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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Readers React to Allentown Cop Who Tases 14 Year Old Girl

On Monday, I told you about a federal civil rights lawsuit filed Friday by Allentown Attorney Rick Orloski. Today, I want to exlain why lawsuits like these are necessary.

On September 29, a 14 year-old Dieruff High School student, who happens to be a bi-racial female, was walking along ... actually in ... Washington Street after school had let out for the day, with two of her friends. According to her complaint, she was accosted from behind by Allentown police officer Jason Ammary, who shoved her into a parked car, choking her. After already subduing her, he decided to zap her with his taser for good measure, right in her private parts. It made no difference that he hands were up in surrender. She collapsed to the ground in pain, and had to be hospitalized for the removal of the barbs. While all this was going on, Ammary was supposedly deriding the child and her "socio-economic status."

Stories like this are a dime a dozen, but what makes this case interesting is that there's a video, which was obtained from the City's own surveillance cameras. It's really a fluke that it caught any of what happened because the camera is set to rotate periodically. But it contains two segments showing the girl as she walks down the street with her two friends (15 seconds) followed by a scene in which the girl is abused by an Allentown police officer (39 seconds). I obtained and posted the video yesterday afternoon.

I am showing it again.

Now some of you were unconvinced there was really an assault here, and that's fine. You correctly point out that this girl, a teenager among her peers, was probably acting up. Others, myself included, believe this is a clear assault. We can disagree without being disagreeable.

But there's a real dark side in some people, especially when they know they can remain anonymous. They would have been happy if the officer had shot the girl because she is, afer all, bi-racial.

I spent a lot of time last night deleting incessant racist comments, which made it impossible for me to write about some things going on here in the Lehigh Valley. But I've decided to post some of these deleted comments here. They explain why Orloski's suit is absolutely necessary.

"what is this broads ethnicity? if she is mixed then she should be nixed"

"an ahole is an ahole is an ahole. bo you have gotten a PhD in ahole. at least you accomplished one thing in your worthless life. Well two - you do have a half breed grandchild."

"half breeds respect nothing. this is what this whole situation is about. If the broad had respected authority and done as she/it was told all of this would not have happened. look at the crime stats from the valley. ain't white folk."

"bo is indeed himself a racist. just pay attention to what he deletes. the poor boy has no soul"

"send her back to where ever she came from. she can ho up there"

"the bi racial bitch deserved it. she even enjoyed it. I know"

Of course, in addition to the racism, there were numerous attacks aimed at me. So before you call Orloski an ambulance chaser, it's important to recognize that racism and other kinds of pure hatred are still alive and well.


Anonymous said...

Who cares if she is white, black green or magenta. she mouthed off and possibly threatened a police officer whoo asked her and her friends to move along.

learn respect for authority. Get the Hell out of the street. When you curse and threatened a police officer, this will happen.

Of course you have bleeding hearts and goof balls like O'Hare who will defend criminal behavior if it is politically correct to do so.

By the way O'Hare you defend the person who wished harm on white people. Is that your "street cred".

Thank you Allentown Police!!

Anonymous said...

It's not difficult to imagine the cop in this case holding sentiments similar to those expressed by so many bigots, here. Perhaps he was just waiting to tee-off on a Spic? Disgusting. The guy is more of a little girl for pulling out his thingy against an unarmed, surrendering 14-year old female. The cop should wear a dress to his firing.

Anonymous said...

She was inciting a riot, resisted arrest, assaulted a police officer (I know the attorney says she didn't know he was a cop despite displaying a badge of authority and in a class A uniform)by hitting him in the face, was tasered within policy and procedure. What is the problem? Oh you have a great video...well there are a lot of holes in that video and NO audio?!? WTF!

Of course the city of Allentown will pay this teen's mother who will spend the money on new hair weaves and nails and the poor, poor girl won't get a dime. Maybe for college? Bahhhaaaa!! I see another welfare candidate in the future here. Trust me the tax payers will pay and probably already are paying. Maybe we should ask for a refund or some off the top of the settlement.

Oh and the girl's momma putting up a FB page... LOVE IT!! She will say something to be used against her in court...mark my words, people like this are WAY too stopid...opps did I mean stupid! LOL

Anonymous said...

3:55 - You are a nitwit. Even if there was "mouthing off" it does not warrant a taser. This police officer was spineless with a power complex. The worst combination.

Bernie O'Hare said...

3:55, Because she "possibly" threatened an Allentown police officer, that gives them the right to zap her, a 14 yo child? This is not about being politically correct, but basic decent human behavior.

Anonymous said...

7:52 - Clem, is that you? It sure sounds like you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

7:52, Hoe do you know what the girl's mother wil do with any settlement? It seems to me that the F/B page was created bc the girl's mother feels she was wronged, and the 285 members seem mostly to be people from DHS who agree with her.

Anonymous said...

It's really embarrassing to read these comments. I can't believe what society has become. There's no respect at all for other human beings, even at Christmas. Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

This is the culture of law enforcement. Just read comments at PoliceOne.com, or pick up an issue of American Cop.

It is no mistake how this dark skinned girl was treated. An unusually large number of mostly men from one far end of the spectrum work in law enforcement. They call moderates "cancers" in departments.

Some even make up "Rats lists" to post on chalkboards to humiliate those not in their "the good ol'boys".

You can lose a Glock in a restaurant men's room as long as you are a good ol'boy.

You can crash into a Wawa and have your fellow officers drag their feet for sometime before giving you a Breathalyzer so you just blow a .o7. (As long as you are a friend of the good ol'boys club).

You can wreck an expensive patrol car when not responding to a call, as long as you have membership to the good ol'boys club.

If you are not a member of the good ol'boys club, you can have 18-20 years of a clean perfect record, make one mistake, and boom, goodbye career.

Also no one ever asks one question. "Why are so few in Law Enforcement, black?"

That too is not by accident.

Unnamed for a reason

Bernie O'Hare said...

Wow! This is sad.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

Sadly Bernie,
Ignorance and hate is alive and well.
And in the Valley is is somewhat chic with the hipster set.

Read through these posts, and look over their comments.

Sadly you would think a younger generation would be less idiotic.



This last one is shameful the comment using the N'word is unchallenged by Whacker.


Anonymous said...

anon 9:55, you claim there is no respect for human beings. Sadly, you are right. There is also no respect period. No respect for authority.

Reading these comments it is obvious these people prefer the law of the Cripes and the Bloods to that of the police.

Bottom line is if someone is asked to move along by a police officer and they don't. They then proceed to curse, threaten and physically assault the officer, they have brought it on themselves. With all the kids hanging around she may have been yelling for them to help. They can swarm in a second. The officer ended the assault quickly, well done.

Even gangbangers are given a suit for trial. They even wear a belt.

You can cry and yell racist but if this"young lady" had acted like a young lady and not the way she did, this incident never would have happened.

People living in the city know the score we see it every day on most street corners and around schools. they roam in packs and force old people off the sidewalk. they curse and threaten.

You may sell this to the liberal cry babies in the DHS but to real citizens, we know what happened.

We also appreciate what the police are trying to do to protect the people who actually pay taxes.

Anonymous said...

Go to page 35/35 of this edition of American Cop magazine.


Why did this trade publication only choose black people for pics? Skinheads are gang members too.

Unnamed for a reason

Bernie O'Hare said...

2:13, you have no basis on which to call a 14 yo a gang member and really are revealing your own racism, so i will call you what you are.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, according to your facebook page, you and Orloski are friends. of course you are going to be behnd him and this lawsuit!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Ohhh. Goodness! I am a facebook friend with Rick Orloski! What a shocking revealation! Iam also F/B friends with over 1200 other people. I'm obviously scared to death he might defriend me.

Let me ask you, did you take your pills today?

Anonymous said...


No wonder the cop acted the way he did!!!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

With that rivetng logic, Allentown police should be able to taser ever person they see in downtown Allentown, esecially the bi-racials.

Anonymous said...

Good God, what a zoo.

Anonymous said...

Just to be "clear", a person CAN be legally tased for doing "nothing.". They're called a NON-moving resister. If the PO asked her to leave the premises, and she refused, but then the PO ordered her to leave the premises, and she again refused, she can legally be charged with disorderly conduct AND be legally tased for not following the PO's verbal commands. And considering that the officer was alone, without any real back up, he can rightfuly articulate his argument. Not saying he will win, but it's not a hands down for the plaintiff.

Anonymous said...

In my view, the biggest thing this officer did was cloud_the_truth/lie about what happened.

She is a student, presumably one who can understand rules, and she disobeyed the rules about being the street. There was some degree of her 'resisting' his order to clear the street. She raised her hands to the officer. Add it up and seems clear he had the choice to use the Taser.

By the look of the video, the officer aimed for the center of her torso. I wonder if the Taser hit her breasts, would people be equally angry about it or less so.

Or her throat.

Whatever; the truth will never actually come out, especially as the officer has damaged his reputation (and that of the Department) by exaggerating/lying about the circumstances.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

Officers lying has been a common theme of late in the valley. Just look at Bethlehem this last year or so. Or the City of Easton a few years ago. Sadly the Good Ol'boys club loves hiding behind "The Thin Blue Line". That is where the expectations for civilians are not needed for LEOs.

Unnamed for a reason

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

Unnamed for a reason

I really got a kick out of that post.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...


You also belong to the mafia if we go by Facebook

Anonymous said...

Why was there a kid in cuffs being led away by Security at the end. Also, this video has been spliced.

Bernie O'Hare said...

How dumb can people be? It has been explained 1,000 times why the video is "spliced," which it is not. The security people at the end have also been discussed an, if anything, demonstrate there was n need to taser this child.

Anonymous said...

What authority does a police officer have to tell anyone to move along? Is it a crime to walk down the street now? And if you don't abide by his demand to move on a public street, he can fucking tase you?

It's sad what kind of a police state we allow ourselves to live in.

Anonymous said...

This shows nothing but a kid who not only disobeyed but attacked an police officer. she will get very little in any court settlement. I hope they refuse and it goes to a jury who will laugh them out of the courtroom.

Mamma needs a payday!