Monday, October 24, 2011

Dan McCarthy Believes His Experience Makes the Difference

I asked Lehigh County Commissioner Dan McCarthy, who's running for judge, why voters should choose him over Doug Reichley.

Well, it goes down to experience, Bernie. Essentially, I've been a practicing attorney for more than 35 years. I've had a lot of clients. I've had a lot of cases, and I represent a lot of causes.

The experience I have is very broad - civil, criminal, orphans' court, municipal, all areas of the law. It is that kind of experience, that I have, that I believe distinguishes me from my opponent, who's been a full-time legislator for 9 years.

He's been well-known in his District. Many of the people in his District, though, are our good friends and neighbors from Berks County. My constituency has been Lehigh County.

I'm working part-time for the citizens of Lehigh County now. I'd like to ask my employers to permit me to work for them full-time and be a judge, a good judge, a fair judge, and take my experience and knowledge of the community and do a good job there.


Anonymous said...

The Demo combination of McCarthy-Koren at the head of the ticket is going to be hard to beat. Reichley and Martin hate each other, and both are working behind the scenes to make sure their fellow Republican loses. Martin knows that his job as D.A. will get a lot harder if Reichley is on the bench. Given that feud, McCarthy and Koren should win easily

Anonymous said...

Koren is a horrible candidate and doesnt even appear to have any court room experience. He can barely speak in front of groups. Mccarthy would be an awesome judge.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Koren is a horrible candidate, to be sure.

Anonymous said...

Martin wins going away, and Reichley will win because his experience is more applicable than McCarthy's and his name recognition is higher.

But if McCarthy won it's fine, he'd be a good judge too.

Martin and Reichley don't like each other, true. But there is 0 going on behind the scenes. If you're going to make something up, at least try for believable.

Zorn said...

Reichley should not be elected. I believe he ran for his current post while full knowing he would never finnish the term. Just looking for yet another public dole job. like most pols it's all about him - not the people.

Anonymous said...

But who cares if martin and Reichley get along? What needs to go on "behind the scenes?"


Reichley will work to get himself elected. Martin will work to get himself elected. It's not like it's a national's just two simple county races.

Martin wins because Koren is barely a candidate and Reichley wins because GOP turnout is always higher.

But both McCarthy and Reichley are good candidates who would make fair judges.

Anonymous said...

Is McCarthy storing nuts in those cheeks. It is going to be a cold winter.

Anonymous said...

McCarthy-Koren, uh, no.