Monday, October 17, 2011

The Battle of Bethlehem Looms

Even though it will likely soon be pulling in more tax revenue than the aristocrats on the other side of the river, the South Side is still part of Bethlehem. No secession is being planned at the moment. Three Republicans - Al Bernotas, Tom Carroll and Tony Simao - are intent on forming their own "Occupy 10 East Church Street" group on City Council, but I'm not talking about them, either. I'm talking about a real war brewing between Bethlehem and Bethlehem Township this coming Saturday on a battleground off William Highway. The Township's 6-1 Bulldogs host the City's 6-1 Steelers in the final regular game of the season for 125-pounders.

Although the Steelers have a powerful line, QB Thomas "the train" Murphy is willing to throw the ball ... and connect. But the Bulldogs' record is very impressive, too, and they may have beaten the Steelers in a game last year.

Of course, parents will go crazy and coaches will lose their voiceboxes for three years, but I'm sure these kids are looking forward to this game.


Anonymous said...

What is it with you and kids sports. It is down right creepy.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You're downright creepy.

Anonymous said...

The Bulldogs are actually 5-2 now - they lost to the undefeated Sacuon Valley team on Saturday. There is a good chance the Bulldogs and Steelers will play each other again the following week in the first round of the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Is Emmaus playing any of the Bethlehem teams this year?

Bernie O'Hare said...

8:3, I stand corrected. God, once is enough.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Although Emmaus is a very tough team, both the Bulldogs and the Steelers knocked them off this year. That is unusual.

ironpigpen said...

"What is it with you and kids sports. It is down right creepy."

No, what is creepy would be what your mind is apparently focused on but it is probably not too late to seek professional assistance for this problem; in the meantime, remaining anonymous is, perhaps, the very best plan at this point.

This is nothing more than an informative, if unconventional, pre-game report promoting this local upcoming clash of little titans.

The Morning Call would do well to have a couple paragraphs and a photo like this every now and then. People used to go out and buy extra copies so they could cut this sort of stuff out and send it off to far-away relatives here, there and everywhere. I completely understand this is the Digital Age now, but the basic concept here cannot have changed and could, most certainly, still be put to use.

But I've never been a professional in that field, so what the hell would I know?

I do think, now that you have brought the subject up, O'Hare ... it would be irresponsible, journalistically speaking, to not print a post-game report so as to at least let it be known who wins this most important event in the character-shaping world of youth sports.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Will do. i hope to have some pics or video, too.

ironpigpen said...

How can anyone be against kids playing sports?

When I was a kid, we played it all in the streets ... football, baseball, hockey ... we did not like to move the nets and so we always made the cars drive around, much to the chagrin of many.

My first semester away in college, my Mom told me she was getting alot of calls saying, "Hooray, I can finally drive down the street again after all this time and not get hit with a flying ball or puck!"

Apparently, many years previously, my Mom had fielded many, many calls from distressed neighbors. With great diplomatic skill, my mother noted that at least all the little hoodlums, who could be breaking into houses and looting property all day long, are always to be found in one place this way ... She also admitted that this was really the only time she ever had any peace, as her two boys were a handful, and plead for mercy.

Anonymous said...

Kid sports are great pigpen. What is creepy is a 50+ year old single man taking videos of the kids.