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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bethlehem City Council Blesses $900,000 Dip Into Escrow

Michael Recchiuti practices blank stare
Earlier this month, a cash-strapped Callahan administration transferred $900,000 from a restricted fund, its  Treasurer's Escrow, so that Bethlehem could meet payroll. In effect, the City was giving itself a loan until the $9.3 million casino host fee comes rolling in. Council was informed. After it had happened. Council Prez Eric Evans told The Morning Call that, although he would have preferred some advance notice, there was likely no violation of a 2007 City ordinance specifically requiring "prior notice to and approval of City Council."

Last night, City Council unanimously agreed to add a Resolution to the agenda approving this transfer, after the fact. Then they unanimously approved it, after the fact. Not one question was asked. Not one comment was made. Neither Mayor John Callahan nor DCED Director Joe Kelly was in the house, leaving Business Administrator Dennis Reichard to hold the bag for any fallout.

The only grumbling at all came from the citizenry, after the fact. Bob Pfenning asked, "What are you going to do about it? You got an Ordinance. It wasn't followed. It doesn't have any teeth in it. You could put teeth in it if you wish to as a Council." He suggested that Council should just get rid of an Ordinance that is ignored and stop pretending.

Pfenning's suggestion was answered with blank stares from a disinterested Council.


Anonymous said...

The best government Callahan can pay for.

I laugh at you said...

Yea that I walk thru the valley of corruption, lies and deceit I fear no jail time as I have my personally picked tag team of rubber stamping, false campaign pledging, deer in the head lights robots on council to cover my lying butt.

If this fails I have my man servant dennis r and his hand maiden mark s to take the fall for me as seamus the kool aid drinker spins the bs to the foolish masses.

Bow down now before me and grant my every financial stupidity, my silly excesses and all my relatives who now have jobs or a see thru cover up for their sins.

Praise the casino and jc, forever.

Issac Touro said...

the only thing worse than this council is the foolish sheep that voted for them

Anonymous said...

Even with the cash cow casino, this city continues to be in the red and not be able to pay bills. WTF?? One can only imagine what things would be like if there were no Sands. Its about time that Callahan, Kelly and the remainder of that crew are voted out.

Anonymous said...

Kelly now has a job for life.

Juliet Lowe said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bernie O'Hare said...

Refrain from the vulgarity, please.