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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Seth Vaughn, Matt Connolly, Late With Post Election Reports

Two unsuccessful Republican Northampton County Council candidates were late with their post election expense reports, according to records on file at the elections office. These post-election reports, which cover the brief period between October 25 and November 28, were due on December 8.

Seth Vaughn
Seth Vaughn, who opposed Democrat Ken Kraft in the Bethlehem, Hanover Township and Hellertown District, was late with his report and will be assessed a small fine. He reported no contributions and no expenses.

Vaughn's successful opponent, Ken Kraft, raked in $2,000 from a Bethlehem businessman (I can't give you his name because I can't read my own damn handwriting), as well as $250 from former County Exec Glenn Reibman. There is no record of any Atiyeh contribtions, contrary to a rumor that was circulated on this blog. Kraft still has $9,341.81 in his warchest.

Matt Connolly
Matt Connolly's post-election report remains unfiled. He explained that he did not receive a number for an in-kind contribution from the LV Realtors until Friday, and will be filing soon. Connolly will likely be assessed a small fine.

Connolly opposed incumbent Lamont McClure in the far-flung Nazareth District. The now official count reveals that "Landslide" Lamont edged out Connolly by a scant 109 votes.

In the waning days of the campaign, McClure accepted $1,000 from Gerry Green's USW, a baragaining unit at Gracedale. He also took in $200 from Bethlehem Solicitor Christian Perrucci, who would like to be the next Counct Council Solicitor.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Kraft has $10,000 in an account for a safe seat. It sounds like his buddy Long Dem Steve Barron will get a hefty campaign check in his run for County Executive.

Anonymous said...

Late on taxes. Late on finance reports. This guy has an excuse for everything

Anonymous said...

yes, we wonder how a guy can not pay his taxes or file his campaign finance reports and still thinks he can be trusted with our tax dollars.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I am deleting comments posted by "Zorn the great." I am tired of his negativism, his constant insults to everyone, his poor spelling and poor grammar.