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Monday, January 23, 2012

Jesus Walked on Water, But I Can Walk on Ice!

Years ago, I could run through all kinds of weather without slipping. And if I did, it was no biggie. But on Saturday, while just walking outside, I spent more time on my ass than my feet. And at age 60, those falls hurt a lot more than they did a few short years ago. So on Sunday, I broke down and spent $20 I don't have for Yaktrax Walkers at Sports Authority. I was able to walk 7.5 miles without as much as a slip, to say nothing of falling.

You slip them over your running shoes, the way we used to slip chains over tires before front wheel drive became popular.

Will they work in a run? I'll find out soon, although I doubt there'll be much ice today. But that's not the reason for this post. 

Many of us manage to hurt ourselves this time of year, just in the simple act of walking to our car during a snow or ice storm. Since these are pretty cheap and easy to use, I'd recommend these for old farts like me, not just athletes.


Sanctifying Grace said...

I have the brand. On Saturday night, I was too lazy to put these on. I fell getting into my car. And I fell getting out of my car. I have really been paying for my laziness. Yesterday and today, I have been suffering with pain in my ribs, arm, and neck. These "cleats" work well, when I am wearing them.

Peace, ~~~alex+

Anonymous said...

My mom wears these when she walks her dog during the winter. To my knowledge, she hasn't fallen with these bad boys on.

Which bears the follow up: you are older than my mom... and dad.


Anonymous said...

Have you been running at all during your weight loss or have you been walking? Congratulations on your weight loss success. I've never been a runner, but I would love to start getting a walking routine in each day whether it be outside or on the treadmill. It's just getting that motivation to get moving is what I'm looking for. I'm sure you've worked up to walking so many miles per day but can I ask how you started and how far you walked each week in the beginning? Thanks for any info you can share with the rest of us.