Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Full Disclosure

Am I in the tank for Charlie Dent? Is it true I have a Ron Angle tattoo on my left ass cheek? Does John Stoffa pay my rent? Do politicians slip me a few bucks to write something nice about them, or better yet, something nasty about their enemies?

These are just some of the anonymous accusations hurled at me from time to time. Sometimes I answer them. But just as often, I ignore them.

Last week, while speaking to a journalism class at Lehigh, NewsOverCoffee's Ross Nunamaker stated he has a "full disclosure" tab along his sidebar. Being the thief that I am, I stole Ross' idea and you can see it on my left sidebar.

I neither solicit nor will I accept any money from anyone or any political organization for my blogging activities. I do make a little money from the google ads you see on this blog, but I have no say in any of the items advertised, except to make sure there are no x-rated ads. This insulates me from any advertiser.

So no, nobody pays me for what I write. And my ass is tattoo-free.


Anonymous said...

Have you done any title work for Ron Angle? Have you accepted any money for any real estate or related work from Ron Angle?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes, I have done some of his title work. About three searches over the years.

Anonymous said...

Guilty as charged.

Anonymous said...

Three searches?
you must have done a poor job
or he would have thrown you more work.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I tend to get fired a lot.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, three searches and full time propaganda minister. Believe that crap and I have an illegal alien prison to sell you.