Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Open Letter to Allentown Business Community from PaCAN

PaCAN is a conservative, non-partisan, non-profit that represents small-and medium-sized businesses. Its goal is job creation, and believes that is best achieved by a pro-growth business climate in Pennsylvania. Below is an open letter to the Allentown business community.

"The fight against the increased Earned Income Tax in Allentown continues Wednesday the 17th at 5:30PM in City Hall. Your attendance at this meeting is crucial to convince city government of their reckless decision.

"On November 10th, the City Council paraded department after department in front of the public, but failed to cover the most controversial aspect of the meeting: the forty percent Earned Income Tax (EIT) increase on all workers in the city of Allentown. This oppressive tax is slated to cover the massive costs of Allentown’s generous public employee pensions. Obviously this issue is controversial and last Wednesday’s casual conversation and jovial manner conveyed an intentional stalling by the Council to evade any tax sound-bite on the Channel 69 News in attendance.

"The Mayor and City Council are circling the wagons and opposition to their tax scheme is met with special treatment or arm twisting. Even PPL, which initially opposed the tax, has back-peddled to a neutral position to avoid possible reprisal from the Mayor’s office.

"Both the Mayor and City Council must ask themselves how raising the EIT represents the hundreds of businesses and their employees in Allentown. Don’t these people deserve to be represented as much as the public sector employees who in many instances make more money and have better benefits than private sector ones?

"Allentown’s businesses are also without an advocate as the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce (GLVCC) and their Allentown counterpart have been silent on the looting of Allentown’s businesses to cover the city’s “retire at 40 with 153% pay” pension program. It is necessary for them to represent their members and speak out against this state-sponsored theft. If you are a member, please call 610-841-4582 to ask them to oppose the tax increase.

"Allentown’s businesses will have tough decisions to make in the next few months. You have within you the power to stop the looting of your life’s work: the business that feeds and shelters your family. We need your help to make Mayor Pawlowski and Allentown City Council reconsider this misguided course.


Matt Balazik & Skip Salvesen
Managing Directors
PaCAN – Pennsylvania Commercial Action Network"

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