Wednesday, November 17, 2010

God Speaks to the Fake Rev.

Braying on his Save Gracedale blog, fake Rev. Mario Martinez claims Buddy Christ has sided with the Gracedale Goons. "With him on our side, who would dare be against us? ... Gracedale is destined by the Lord Jesus Christ to continue to serve the Northampton County widows and the orphans until He decides differently." He adds, "Take note that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ does not approve of the sale of Gracedale."

Alrighty then.

Of course, Ron Angle is in league with Satan or might be even be the Devil himself. According to the Save Gracedale blog, "It is inconceivable in this day and age to think that we could go to war with Iraq to take down the tyrant Saddam, and missed the one we have in NorCo. Well, your [sic] in our sights [sic] now."

At last night's informational meeting concerning Gracedale, conducted in Bangor, fake Rev. Martinez decided to deliver yet another sermon, something he does every time he gets within a 500' radius of a microphone. But a blastback from the speaker system kept silencing him. As I whispered at the time, "Maybe it's God."


Anonymous said...

Granted, we never agree on anything, but this guy throwing out the "god" card whenever he can is getting old.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't there what was the blastback it didn't make sense the way you wrote it?

Bernie O'Hare said...

It was a blastback from the speaker system in operation.

Anonymous said...

These people are concerned about the poor sick and elderly. That is more than Angle and you are doing.

Sad days for Northampton County. Gracedale is a Jewel of Northampton County but Angle only sees it as a money maker and job slasher for his run for Executive.

The facts are being twisted to get the County to dump the elderly sick.

Sell Seniors!! the battle cry of the Angle-ites.

Keep up the good fight Reverend, the majority of citizens are behind you and the referendum!

God Bless you Sir!!

Clem said...

I was always against selling Gracedale, but not because it didn't make fiscal sense. My problem is that people's taxes have been taken for generations under the premise that it would be there for those that truly needed it. The people controlled it, for better or worse, and fulfilled that promise to each others' elders and to themselves. In the short term, that may still be the case. But, as time passes, the private sector owners will do what private sector owners always do: Milk it until it dies, and then buy a new cow. Unfortunately, continued government operation didn't offer any greater prospects.

Having said that, and having watched this play out, I've been won over by the common sense argument for selling. It became clear after watching the union thugs, politicians and this "man of God" use those residents as human shields and political pawns.

Anonymous said...

I agree with union thugs and politicians thingy, however, even though this Mario guy is a "fake" preacher, he really isn't in the tank with the others. I know he has played the (g)od card more than he should, that is his thing. The union has attached themselves to HIS movement and will be undeservably rewarded for Marios' efforts. Most of the employees are complacient in regards to their jobs and engaging in the petition drive. That is a common reaction from people nationwide these days. (see: the Greek and Roman Empires) There is a core group of commited employees and outside volunteers who will get the signatures required, (and soon) the others will benefit from their effort. There is some person in here who says he/she has 7 sheets filled out. I'm here to verify there are 2 individuals that can make that claim, it would be easy to verify just ask the people counting them if there are any with that number notorized. BTW each one has no ties to Gracedale. I'm sorry BO but I think besides the fact Mario and his group COAF are easy targets for your barbs, you and Angle initiated the treatment you receive from them, they don't deserve your hatespeak. You might want to MANUP, both of you, and try to act civil towards them, they are doing a unique thing that will be an important chapter in the history of NORCO. Do you two really want to look like asses if they prevail?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Excuse me? My first encounter with the fake preacher was the day he butted in front of me (and several others) standing in line to go to a Council meeting. How did I initiate that? I listened to these goons curse and disrupt a meeting attended by 40 boy scouts. Who initiated that. I listened as the Kunkeltown Kook actually claimed there was some kind of goofy "coverup" to keep a meeting offline. Who initiated that?

As far as the attempt to have a referendum in this matter is concerned, I doubt very much that you will get the required signatures. But even if you do, I doubt you can win on this matter. It is very easy to con people into thinking the County is kicking old folks out of Gracedale, or turning it into a casino as was suggested by the fake Rev. But once people are presented with the facts, they generally agree that the best way to save Gracedale is by selling it.

Unions don't want that bc they want their defined benefit pensions. But anyone who seriously cares about the elderly and the quality of their care will support a sale.

Convincing 10% to sign a petition is not the same thing as convincing 50% plus 1 to support it in an election.

Anonymous said...

The fact is that the $6 million a year for ten years is a bogus figure.

The fact is some of those who were involved in the committee Stoffa formed have agreed to tell the truth on the instructions given to the "independent consultant". This despite threats to their employment.

The truth will be told as to the Administrations iron handed approach to ensure Gracedales revenues dipped over two years.

We have the witnesses, we have the experts who have studied the reports and we have the money to get the message out.

Condemn and mock all you want, let the papers who love Stoffa not cover the facts, let Angle harass and interrupt speakers. We the concerned citizens of Northampton County know the truth and we will put it directly in the hands of the voters and senior citizens who ask, why are they selling this wonderful facility that has always been there for us? Why are they in such a hurry and don't want people to have a say?

Yes it will be on the ballot and the "Truth" will finally prevail.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 2:39. Many of us know that and we will be sure to get the word out.

Anonymous said...

Rev or not I knew this guy before he took that title and finally i agree with BO on something. This guy is a joke.