Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Real Rev Thanks County For Considering Poor in Gracedale Sale

Nevin L Kershner, a retired minister with the United Church of Christ, is one of forty-four area clergymen who last week urged Northampton County to keep Gracedale Nursing Home accessible to the poor, even if it is sold. But after hearing the facts at an informational session last night, he withdrew his concerns.

"I refer to a letter which you received, dated November 11, from 35 of us ministers who have been meeting and talking about this whole situation at Gracedale. I must apologize in that we did not have the information that you presented tonight. You've, quite frankly, addressed very positively everything we were concerned about.

"We did not want to get involved in whether it's sold or it's not sold or anything of that sort. We bow to your wisdom. You people know much more about it than we do.

"All we were concerned about is that the residents, and in particular the indigent or the poor people of Northampton County, would be taken care of. I suggest you have done that. So I just make the comment and thank you for what you've done."


Anonymous said...

"You people know much more about this then we do",

MY dear Reverend you must trust in the Lord but not Ron Angle. They do know what they are doing is unfortunately not true. The Angle/Stoffa produced dog and pony show with their paid shyster lawyer is fraught with inaccuracies and lies.

The fact is any provision in the contract today can be challenged by a company at a future date and possibly thrown out by a judge. They will tell you that could never happen. Fact, it happens all the time.

There is no such thing as an "ironclad contract", other than the one God has with each of us that one day we will die. Everything else in life is negotiable and uncertain.

Your group are comprised of good decent people with real concerns. Unfortunately you have been conned by those with no conscience in the county, who are looking for the quick buck and frosting this crap cake with some hocus pocus nonsense about client guarantees.

Please don't believe this nonsense and continue to help push this as a referendum question. Why do you think they are rushing this thing along. They don't want it on the ballot and they certainly don't want an informed debate on the topic.

Concerned family members

Bernie O'Hare said...

"MY dear Reverend you must trust in the Lord but not Ron Angle."

Gee, who does this sound like, "concerned family members" or the fake Rev?