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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Salute to a Person Who Makes Local Government Work

Trish Murphy, Dana Potts, mom Carol and Dad Ron Moser
Stories about local government usually focus on elected officials. But they would be the first to tell you that it is the staff which makes a government work or fail. At their December 19 meeting, Bethlehem Township Commissioners recognized recently retired Administrative Assistant Carol Moser for her 26 years of "outstanding" service to the Township. Accompanied by her husband Ron and daughters Trish Murphy and Dana Potts, Moser was awarded a plaque during a brief ceremony. Among those applauding her was Public Works Director Richard Grube, who took a night off from baking kiffles. He's just started his 45th year.
Manager Howard Kutzler wants one of those plaques, too!


Anonymous said...

I hope Chris Miller doesn't begrudge this man for sucking on the Goverment teat for 45 years. You should know better than to post these union goon/ gov workers stories BO. They are the reason we are in a depression.

They should have included a gold brick and a silver shovel to lean on.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I think she's a teamster. Really!

Anonymous said...

Where is Clem to lambast this sloth of a human being? The scourge of American capitalism - the public employee.

Anonymous said...

these comments take away from years of devoted service that this lady has performed. must be jealous as they can not hold down a job

Bernie O'Hare said...

The anons were not insulting Ms. Moser, but was making a point about those who criticize the public sector. If they had been insulting, I would have deleted them.