Monday, November 01, 2010

Why I Call Them Gracedale Goons

On Friday, Ron Angle was a little bit nicer than I. He referred to those who insist that that County taxpayers remain shackled to Gracedale, as radicals. I prefer to call them the Gracedale Goons.

Northampton County Dem Party Boss Walter Garvin, who attended Angle's news conference, laughed in derision at Angle's use of the word "radical." But that stopped when I asked why Democrats perverted a supposed petition drive for Gracedale, to publicize the campaigns of John Callahan, Joe Sestak and Charles Dertinger. Although Garvin was at that rally (as was Lehigh County Dem Boss Rich Daugherty),he insisted he saw nothing. "I don't know what you're talking about," he improbably insists.

Right. That' s one reason I call this attempt to shackle taxpayers the work of goons.

This is the goofy group that claims to be led by a supposed preacher, but has started the last four County Council meetings with venomous attacks at Ron Angle. Although forty boy scouts attended the last Council meeting, the Unholy Preacher and his crew thought nothing of interrupting the meeting and hurling vulgarities.

That'a a second reason I call them Gracedale Goons.

Now they're all out circulating petitions, and plan to spend Election Day making a push at the polls. But I'm leery of their circulators. In Bangor, one of them (he calls himself "Frank Merchant") seems very concerned with the clothing being worn by the women he solicits: "[S]tanding over her I saw she was driving with a shirt and just flowered panties on !!! No pants or dress in sight."

That's downright creepy. Maybe it should be Gracedale Stalkers.


Anonymous said...

O'Hare you make that remark about Merchant. This from Bernie O'Hare who was caught in a Courthouse men's room in a dress by a Court Administrator. O'Hare wasn't alone he was with another gentleman who preferred the female attire.

This is the guy calling other people names.


Bernie O'Hare said...

More of the usual disinformation by the goons.

Anonymous said...

Bernie...why don't you tell them WHERE they were standing. At the 911 entrance on GRACEDALE AVENUE......not even anywhere close to where the rally was. You know it.....everybody that was there knows it, thinking you should start telling the truth and not edit you little flip cam to try to make it look different. I didn't see a one person on your video handing out political info where the rally was because if there was, you would have had it on your little toy. YOU ARE SUCH A PHONY BERNIE O'HARE!

Anonymous said...

Venemous attacks? You really are a laugh riot. Who has Angle not attacked in a venomous way? Answer: Anyone who disagrees with him. Anyone who has the temerity to utter a different opinion is his his world view either simply stupid, corrupt or controlled by evil forces.

He is unfortunately a public official. When he acts in an official capacity like a school yard bully citizens are free to criticize him. It is he who chooses to personalize every issue. It is he who attacks the motives of everyone but himself (which are above reproach, just ask him he will tell you).

If there was anything said about him that was untrue, then fire up the defamation machine. He is a one man stimulus package for the court system. Oh yes, the one that includes the senile senior judge. Note: That was not a personal attack on the judge. That was simply a venemous expression of an opinion protected by the constitution by the Goon of all Goons.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 6:31, I have a video that shows exactly where these goons were standing and it is on Gracedale grounds, well inside the exit and entrance. You wait until a week later to post a lie, but the truth is right here.

Frank Merchant said...

Why not put it in context. I was summoned to her car, by her, she was not wearing pants. The end. I see by the postings you are cross dresser? Please tell us more.
Also an update I alone have over 400 signatures as of today. I do have a question if Ron took a survey and 65% wish to sell Gracedale why is he worried about a vote taking place? He is in the position to come out looking like a genius. When all thevoters cast votes to sell it. Why is he against a sure victory for himself?
Also ran into a woman who grew up with him today. She is going to take pen to paper tonight and provide me with
"amazing stories about the SOB" her words not mine.

Anonymous said...

O'Hare was with another cross dresser in the Courthouse men's room. You can imagine the shock of the Administrator who caught them in there.

This is a guy who wants to call others names and condemns people who care about the sick and elderly.