Sunday, October 30, 2011

Norco Council (Easton Area): Mike Dowd v. Bob Werner

"I think one of the things people need to know is what do you bring to the table and what kind of things you've been able to get done in your time of service to the community. When I think about some of those things, part of they record they cross a myriad of activities. They cross the human services area, they cross the economic development area.

"When I think about economic development, I think about I was one of the people that Rich Gurin took to Kansas City to meet with the Hallmark people to bring the Crayola factory to downtown Easton. I was one of the folks who met with then Executive Gerry Seyfried to organize the sale of the then City Hall to Northampton County, to pave the way for a juvenile detention center and allow City Hall to move into downtown Easton. I was one of the founders and organizers of the Two Rivers Area COG [Council of Governments], which at that time was the first COG in Northampton County.

"I had the opportunity to participate in conservation because I was one of the founders of the Bushkill Stream Conservancy. The Easton Chamber of Commerce was the only Chamber that had a conservancy as part of its organization.

"I was one of the co-founders of Pro-Kids, which is an organization that knits together all the youth-based organizations in our community, to share programs and share ideas and share resources.

"In every respect, my record - I think - is one of getting the job done.

"As we move forward, economic development, job creation, are critically important to us, so we can set that stage.

"But I'd also tell you that, of all the members of Council, I'm the one who probably spent more time at Gracedale than anybody here, simply because my role as a clergyman for years. I saw Gracedale in its first generation. I see Gracedale as it is today. My commitment is we'll serve the people as well today if not better than we did in the early 1970s, when Gracedale was constructed.

"When I began this campaign, I was going to worry about how high the salary was, and how well I would get to be known in the County. Since then, I changed my mind about that.

"This isn't about personalities. This is about issues that impact, and I believe that as candidates on Council, we're charged with being effective, efficient, responsive representation to residents of this community. Not innuendo, not titles that we have, not going against things that referendums come up against, not putting things on the back burner and not making decisions about it, not denying and certainly not using individual agendas.

"I have grown tired, as many have in this community, of unresponsive government that no longer listens or represents the class of people in our organizations and communities that need the services that we discussed that this Council discussed and disposing of, due to the determination that they feel it won't be needed.

"Now is the time to use your vote to regain the strength of our county government to serve you.

"Future families and companies. We cannot afford not to reinvest in our health, recreation, historical and educational systems and our government. If we are to grow as our neighboring townships, suburbs and cities are, we will need to remove confusion, confliction, and work to find finances, creatively, that we need, that we can move forward with a community that people want to be in.

"If you want to change to bring parity between the counties, if you want to bring the change to bring the transparency to your government dealings, and if you want trust and professionalism in a Council that operates efficiently rather than just on a conciliatory level, I humbly ask for your votes on November 8."


Anonymous said...

Learn to spell bights instead of nights tanks instead of thanks what a moron

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Mr. Werner over the pretend Reverand who allows people to be viciously harrassed by a fellow councilman. Then praises said councilman.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I see. You don't like preachers who are actually ordained, do you? And it's "Reverend," not "Reverand."

Anonymous said...

WE are judged by our works not are paid for papers.

Anonymous said...

The Rev Dowd talks a good game but is a wine and cheese preacher from college hill.

Please tyhe guy is a fraud and a jellyfish on county council.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Rev. Dowd is one of the classiest guys I know. I am amazed that a Council member who is inclusive and wants to hear from all sides and wishes nothing but the best, is called a "jellyfish." At the same time, another Council member who is willing to tell you to your face that you're full of shit, as you are, is not civil enough.

The real problem you have with both of these guys is they happen to be Republicans.

Anonymous said...

and they are lousy elected representatives. Don't forget that one.

Anonymous said...

Dowd has sat on his ass while Angle has berated and attacked many an innocent person. A real man of God would have asked him to stop. Instead he smiles like an idiot and nods his head in agreement.

When he was President of county council, Dowd allowed this behavior unchecked.

You are known by your deeds not you fancy papers.

Bernie O'Hare said...

A real man of God would not come on a blog and anonymously attack someone who actually studied for his degree instead of getting it out of a crackerjack box.

Anonymous said...

Since the Reverend Billy Graham did not graduate with a "piece of paper" that says he is an official member of the "Jesus Club" . Does that make him a "crackerjack box" minister too?
If so, you might want to explain your POV to the dozen or so US Presidents that took some Biblin' from Billy.
I'm an agnostic but with some of the comments you make about the "fake rev" I wouldn't want to be in your shoes on judgement day Bernie.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Actually, Billy Graham was the son of two missionaries, attended two bible colleges and became a pastor while still attending Wheaton College. He did not send away for an online certificate, and did not go around preaching that this one and that one is Satan. He did not preach that Jesus sent Hurricanes to kill little children to punish us for not backing Israel strongly enough. In short, Billy Graham was a man of God. The Fake Rev is a phony.

Anonymous said...

If one attends high school do we say he graduated?
Attended Freedom High School
Attended Moravian College
I see this type of thing listed all the time in wedding announcements and obits.
When I kick it will read "Graduated" ESU
How about you
B. Ohare "attended Moravian College"
good enough?
My parents were both in the USAF that doesn't mean I can fly a plane.
Graham chose NOT to go to a seminary.
And I didn't know you could get online degrees in the 30's If you could I'll bet Graham would have availed himself.

Like I said he AND the "fake rev" must be charlatans they each have no "Jesus Papers" that you have set as the standard. tsk tsk
No heaven for you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

No man of God would conclude that Jesus would kill little children to punish president Obama. No man of God would claim that people who disagree with him are possessed by the Devil. That's what makes the Fake Rev a fake. And it's what you generally see from people who never bothered to study.

Anonymous said...

Except the "man of God" Billy Graham was a anti-semite according to this tape with Nixon. He also was, what I can tell a hypocrite for not speaking his true beliefs to the people he courted.
Maybe if he attended a seminary he would have learned that
Jesus was a Jew. Some say "King of the Jews"
Hey, I'm just trying to poke holes in your theory I don't mean to offend you, I could care less about any of this as it is I feel a petty quarrel. Let the facts speak for themselves without degrading ones beliefs. If the guy thinks he is the New Messiah good for him.
Have a good night.

Anonymous said...

Dowd could have a hundred degrees. Much like the pharisees, who studied had much but knew little of faith.

Dowd by his actions and lack of actions has shown he is not a man of God but a man of man. the good Rev. M, put himself in danger for his flock. The actions of a man of god. Not a strutting pharisees who sells his blessings to the business elite at the Chamber of commerce over martinis at the Saucon Valley country Club.

You are the blind defending the blind O'Hare. You have eyes but do not see.