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Friday, December 19, 2008

Who Will Replace Patti Grube on Northampton County Council?

Morning Call columnist, blogger, Christmas lights critic, epicure and general bon vivant Bill White claims he knew it all along. "The timing was just wrong," he says about Patti Grube's five-day stint as a member of Northampton County Council. But Bill is dubious that even the "best choice" among remaining candidates will make "much headway with this group."

Au contraire. While Angle is off somewhere searing ants with his magnifying glass and laughing, I've come up with the perfect replacement all by myself - John Acerra. Like so many of his colleagues on council, John is an educator by training and has suddenly become available. This former middle school principal and meth dealer would fit right in, and probably has some innovative ideas for improving the county's cash flow. I know one thing. He'll make sure the county is never caught with its pants down.


Anonymous said...

O'Hare you insane slut, you made made me laugh. Dispite your tearing down decent people because of who they are friends with, you actually made a great point.

My only problem is aren't you afraid the incompetent crowd known as County Council might corrupt this guy.

I also think he brings far to much class to the joint.

This thread almost makes me forgive you for attacking Ron.

Unknown said...

HAHAHAHAHA, That was incredible!!!! Which party gets this sure thing winner?

Bernie O'Hare said...

"This thread almost makes me forgive you for attacking Ron."

I'll try to be far kinder to Angle in future posts.

Anonymous said...

I just spit my coffee all over my shirt. You're getting the bill, O'hare.

Anonymous said...

You're right. A drug addicted consumer of pornography in public buildings is more fit to serve than Angler.

Anonymous said...

Is he a D or R?

Let's talk about this.

Chris Miller said...

Of course he is a D. You cannot get into the teachers union as a Republican. Then you probably wouldn't want to if you are a Republican. Accera is a perfect fit for something but I do not believe it is County Council. Maybe he can move to Idaho, and take toe tapping Larry's place.

Unknown said...


Over 50% of the PSEA membership is Republican. Check your facts, hell one of their head lobbyists in Harrisburg was a delegate for Bush.

Anonymous said...

Good Point - Rising Son.

Old Rushbo Jr. can't see throught he talking points. Many School Administrators are Republicans and none are in the Union.

Anonymous said...

Just please don't make it Mike Fleck -- unless you attached his wages for the oney he owes me!

Anonymous said...

I'll address all accusations as soon as I return from my paper route ... er ... I mean my marketing and distribution job.

Anonymous said...

I should have said this last time. Larry Kisslinger is the total man for the job. He knows the ins and outs of the government process when we need him the most. The county is in a finacial dilemma and we need Larry right now.