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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Meet Bethlehem Township's New Board of Commissioners

Comm'rs Phil Barnard, Tom Nolan, Mike Hudak, Paul Weiss and Martin Zawarski (L to R)
During their reorganization meeting on January 4, Bethlehem Township welcomed its two new Commissioners, Phil Barnard and Martin Zawarski. They were sworn into office by District Judge Joseph Barner, himself a former Bethlehem Township police officer.

"We're glad to have you," remarked Paul Weiss, who was elected President, a position he previously held for nearly four years. "My door is always open," echoed newly elected VP Mike Hudak.

Weiss and Hudak were both elected in 3-2 votes, with Martin Zawarski supporting them both.

Commissioners unanimously re-appointed Howard Kutzler as Township Manager, Broughal and DeVito as Township Solicitor and the Pidcock Company as Township Engineer.

Commissioners will meet again on Monday, January 17, 7 PM, at the Bethlehem Township Municipal Building, located at 4225 Easton Avenue.


Anonymous said...

I would have been a good time to re-negotiate the legal and engineering providers as they are bleeding the Twp any which way they can...

Steve Franks said...

Marty is bad for the Township
Contact me and I'll let you know why

Anonymous said...

Too late Steve, he's already in but do share...

Anonymous said...

I see Paul dressed up for the occasion

Anonymous said...

Smile Mike, don't be such a downer!

Congrats to the new Commissioners! Good Luck!

Bernie O'Hare said...

"I see Paul dressed up for the occasion"

He still has me beat. Plus, he was kind enough to call and tell me I left my iPad there, so I owe him one.

Mr Pickle said...

good to see Paul Weiss dress professionally for the photo and meeting

Anonymous said...

Dressing up for those meeting is a waste of time. The meetings are boring and quick. If one of their meetings goes for more than an hour, that is way to long. Weiss does a good job moving things along.

Lighthouse said...

11:53, meetings are short now, because there is little to no economic development in this economy...go back a few years and it was a different story.

Regarding the post itself, while it will be a period of some transition as a new chemistry of the Board evolves, I do wish them the best. It is a particularly challenging time for all municipal governments in this economy as the demands do not change, while the revenue stream is essentially flat. So-called "trimming the fat" only works so long before you hit essential muscle and bone.

Regarding the new members, I think the infusion of periodic new blood is essential to the health of any organization. Yet, related to the above, I suspect time on the other side of the dais will have a tempering effect on some preconceived assumptions that new members might have (almost always the case). But new blood, new minds, new ideas...coupled with the stability of those who have been around...not a guarantee, but usually healthy.

BT is a great place--as the newsletter says--to "live, work, play." As a resident who follows the government, I wish the new Board wisdom, responsibility, and a little luck with the impact of the economy.

Anonymous said...


Hey what happened to reporting on Hanover Township? You were the ONLY one that covered them. We all liked the matching shirts and jackets. Get back on their beat.

You can write about your hero Salvesen.