Friday, December 12, 2008

Part-Time Lawyer Salaries in Northampton County

Shakespeare may have wanted to "kill all the lawyers." but these legal part-timers are getting more money in Northampton County next year.

Controller Solicitor - from $10,710 to $18,000

County Council Solicitor - from $47,025 to $49,141

County Solicitor:

County Solicitor - from $52,099 to $54,444
First Assistant County Solicitor - from $44,346 to $46,341
Assistant County Solicitor (4) - from $38,170 to $39,888

Court Masters:

Child Custody - from $38,240 to $39,961
Dependency - from $38,240 to $39,961
Divorce (2) - from $38,240 to $39,961
Juvenile - from $46,706 to $48,808
Mental Health Examiner - from $38,240 to $39,961

District Attorney:

Second Deputy District Attorney - from $47,910 to $50,066
Assistant District Attorney (9) - from $40,695 to $42,526

Public Defender:

Chief Public Defender - from $51,974 to $54,313
First Assistant Public Defender - from $51,843 to $54,176
Deputy Assistant Public Defender, Administration - from $51,715 to $54,042
Assistant Public Defender (13) - from $40,695 to $42,526

Domestic Relations:

Domestic Relations Staff Attorney - from $30,391 to $31,759


Anonymous said...


Why not check out who much money Allentown spends on legal help annually. The figure will surprise you as well as who is on the gravy train.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...


Isn't one of the custody masters a juvenile master, too?

With two part time jobs like that, who needs a regular practice.

Anonymous said...

Should they work for nothing?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Not at all. This information was included in the budget that was adopted, so I listed it.

Anonymous said...

Those part time salaries are a JOKE. No wonder why cases that should be won in the DA's office are lost. Part time DA's making $42,000 a year??? They are practically volunteering. Concerning the Public Defender's office, well, if you can not afford a lawyer if you get in trouble, you get what you don't pay for I guess. None of those salaries are alarming. In fact, they are disturbing. And, no I am not an attorney.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I don't the PT salaries are a joke. Nor do I think they are too high. I believe the salaries being paid for PT legal help is reasonable. The reason I listed them is bc the information was part of the budget, people, have a right to know and generally are interested in what is paid to lawyers.

Anonymous said...

It is a helluva alot cheaper than outside counsel pick ur firm practice. Unless there is specific extraordinary need for outside counsel (excluding bond), the point of have 6 solicitors --there should be 8--is to negate the need for outside counsel.

Patrick M. Coughlin, Attorney at Law said...

Any of them hiring? Pa offers reciprocity to Ca bar admittees? :)

Bernie O'Hare said...

The PT positions fill quickly, but you mighgt have a shot at a ) a judicial clerkship (2 years, OK salary) of as a FT ADA or ADP. (salary not as good, but you might enjoy it.).