Monday, November 29, 2010

We're Clinging to those Guns Today!

Be wery, wery quiet!

Several people will shoot each other, to say nothing of those whose hearts explode at this special time of year.

Whose herd is being thinned again?


Anonymous said...

It would be funny and a bit Bugs Bunny if only the fact that Pa still allows high-power rifles in residential settings causes risk and danger to many.
One has only to think of that young mother permanently injured to emphasize this danger.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You are right. I probably should be a little less flippant.

Anonymous said...

No Bernie,
No one meant you shouldn't write something lighthearted. The first day of hunting is open to all kinds of commentary.
Actually a friend mentioned he's heard gunshots in Emmaus today and the tale of Promenade Shops visitors each fall being serenaded by nearby South Mountain hunters is legendary.
Somewhere the chances of a hunter shooting another is pretty good. What shocks us is the state's continued willingness to allow high-powered rifles in developed areas.

Anonymous said...

Local municipalities have the ability to restrict types of weapons used for hunting within their borders, and many have.

The fact that you hear shots does not automatically mean high powered rifles. Many times it's shotguns with slugs or black powder muskets, much shorter range hunting weapons.

Emmaus has a gun club just a few blocks outside downtown, nice rifle and pistol ranges. Hearing gunshots is normal in town.

If you're concerned about your town, check first to see if legislation has already been passed. If not, lobby for enactment of reasonable restrictions.

Anonymous said...

Sadly you seem to be on target with today's post:

CAIRNBROOK, Pa. (AP) -- The Pennsylvania Game Commission is investigating a reported fatal shooting on the first day of deer rifle season in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Tom Fazi, the commission's information and education supervisor for southwestern Pennsylvania, says he has no details but confirms that a game officer has been summoned to Cairnbrook, about 70 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

Fazi says 911 dispatchers have received a call that someone was shot in the head in a hunting-related incident. The incident was reported shortly after 7 a.m. Monday.

not so casual observer said...

venison is a staple of life food for the rural poor in PA. It is also some of the only meat available that has not been laced with steroids and antibiotics. Organic beef is too expensive for the average person.The deer herds are destroying crops and marauding family gardens not to mention the driving hazards. All in all I vote with the hunters.

Anonymous said...

"All in all I vote with the hunters."

I didn't realize there was a vote on such matters today. Bernie's commentary was noting the cultural phenom that is buck season in PA. I don't think it was a call to political rancor. There in lies the sad state of affairs today: some people want to turn any conversation into a political debate. How about just recognizing that today is the first day of season and letting the political conversation go to another thread.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who lives near Jacobsburg State Park knows deer are overpopulated, tall rats that ruin flower beds and cause numerous car accidents at significant cost to humans. There's no shortage of deer. There's a shortage of hunters and seasons to kill the damn things. Hunting seasons should be lengthened. Bambi's not so cute when he tumbles through your windshield at 40 mph.

Anonymous said...

A question to my fellow sportsman. Anyone know any clubs that allow shotgun practice. Not talking traps but a firing range that allows shotgun.

I can't track one down. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Anon 735pm, are you talking shotgun patterning or are you looking for a club with an open field to lob your own clays?

Anonymous said...

Just straight on open practice.

Anonymous said...

Blue Mtn Rod & Gun, Rutt Rd., Bangor

Anonymous said...

there is plenty of room for all of God's creatures, especially deer. Right next to the mash potatoes and Gravy. Yum Yum.

Anonymous said...

Try East Bath Rod and Gun Club for your shotgun needs