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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hanover Supervisors Award New, Cheaper, Garbage Hauling Contract

In a rare split vote, Hanover Township Supervisors on January 24 awarded a new, five-year contract for residential waste and recycling, to Raritan Valley Disposal. This new agreement will actually reduce annual garbage bills paid by most homeowners from $305 to $245, but garbage trucks will be in the Township four days every week, instead of the two days under current hauler JP Mascaro and Sons.

Jack Nagle, the sole Supervisor to vote against 4-day pickups at a lower cost, explained he is "aware of the economic climate," but noted that there will still be $27 in annual savings with a 2-day pickup. "Where is our best value?" he asked.

Glenn Walbert, who was unavailable when this was discussed on January 10, stated his personal reference is for 1-day per week garbage pickup, but the "vast majority" of residents who phoned him at home told him they were looking for the best bottom line. "I have to go with 4-day pickup," he said.

Although Steve Salvesen originally sided with Nagle, he changed his position after a "ton of telephone calls from residents," who recommended 4-day pickup because "it is such a low number."

Unchanged was Mark Tanczos, who reiterated his view that this low price is a "business decision." But Tanczos complimented Nagle for his views. "It's rare that we have conflicting views, but that's a good thing," he noted.

Before the 4-1 vote in favor of Raritan Valley, Supervisors heard from resident Raymond Berger. Reminding them that he chairs the Hanover Township GOP, Berger told them Mascaro has done "one heck of a job" and has the cheapest rate for 1-day per week pickup. But another resident, Blair Bates had just three words - "Cheaper is better."

In other business, Supervisors unanimously approved demolition requests for the buildings on two different properties: 4098 Bath Pike, owned by Joseph & Cindy Szapka; and 1350 Orchard Lane, owned by Roger Smith.

Solicitor James Broughal explained Supervisors must approve demolition requests for buildings over 100 years old.

Szapka explained her properties have no historical significance and are in bad repair. "I hate to knock it down but I can't afford to keep the maintenance on it," she explained.

"George Washington didn't sleep there, did he?" asked Chairman John Diacogiannis.

"No, but Nagle has," wisecracked Township Manager Jay Finnigan.

Supervisors' next meeting is on Tuesday, February 14, 7 PM, at the Municipal Building located at 3630 Jacksonville Rd. Finnigan reminded everyone that's Valentine's Day.

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Issac Touro said...

Wow!!!! The people won.