Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Northampton County Solicits Gracedale Proposals

Northampton County's webpage now includes a "Request for Qualifications & Proposals" for the sale of the Gracedale nursing home. You can follow the bidding yourself by registering here.


Anonymous said...

Oddly enough the page you gave does not provide Angles personal number.

Anonymous said...

Step right up folks and see the price Angle and Stoffa get for the Northampton County Seniors. That's right folks, inspect them, check their dentures, look them over. We have a variety of seniors on the block today. They are real money makers, step right up with the right offer and you own them.

Remember an Arab Sheik wants to own our Seniors so bid accordingly.

They need little attention. Dope them up as is the new practice in private homes and they will be easier to care for then brooms.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own some of the most profitable senior citizens in the USA. Limited time offer so hurry. When they are gone they are gone. This is an Angle/Stoffa LTD., enterprise.

Proudly posted by Bill Fritsch, come for me if you like O'Hare, I dare you!