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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Do Your College Kids Have Summer Jobs?

Hey, they could be working in hard hats at PennDOT this Summer, waving flags and making $11.43 an hour. I might enroll in college myself, just to get one of those helmets. State Rep. Justin Simmons has the details here.


Jon Geeting said...

Seems like a more appropriate job for Justin Simmons

Bernie O'Hare said...

You know, of all the state reps in this area, the only one who even bothers to send these kinds of releases out is Justin Simmons. They are informative, noncontroversial, buts-and-bolts things, and I should share more of them.

How sad that Geeting would trash this bc he is a partisan who does not like the politics of the messenger.

Grow up already, Jonathan.

I like when young people take an interest, but you don't seem to be learning anything or growing in any way.

Anonymous said...

All it means is he has good staff who sends this along. The kid is going to have to try to reelected and doesn't have a legislative record to run on, so perception is reality and he'll send you and others this stuff because it's good pr that actually has NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING HE DID.

Look it up yourself Bernie and don't deny it--the State House votes how many days a year and Simmons goes on his honeymoon during a voting session?