Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is Bloomberg Eyeing White House Bid?

He might be just what this nation needs to end the partisan wrangling.


Anonymous said...

Bernie -

Bloomberg is a liberal democrat who ran as a Republican out of convenience.

He is very polarizing and would not end any partisan wrangling.

Anonymous said...

In the era of Tea Parties and Independent/Libertarian backlash to the Obama/Pelosi/Reid progressives, Bloomberg has maybe a Perot's chance at garnering 10-15%.

Rs won't go near a pro-abortion, food police, extremist liberal. Even Joe Scarborough as running mate wouldn't dress up the sow pretty enough to fool most Rs.

If he runs as a breathtakingly well financed Independent, he pulls most of his votes from his fellow Progressive and sends Obama to the showers after one term.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is a liberal hack. That is why he donated money and supported Callahan for Congress. If he really was for ending partisan wrangling, Callahan was not the option.

Anonymous said...

If Bloomberg runs it will only be to help Obama get a second term.

Lighthouse said...

He may play well in metro NYC, and its national media outlets, but I can not see his policy stances playing well in the heartland. I hate the RINO term, but his appeal would be more to Democrats. If a tough-on-crime-but-otherwise-moderate like Guiliani could not capture the GOP, a liberal like Bloomberg certainly wouldn't appeal, and the Democrats are not going to abandon their guy (can't see Clinton pulling a 1980 Kennedy).

That said, it is disappointing to see the GOP without any natural potential presidential leadership. Its like a body, with a vibrant heart and soul, but no head. Palin, Jindal, Huckabee, I can't see any of them as more than second tier material(and seriously hope America has Palin-fatigue by then)....but then again, I don't understand the appeal of "reality TV" either, so maybe they appeal to others. I think Romney could have had a chance if his Mass. health care wasn't version 1.0 of the polarizing "Obamacare."

But so much can happen between now and then, especially with the economy..... predicting 2012 now would be like trading in derivatives in 2007..what looks good now might crash by '12.

Anonymous said...

We Republicans can only hope Bloomburg runs in 2012. He can do for Obama what Perot did for Bush 41.

Anonymous said...

Pawlenty from Minnesota is the next GOP nominee.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg has absolutely zero chance. Look what happened to Rudy, who was much, much more popular nationally than Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

I see the big Apple got your eye!

I thought this was Lehigh Valley Ramblings; not the Empire State Ramblings?

What is it with you and Dent, not being able to focus on the Lehigh Valley.