Monday, November 29, 2010

Bethlehem 5th Graders Create Hurricane Over Thanksgiving

Did it seem windy to you this weekend? A hurricane hit the Lehigh Valley, and the eye of the storm was at Bath's In The Zone. Boys and girls from all grades descended on this Lehigh Valley Basketball Mecca for a tune-up tournament.

My grandson is with Liberty's 5th grade "Hurricane" travelling team this year. They won, and looked just a tad scary. They combined power, speed and deception. Kinda' like the real thing.

Because things happen so fast for me, I only have a few good shots. I made up a little montage comparing a real hurricane with the basketball team. My favorite part is when Jo-Jo pointed to something and then smacked the ball right out of the hands of a Saucon Valley Panther.

Completely fooled him.

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