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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

WWWE Files: The Beeping Cabbie Sets the Wicked Witch Off Again

Yesterday afternoon, while I was searching a title at the courthouse, the Wicked Witch of West Easton dropped by. In fact, she marched right into the Civil Division, one of the offices I must use. After finally leaving, she immediately emailed someone to complain I'm "stalking" her again.

Here's today's police report.

April 12, 2011: 2:50 PM and 7:58 PM.

Two Easton police officers, Patrolmen Daniel Bonham and Andrew Ocetnik, visit the Wicked Witch's home twice in one day. That beeping cabbie is bothering her again, and at the ungodly hours of 2:50 PM and 7:58 PM. This time, she's filing charges, damn it!

When she complained before, both the cab driver and one of her neighbors heard her make racist remarks. Officer McConagle claims that, even when she spoke to him, Mezzacappa's vocabulary "was tinged with hints of racial bias."

On her blog, Wicked Witch Mezzacappa denies she's a racist. She uses the old "my best friend is black" argument, and then calls her neighborhood a ghetto.
Mezzacappa: That Beeping Cabbie Does It Again


Anonymous said...

What a charming woman! How'd you let that one get away?

Anonymous said...

Hey Tasha, it isn't just you. Tricia's neighborhood issues go way back and are no secret. Ten years ago, a woman who lived on Ridge Street filed a private criminal complaint against her for harassment. While the harassment case was pending, the woman and Tricia got into it. The woman assaulted Tricia and was arrested. That incident was reported in the Morning Call on 10/24/01. A year earlier, Tricia got into it with a former boyfriend. She was charged by Wilson police with disorderly conduct for fighting and pleaded guilty on 12/21/00. Here's Tricia's explanation, which she published recently on another blog: "An ex-boyfriend started a fire on my living room floor and threw me out of my own house, landing me face down on Ridge Street. He was arrested and I was charged as well for domestic fighting." I'll bet the guy's side of the story would be interesting too.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I wonder if he kicked her pig.

Anonymous said...

Besides being a bit unhinged ...it also seems like she is spoiled, demanding, egocentric, non-cooperative, having exaggerated self-opinions and having no tolerance for anyone having a different opinion than herself.
It appears the EPD have been professional and polite despite her abundant amount of apocryphal calls.

Anonymous said...

And she's still a worthy option to Bob Freeman. Incredible.

c said...

You might want to close this door, run away and never ever look back. This just drags you down.