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Monday, December 05, 2011

WWWE Files: Wicked Witch Reports Chop Shop ... on a Second Floor

This year alone, Easton police have visited West Easton's Tricia Mezzacappa at least eight times. I've already given you the cases of the Beeping Cabbie and Stolen Letter.

I'll continue publishing these reports all week, one every day.


First, they expose a potential office holder (I've heard State House and County Council) as a bigot who thinks nothing of threatening official retaliation against police officers when they decline to do what she wants. Second, they show she's nutz, and worse than that, as mean as cat shit. Third, they reveal that the oft-maligned Easton police department, is actually very professional. Fourth, they rebut her claim, made several times, that she called police to complain about me on August 26.

But the best reason is they're fun to read. Today, we have the second floor chop shop. Tomorrow, it will be scary drug dealers who tool up and down Mezzacapa's block in loud cars. Wednesday, the beeping cabbie makes a return appearance. Thursday, Mezzacappa becomes a self-appointed meter maid. Friday, you'll have the biggie, the case of Bernie the Burglar. West Easton's entire budget on police must be spent responding to the Wicked Witch.

May 31, 2011, 4:27 PM:

Easton Patrolman Kevin VanHorn is dispatched to Tricia Mezzacappa's home. Like Gladys Kravitz from Bewitched, she's one of those nosy neighbors who keep police busy with nuisance complaints. This time, she claims there's a chop shop ... on the second floor ... of one of her neighbors. Predictably, the officer is unable to find anything to substantiate this wild accusation.
Mezzacappa Spots Chop Shop ... On a Second Floor


Anonymous said...

Tricia seems to have problems getting along with her neighbors. There's too much noise, too many vehicles, blah, blah, blah. Call the cops! These neighbors are just too "ghetto" to live in her world. Well, here's my suggestion. Tricia's neighbors also have rights. They should get together and make a complaint with the local government over Tricia keeping a barnyard pig as a household pet. What kind of zoning code permits a large pig (she has pictures of the animal on her blog) to live in a high density residential neighborhood? Aren't there any health and safety issues?

Anonymous said...

"aren't there any health and safety issues?"

well, i think the pig has a pretty robust immune system, so he SHOULD be okay living with Tricia...

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. Because she sees car parts and different cars, it must be a chop shop. If that is so, every motor head in the Lehigh Valley is in trouble.

Untouched Takeaway said...

This post is a double win.

First - the comparison to Gladys Kravitz.

And @6:13's comment - hilarious!


Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure 6:13 AM. On 9/22/11, Tricia posted this comment on lehighvalleylive.com: "Pigs love skin to skin contact. Mine does not sleep in bed with me, but he does love to cuddle on the couch." No joke. Those are her actual words. You can look it up.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather hear pig tails from East Easton.


Village of Delabole

Anonymous said...

"And @6:13's comment - hilarious!


I am humbled by your praise...

Bernie O'Hare said...

6:13 was funny, and I like Delabole, too.

Anonymous said...

This lady should be surcharged for calling the Easton police so much since the Borough has to pay for her frivolous complaints. Get a life lady and your candidacy in any election is a given for your opponent. Let's see Shegda vs. Freeman or WWWE vs. Freeman. HMMMM, tough choice, no not on the winner on who is the biggest whacko Shegda or her. I can see Freeman shaking now.......LOL

Anonymous said...

The real story for an investigative reporter or blogger is the secret plan for the portion of the borough east of Ridge to secede because of WWWE's insanity. The new borough will be called East West Easton and we plan to elect the first Gross who files for anything, even Malcom Gross. Please join our fight.

Coalition for East West Easton east of West Easton

Anonymous said...

The WWWE is so ugly she would even have trouble keeping the monkeys from flying away.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Word on the street is...Tricia the psychotic has convictions and makes claims about them.

Tricia the neurotic is in doubt and has fears about persons and things.

The way I see it, the trouble is, the neurotic has problems, the psychotic has the solutions.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Bernie O'Hare or Tricia Mezzacappa, but I confess I have been following their reality show. IMHO, Mezzacappa is wasting her time in East West Easton. She is better suited for the cast of "Jersey Shore." Yo, Trish. Fuggeddaboudit! Give up politics, get a tan and be the next Snooki.

Babe said...

O'Hare is guilty of pigism. Sensitivity classes are in order.


Anonymous said...

Gladys Kravitz!!! Ha-ha!


(wink-wink and tsk-tsk!)

Anonymous said...

I used to rent the place from one of the McPeek (Century 21) brothers centuries ago. There used to be a passing train about a half block away that could shake your fillings from your teeth. I can attest that it would be difficult to chop Matchbox cars in those tight, yet tidy, quarters.

Anonymous said...

I know the neighborhood. Went downhill fast. Our relatives lived somewhere in that area. We would visit and find no parking anywhere.

Not too funny when you are being waken up all night, because of losers

Bernie O'Hare said...

You ought to know the neighborhood. You're Tricia Mezzaccappa, posting anonymously and misleading my readers the same way you mislead Easton police. These are the kind of comments I've been deleting. They are being posted by ISP Penteleda, IP, coming from Easton and using Safari 5.0 on a MacOSX.

Stop posting on this blog. I told you before your lies are unwelcome here.

Zorn the Great said...

If the place went downhill fast then TM must have major skidmarks on her ample butt.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the humor of all of these stories but hope you consider the potential trouble that might come from posting license plate numbers to people who are subjected to this woman. I can get a lot of info from license plate numbers. Be thoughtful in blurring addresses and license plates bc these folks didnt ask to be bothered by her, yet alone to possibly deal w the crazies that pop up on yout blog (think gracedale goons).

Bernie O'Hare said...

You got a point, and perhaps I should have done that. I decided to leave it in bc the license numbers were all legit, but that might be a mistake on my part. I did think about it, but did not think you could get that much from a license number, which we can see on any car.

Tomorrow's story will actually have the name of one of her victims, whom she calls a drug dealer. I let his name stay, although I make clear he has never even been charged with a criminal offense.

I will consider what you say for my post on Wednesday, where I might redact a few names.

Anonymous said...

by posting ISP addresses that you say you can track back to a city does not identify anyone. How do you know who owns the ISP?

If you have a way of doing it, then tell Corbett. He still wonders who Casablanca is. If people think they are identified, you just killed your blog!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Mezzacappa has previously told me she uses a Mac. Her email is PTD. So when I see comments posted from an Easton-area PTD ISP, and the comments are from a MAC computer, I get suspicious. When I get suspicious, I label the IP being used. Lo and behold, nearly all the comments supporting the Wicked Witch are coming from that labelled ISP, IP, and Mac.

Casablanca could easily be tracked if were stupid enough to post comments on this blog and sign them Casablanca. It's not rocket science.

I do not like to do it bc it is time consuming and I usually don't give a shit about the trolls. But bc this is a troll who would like to run for office and is posting some despicable things about me, I tracked the comment.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Nobody is truly anonymous. Here's an e.g. between 11:16 and 11:21:

5 Dec 11:21:27 PM Safari 5.0
MacOSX 1920x1080 Easton,
Pennsylvania, United States Penteledata ( Mezzacappa
Lehigh Valley Ramblings
www.google.com — lehigh valley ramblings #1

5 Dec 11:21:27 PM IE 8.0 Win7
1366x768 Bangor, Pennsylvania,
United States Frontier Communications ( [Label IP Address]
Lehigh Valley Ramblings
(No referring link)

5 Dec 11:20:26 PM Chrome 15.0
WinVista 1366x768 United States Sprint Pcs ( [Label IP Address]
Lehigh Valley Ramblings: WWWE Files: Wicked Witch Reports Chop Shop ... on a Second Floor
(No referring link)

5 Dec 11:19:03 PM Chrome 15.0
Win7 1366x768 Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States Penteledata ( [Label IP Address]
Lehigh Valley Ramblings
www.google.com — lehigh valley ramblings #1

5 Dec 11:17:11 PM Chrome 15.0
WinVista 1280x768 Bethlehem,
Pennsylvania, United States Penteledata ( [Label IP Address]
Lehigh Valley Ramblings

5 Dec 11:17:06 PM Safari iPad
iOS768x1024 Bethlehem,
Pennsylvania,United States Rcn Corporation ( [Label IP Address]
Lehigh Valley Ramblings

5 Dec 11:16:36 PM IE 9.0
Win7 1280x720 Whitehall,
Pennsylvania, United States Rcn Corporation ( [Label IP Address]
Lehigh Valley Ramblings
(No referring link)

5 Dec 11:16:28 PM Safari 5.0
MacOSX 1600x1200 Bethlehem,
Pennsylvania, United States Rcn Corporation ( [Label IP Address]
Lehigh Valley Ramblings
www.google.com — lehigh valley ramblings #1

Anonymous said...

There is more than one person in easton with a mac and ptd.

I seem to remember a triple homicide on 13th street where the neighbors were constantly compaining of drug activity, and the EPD blew it off.

your obvious infatuation with this woman is making you and only you look like the stalking fool you are.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Sure, there is more than one person in Easton who uses a Mac and PTD. But only one of that subgroup would be so interested in stories about Mezzacappa, and that is the Wicked Witch herself.

You are grabbing at straws, even to the point of blaming EPD for her kooky behavior.

She is nuts, and I am defending myself from some pretty vicious attacks, as I have a right to do.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The comment at 11:33 was posted by Mezzacappa, as revealed by my statcounter. I will be deleting her from this point.

5 Dec 11:29:57 PM Safari 5.0
MacOSX 1920x1080 Easton,
Pennsylvania, United States Penteledata ( Mezzacappa Lehigh Valley Ramblings
www.google.com — lehigh valley ramblings #1

Anonymous said...

Trish is a witch
Is she sane
Right or wrong?
You are correct
Post in here and you
In as much we can be proud
Here and in other blogs
As you are the best
Anon cowards should be banned
To tighten the response
Liven things up
Things are looking good
Up is the only direction from here