Monday, October 10, 2011

Because Democracy Is Not A Spectator Sport

The LV Democratic Coalition is quick to tell you about an "Occupy Bethlehem" movement, a beef'n beer fundraiser for Barron von Footinmouth, and of course, an all-important life-and-death meeting for that bi-county health department. But it falls short on giving you an opportunity to see their team go head to head against their Republican counterparts. In fact, none of the party web pages has a scintilla of information about the actual candidates' nights taking place.

It's a bipartisan failure.

But democracy is not a spectator sport. If you want to see what a person running for local office is really like, you'll do yourself a big favor by seeing how he or she handles an opponent or a tough question in an upcoming candidates' night.

If you are aware of any candidates' night involving both parties, please post a comment below. This is what I have.

October 10
Bethlehem School Board candidates
Channel 39 Community Room,
839 Sesame Street, the SteelStacks, on Bethlehem’s southside
7 to 8:45 p.m
sponsored by League of Women Voters
unclear whether public will be able to pose questions

October 18
County Candidate Debate
County Controller (Steve Salvesen v. Steve Barron) and Council District 4 (Scott Parsons v. Ron Angle)
Wind Gap Fire Hall
111 N Broadway, Wind Gap, Pa. 18091
7:00 PM
sponsored by Slate Belt Chamber of Commerce
questions from audience; candidates allowed to question each other

October 18
Lehigh County Board of Comm'rs Debate
Calvary Baptist Church
4601 Tilghman Street (nw corner of Tilghman at Hausman Road)
sponsored by League of Women Voters
written questions from audience

October 25
Bethlehem City Council Debate (all candidates confirmed)
Location to be announced
7 PM
sponsored by Neighbors on Watch Block Watch
questions from audience permitted. The Morning Call's Nicole Radzevich, The Express Times Lynn Olanoff and yours truly will serve as panelists. Meet and greet follows debate. 

October 27
Northampton County Council Debate
District 1: Ken Kraft and Seth Vaughn
District 2: J. Michael Dowd and Robert Werner
District 3: Lamont McClure and Matt Connolly
District 4: Ron Angle and Scott Parsons
Northampton County Courthouse, Council Chambers,
7th and Washington streets, Easton, Pa. 18042
sponsored by League of Women Voters
Questions from League and audience permitted

October 27
Northwestern Lehigh School Board Candidates
Northwestern Lehigh Middle School Auditorium
7:00 PM
sponsored by League of Women Voters


Al Bernotas said...

It is very disappointing that the League of Women's Voters did not see fit to hold a City of Bethlehem City Council Candidate's Debate. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or do other voters don't give a shit what any politician says?

I was always told / asked to get involved, but I just don't care as of late! All the more reason to sta involved I suppose@?)(*&%^&*

Anonymous said...

"It is very disappointing that the League of Women's Voters did not see fit to hold a City of Bethlehem City Council Candidate's Debate."

Wahwahwah. It looks like a citizen's group is stepping up to do a debate. And it looks like the press will commit to being there. It will be intersting to see if the other events draw any real press or if it will be a stringer.

Al Bernotas said...

Anon 2:24 - The Citizens' Group is holding a meet and greet, not a debate. Speak five minutes and Q & A. That does not give enough time to find out why the City Council sits on its hands for years and lets the city's financial picture go into the tank. But thank you for your keen insight.

Anonymous said...

Slow day in the comments today, perhaps all of your readers / comments on a regular day are government workers or bankers who had the day off?

Anonymous said...

In the old days channel 39 held televised debates for local office. That was a true public service from a true public radio.

No more. That bubble head on Tempo and the rest of the floozies up there play reruns of masterpiece theater and the Hell with local broadcasting.

We the taxpayers have put them in a nice new building next to SteelStax. they are now blue bloods that no longer care what is important to the community.

Sad, very sad!

Anonymous said...

Barron is a disgrace to his office. Still silly voters will re-elect him. I hope the Express Times endorses his opponent.

Anonymous said...

Remember that is your opinion. some of you that comment only wish they had half a brain that he has.
The only one's that are smarter are Angle and Bernie right ?

Anonymous said...

There are a great deal many people smarter than Beer belly Barron. The guy used his office to intimidate a business.

He has been ceured. He should have resigned but now voters can do the right thing.

He jumped on the Gracedale bandwagon for votes. You claim Ron Angle is a crook. If that is the case why would you support one crooked pol but support another. Barron does not deserve your support.