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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Meet The Express Times' Allentown Invaders

Pictured above are Express Times reporters Colin McEvoy and Precious Petty, who were at last night's Blogapalooza, hosted by LehighValleyLive at Bethlehem's beautiful ArtsQuest Center. Both are veteran reporters, and are like kids in a candy store. They spent most of the  evening getting showered with compliments from Allentown bloggers like Michael Donovan, for their coverage of Allentown and surrounding Lehigh County.

In my view, the praise is warranted. The Morning Call's coverage of Allentown City Hall and Lehigh County government have long been its Achilles heel, and this friendly competition will make both papers better and the rest of us better informed.

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Anonymous said...

Bernie -

McEvoy is a dynamo, putting out a large volume of high-quality articles each day.

I'm new to the Express Times, as I live in Allentown. However, I've found myself lately reading the ET before (and some times instead of) the Call because of McEvoy's thorough coverage of what's going on here. In addition, I like the fact that McEvoy will write several articles on a public meeting, unlike the Call's policy of writing only about one item from each meeting.

I only hope that McEvoy is here for a while, as Allentown reporters (at least at the Call) all seem to move on to bigger and better things. I hope the ET realizes how valuable he is to them.