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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Eaton to House GOP: Leave Our District Alone!

Jackson Eaton, a Democratic candidate for Congress, has issued a statement condemning plans by the Republican-controlled Pa. General Assembly to divide the Lehigh Valley between two Congressional seats. LV Congressman Charlie Dent, the incumbent, is also opposed to splitting the Lehigh Valley, and has told Pennsylvania Avenue, "My goal in redistricting is to keep Lehigh and Northampton counties whole, or as whole as possible."

Eaton's statement is below:
Jackson Eaton: Don't Chop Up Lehigh Valley


Tom Foolery said...

I wish my best to Jackson..Maybe he can do what no one else on the planet can do, convince the State Republicans to ignore their own self interests and do what's best for the people..best of luck Jackson..

Anonymous said...

Every R from the Lehigh Valley better vote against this redistricting plan. From Pat Browne to Justin Fitzsimmons, this represents an absolute threat to the region. If this proceeds, it gives voters every reason to throw these folks out and to reform the redistricting process for the future.

Anonymous said...

Jackson could have said that at the dinner table, I hear his family are big wig Republicans.I heard he's a registered Republican,sorry he's been a Dem for 21 days now. another Joe Driscol.

Anonymous said...

The driscol clown did graduate from allen or serve as a captain in the army. But it is nice to hear republicans are willing to divide the lehigh valley. The lack of comments from the elected folks working in harrisburg and the silence on this board is deafening. Thank you local republican for neutering our congressman.

Anonymous said...

driscol clown did *not*