Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Easton Candidates' Forum Summary

I was unable to attend last night's forum for Easton area candidates. But these are the views of one of the persons who was there.

Just a few observations from tonight's Candidate Forum at Easton Southside Civic Association:

Each candidate was allowed 2 minutes to present, then took questions. Some presentations were called at 2:30, some went to 3:00...not too bad. I'd guess that the audience was 85% registered Democrats; The entire first row was wearing Panto For Mayor T-shirts.

Salveson/Barron: Salveson was pretty good, but Barron got up and blew him away by talking specifics, well, it was supposed to sound like specifics. I'm pretty sure that Barron's questions were from audience plants. Barron's a jerk, but he knows how to sling it.

Mike Dowd was better than Bob Werner, but both were boring. I had to laugh when Werner said there were 23,000 signatures to save Gracedale.

Krill/Panto was what you'd expect, nothing we haven't heard. Krill still doesn't have a prayer.

The best show of the night was DelBacco/Pintabone! I know you're not into school boards, but this is pure entertainment. DelBacco was pretty good, during audience questions 1st question was from Panto stating that DelBacco said that teachers don't care about the kids. I used to like Panto, but that was just BS. Then Pintabone got up and started slinging lies. He said he was a victim of politics for having been kicked off the Republican primary ballot. It clearly says on the petition that the circulator must live in the district. Pintabone accused DelB of politicizing the election, yet Pintabone's sign at the primary said "The Only Registered Democrat on the Ballot". That sounds kinda political. Of course, DelBacco couldn't let Pintabone get away with these statements and things got kinda heated. I'd pay good money to attend a debate, but it doesn't sound like anyone is holding one.


Anonymous said...

Panto is a former teacher and was a good teacher. I can see why he would be upset that DelBacco would make such a atatement. DelBacco has little respect for teachers. It was also an opportnity to get back at DelBacco because he asked as tupid question of Panto that was obviously a set up.

Panto has the support and could have filled the room if he wanted. Its no contest especially after what I saw there. His opponent hasn't a clue and if it were a true ebate Panto would have eaten him up.

I wasn't there but someone who was there for another candidate told me that even his opponent admitted Panto was doing a great job -- he said it three times.

Anonymous said...

Panto is not a good guy. Just ask anyone screwed by his former company as it wrecked portions of Forks Township. He has a big-fish-in-small-pond vicious, vindictive streak like Morganelli. Just look what happened to the high school girl who got on the way of Panto's family. It was a microcosm of the way things run in Easton. Want a nastier, less competent Reibman? Vote Panto.

Jon Geeting said...

Here is what Del Bacco said:

“They’re very anti-taxpayer and very anti-child; there’s nothing educational in what the EAEA wants to do in supporting their initiatives,” DelBacco said.

“The teachers, I don’t believe, are represented by their teachers union at all,” he said. ”Supporting the teachers is not synonymous with supporting the teachers union at all. They’re two very different entities.”

This guy is a real bastard. He also said that the persistent racial achievement gap is the parents' problem. That is lunacy. If that kind of inequality is persisting in the schools year after year, that's definitely the school district's problem.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Bernie, I'm a bit disappointed that you didn't post the name of who sent this so your readers can better understand their motives. I was at the candidates night last night as well and this really isn't a good summary of events. I knew everyone in that room.

Anonymous said...

I think Sal Panto's question was a good one and exactly the question that should have been asked to Delbacco. Delbacco has stated in the past that the teachers do not support the kids.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Bernie, we're disappointed that you won't reveal the anonymous cowards to other anonymous cowards.

Bernie O'Hare said...

" I was at the candidates night last night as well and this really isn't a good summary of events. I knew everyone in that room."

You're more than welcome to post your own summary here, and I'll copy and paste it next to the one up there.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I've read Del Bacco's remark, as quoted by Geeting, and don't understand how that makes him a "real bastard" or why his statement is even controversial. Del Bacco's point seems to be that there is a difference between teachers and their unions, and there is. These are public sector unions know for their ME FIRST attitude, which IS anti-taxpayer. I'm unaware that any teacher union is anti-child but idf there is a battle between more for the teachers at the expense of less for the child, I know which side the teachers' union will come down on, and so does everyone else.

If all this makes Del Bacco a real bastard, we need a few more real bastards.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Panto is not a good guy. Just ask anyone screwed by his former company as it wrecked portions of Forks Township"

Panto has his detractors, as do most pols. His former company, Strausser Enterprises, is a developer who survived and thrived during the recession as the Pektors and Selvaggios of this world fell by the wayside. I am aware there is controversy in Forks Tp, and that the Township has lost its case so far. I am also aware that Strausser, at his own expense, is building a soccer field n Forks.

As for the beauty contest, I am unaware of the details, and only know what I saw in a few news accounts. That was not enough for me to form any opinion about what was really happening.

Anonymous said...

Does Salverson have any chance to dethrone Barron von Footinmouth? Or will the human gaffe-machine disgrace the controller's office for at least another two years?

Barron von Footinmouth said...

Running against an opponent with actual accomplishments won't stop me. I'm a Democrat who'll get more sheep than a Greek farmer.

I plan to win, declare victory from Salverson's flower bed, and immediately audit every snack machine in the government center.

Anonymous said...

Audit or consume every snack machine?

Anonymous said...

Geeting posts a quote that destroys his feeble attempt at making a point.

Ronnie called the union out, not the individual teachers.

The union is anti-taxpayer. They extort and terrorize, without regard to the economy or the plight of those who actually earn the money.

The union is anti-child. If not, a strike would never be considered, let alone implemented.

Young teachers say forgo a pay raise, keep their brethren and keep class sizes manageable. The majority, entrenched lazy asses say "Stone my brother, give me mine."

The union is a cancer eating away the flesh of the host.

I'd say Ronnie is The Man.

And, Panto is a trough feeder. Spent some time as a glorified lobbyist for sinkhole Strausser, and screwed the people of Forks, then back to the trough for another snoutful.


Anonymous said...

Yes Panto worked for Strausser but he always handled himself well and becasue of him a lot of good things were done that might not have been. He was always respectful at public meetings and helped in many cases. I live next to Riverview Estates and golf course and I love the course and the decelopment. I had an issue early on and Panto helped me. The proect increased the value of my home by a factor of 2. I also laugh at the people in Vista Estates. Their community looks good and their values have gone up considerably more than the amount they paid.

I have no problem amd as for the we live in the old Soviet Union? They are Strausser's and he can do what he wants to them. I cut some ig trees down when I built my house and no one sued me.

Panto has proven that he is an excellent mayor. Call him what you want but Easton residents are better thasn ever before. The proof is in the success in the last four years. They would be crazy not to re-elect him.

Anonymous said...

Sal is known as Smilin Sal. Behind the scenes he swings for the knees. he is a tough lifetime pol.

a perfect match for Easton and Northampton County.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:55

I guess it's easy to be a good mayor when you want to impose more business taxes (you's less than $4,000, Larry Holmes) to pay for the fact that basic services aren't being met properly under your administration. Take a drive over to South roads?

Anonymous said...

The business tax you are referring to ($4,000) for Larry Holmes is not supported by Mayor Panto. Sorry Pal - Panto squashed it. it was a GEDP idea that was being vetted out. People initiate a dialogue and everyone assumes its being rammed down their throats.

Anonymous said...

Gee, that idea might come from the fact that we have taxes, fees and regulations rammed down our throats from four levels of government everyday. One can get a bit touchy.

Anonymous said...

Sal loves da tax!

Billy said...

DelBacco has all respect for teachers. It's when the teacher's union gets involved is where things get ugly. From previous comments by DB, I know he supports our children first, their parents second, and the teachers who have direct contact with the children third. Panto says DB has no respect for teachers because he's attempting to change the focus from our failed school system and the role the teacher's union has played in its demise.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

We will see about the Easton Mayoral race. Just keep in mind, America has falling in love with blindly voting out incumbents. Should more of these voters show up in 18042, ol' Sal might be looking for a new job.

Most of the voters I speak of don't show up to debates, thats what the "establishment" do.

Anonymous said...

Sal is another former teacher who thinks they are an executive. Enough already.

Anonymous said...

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