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Friday, January 06, 2012

Allentown Zoners Deny Drive-Thru Rite-Aid on 7th

In November, I told you about plans for a drive-thru Rite-Aid at 7th and Allen Streets in Allentown. Because this new pharmacy would be in a "Traditional Neighborhood Overlay" zoning district, it was fought by Main Street Manager Peter Lewnes.

According to a WFMZ report, Allentown's ZHB denied the variance last night, ruling that Rite-Aid had failed to prove a hardship.

Score one for the little guy!


Anonymous said...

Nice to see, a Zoning Hearing Board with a spine!

Anonymous said...

Only on center city issues... And only sometimes ... When the social agencies urge residents to show up

Anonymous said...

There's a LOT more info here than WFMZ had:


Why wasn't the Call there??

Anonymous said...

The moronic gag and publishers still print because its cheap toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

How is it that a drug store with offstreet parking is not wanted, however if this was a city like parking deck up to the street corner, it would be welcome?

Makes me wonder if they would discourage a deparment store like Hess from moving in?

Every traditional neighborhood needs a coffee shop, but not a drug store?

I guess they need those parking fines from patron's who park on their streets and you cannot do that with offstreet parking.

I always found it a odd why they sweep the street in the middle of the day and ticket the same patrons they are trying to entice. Cant they do public cleanings at 5 or 6 in the am?

Anonymous said...

The city and neighborhood welcome Rite Aid, they just ask that they follow the laws as they are written or provide a compelling explination as to why they need relief from them. Rite Aid did not.