Saturday, October 01, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

These Girls just want to have fun! Alexis, who states she's almost 5, and Aaliyah, who claims she's 4 1/4, enjoy their goodies from Nancy Run Fire Co.'s Lt. Daniel Rivera, as Dylan, another 4 year old, looks on. Nancy Run Fire Company was at Linden Street's Home Depot for Fire Safety Week on October 1. Rivera stated "lots of young kids are afraid of firefighters," but not after they let them climb around the truck and try out some of the equipment.


Ryan Critchett said...

Makes sense! Firefighters could come off a bit scary, but climbing around in their trucks would certainly change that. Makes me think, that's something I've never done. (climb around firefighter's trucks) Sounds pretty fun.

Zorn said...

cute little darlings being taught the liberal bs - God help them