter. Second, I uncovered not one isolated matter, but a pattern. Third, there was more than one bad check charge, and charges were filed. Fourth, the matter with Salvesen involves NO bad check charges, but a civil action that has not been pursued since 2001.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"So you are doing exactly what you chastise other bloggers for - not researching both sides of the story."

I had this information long before Barron had it. I don't need his side of the story; I need Jaspar's side of the story, and I had it in the actual file.